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Top International Volunteer Travel Abroad Programs for 2021-22: Best Price, Best Service and Best Result

Author: Puja Sharma

Top International Volunteer Travel Abroad Programs for  2021-22: Best Price, Best Service and Best Result

Travelling has always been a way to explore places and finding yourself in the process. While joining volunteer travel opportunities is a selfless act done with only hidden selfishness and that is to feel the sheer joy of giving. Voluntourism is the mantra to break the monotony of your life and add some colors to other’s lives. Volunteer travel programs are probably the most productive trend that started and should be passed as a culture generations after generations.

Volunteering just needs good intention and to keep this good work going international volunteer travel programs programs this 2021 are going to be lower at cost and higher at enriching experiences. So, you have a good intention? Now that’s all you need. So just pack your bags and offer yourself to people and unravel the emotions inside of you that even you might not be aware of by joining best volunteer abroad programs

What is a Volunteer Travel Abroad Program and What Makes it Simply 'Best'?

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Volunteer travel abroad program is the combination of travelling and volunteering and adding purpose to your journey. It is all about being more efficient with your time, money and efforts by travelling for yourself and volunteering for others both at the same time. You get a chance to put into use your learning of life, your knowledge , compassion and see how it works like magic in someone else’s life, see how there are communities waiting to welcome you and bless you for your selfless deeds. The good part is how amazing yet cheap volunteer abroad programs are.

Volunteer travel program could be a turning point in your life. You never know who you might meet in your journey, you never know what problems you might witness, you never know the level of the capabilities you have, you never know what changes your efforts might bring in the lives of people you will work with, and you probably never know how your life might change after your volunteer abroad program. You surely will start to value yourself, your opportunities more than ever. Just let yourself have this holistic experience to bring that shift in your paradigm.

Best Volunteer travel abroad programs in Asia

volunteer in Asia

Asia being the largest and diverse continent offers wide range of volunteer travel opportunities for all kinds of volunteers. You can volunteer in different fields including health, environment, education, wildlife and many others according to your passion. If you are looking for a completely new experience without thinning your wallet much, volunteering in Asia is the best option for you. With many countries still developing, volunteer Asia has enough space that needs your time, effort and skills to fight handful of problems including poverty, health and sanitation, inequality and discrimination, poor education, environmental degradation and natural disasters and many more.

By volunteering in Asia you will not just get a chance to be a change maker but also to visit places, to become more adventurous, try out different cuisines, witness different cultures and traditions all on a very affordable price.

Volunteering in countries like Nepal, India, Thailand, Sri-Lanka, Vietnam, Combodia etc will give you a sense of satisfaction by witnessing how Asian people will appreciate your work and show their gratitude towards you and will also enable any volunteers to keep in touch with different NGOs for a long term involvement as well.

You can visit Nepal in the Visit Nepal 2020 year to wander around beautiful landscapes and giant mountains and work on issues like child marriage, public health problems, illiteracy etc.

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You can visit India, the 7th largest country of the world with diverse population. You can enjoy visiting different forts, Tajmahal and other interesting architectures while volunteering for issues like women’s right, water and sanitation, awareness campaign on overpopulation, Heritage site cleanliness etc.

Visit Thailand to enjoy the street foods, incredible islands and beaches while working for wildlife, road safety, human rights etc.

Visit Combodia and roam around the magnificent temples, get amused by all those alluring beaches and islands while helping the Combodian community with programs related to human rights, building and construction of homes, medical volunteering, marine life and wildlife.

Best Volunteer Travel Abroad Programs in Africa

volunteer in Africa

International volunteer programs let volunteers experience countries at its most authentic form. Similarly Africa volunteering programs will allow volunteers to explore the African countries by living with the natives and share meals with them while working for their community. If you are passionate about working with children and youths then Africa is also a very good option as it is the second most populous continent with highest young population compared to other continents.

Volunteering abroad will without doubt provide an opportunity to all the volunteers out there to come out of their cocoon and know that they can be a butterfly instead. African community welcomes volunteers for programs according to the needs, and that makes sure that the efforts of the volunteers are more effective and result-oriented.

There are myriads of volunteering opportunities in Africa that are flexible according to the interest and expertise of the volunteers as well as cheap. However, a little research and finding a good local NGO to co-ordinate will make the volunteer abroad 2021 experience more fruitful.

Visit Ghana, the soccer loving country to get enthralled by its forts and castles, amusing African market, untamed national parks, and secluded beaches. Volunteering will include introducing income generating program, work for health and nutrition, teaching English, football or any other sports etc.

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If you want to volunteer in fields like poverty reduction, women’s education, childcare, health, environment conservation while exploring stupendous view of savannas with bountiful grazing animals, watch flamingos by the lake then Kenya is the go to place.

Uganda volunteering program will be a good fit for you if you are an outgoing person as Ugandan people are light-hearted, outspoken people who loves to eat and dance. You can work in the field of agriculture, sexual and reproductive health, construction, teaching and also wildlife conservation as Uganda is a landlocked country with unique wildlife including hippos, gorilla and chimpanzees.

Best Volunteer Travel Abroad Programs in Latin America

volunteer in Latin America

Latin America has the world’s largest rainforest and also known as the beach paradise. If you are ready to improve your Spanish and take a challenge to give back to the greater goods then volunteer abroad programs are for you. Latin America mainly faces the problem of clean drinking water, environment change, inequality, deforestation, pollution, poor education etc. If you are ready to widen your horizons, be more open minded towards all the new ideas, work in a team with other fellow volunteers while enjoying the vibrant cities, attractive markets, tropical landscapes then Latin America welcomes you for the voluntourism.

You will get a chance to avail yourself of the volunteer travel opportunities to grow yourself personally through these volunteer travel programs. If you are a passionate and flexible person, volunteering experience will be amazing for you and you will be able to make an impact not just to the host countries you will work for but also in your own life. You can give a lot of your knowledge, skills, time and energy for the welfare of the people of these Latin American countries but also you can take away memories and experiences to be cherished for life.

In Latin America you can volunteer to conserve rainforest, reduce pollution, teach English to the children , human rights issues, Reproductive rights and also sustainable community development projects in countries like Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina etc while learning about old Peruvian History, tasting Peruvian Cuisine , exploring Vivacious landscapes, Amazon rainforest, vineyards, Volcanoes of Costa Rica, Galapagos island of Ecuador , waterfalls in Argentina, doing the famous Brazilian Samba and Argentine tango and much more to do.

What Can You do To Make Your Volunteer travel abroad programs Experience The Best One?

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Your volunteer travel program will be the best experience for you if you just clear off your head and be head on ready for multitude experience that comes your way. You should know that this is your calling to do something worthwhile and be a source of hope for people out there, who needs help. You can firstly figure out the fields you are more inclined to work for and then do a bit of a research about which international volunteer program will be the best fit for you. You can then choose countries that need you the most.

Good intention, positive attitude, knowledge about the culture of the country you are visiting would help you a lot to socialize with people, to observe the actual problem and their causes that exists in the community, manifest the result of your work and besides that it will also help you in making local friends who can make your travelling experience more real and meaningful by taking you to places you might not already know, treat you with local foods you might not get to buy at restaurants, involve you in festivals that you might not get to celebrate in authentic style.

When Can You Go For a Volunteer Travel Abroad Program?

There are enough countries in the world to provide volunteering opportunities for any kind of volunteers, for any amount of time, for any time of year for different types of works.

Summer Volunteer abroad: This program is best suited for high school, college and university students who are willing to make their summer break productive and exciting. This will be a great opportunity to gain experience in one’s related field, share insights with like-minded people, make new friends, change the paradigm of life as you witness a whole another world out there with whole new problems and whole new struggles. Summer fills everyone with brilliance that needs to be sparkled upon others as well to keep the positivity spreading.¬† Volunteer Asia provides many summer volunteer opportunities in Nepal, Thailand, India, Sri-Lanka etc for the volunteers.

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Alternative spring break: Spring breaks give students a short break free from their study pressures. Most of the students like spending this time of year on exotic beaches drinking beer and letting loose but trends shows that many also take on international volunteering programs to make their vacation more meaningful by travelling to some other country and check off from their bucket list while working for the people and community of the host country, which will not just give them a chance for self-discovery but also make their CV look interesting with an international work experience. Medical students can use their short period of time on medical volunteering which is one of the important fields to work for around the world.

Winter break volunteering: Winter breaks are for celebrating Christmas and New Year with friends and families but won’t it be more exciting to celebrate it a little differently than usual. You can surely travel to other country alone, with friends or families and celebrate Christmas with someone who doesn’t have a family. You can volunteer at Children homes, orphanages, work with street children, work for women. This surely will allow yourself to meet a new version of yourself, more compassionate, loving and caring. Volunteer abroad programs for winter break is an amazing way to share the gift of life by doing what you can for others.

Gap year volunteering: Gap year can be a time to think about the future steps that needs to be taken to lead a satisfying life. This is the best time for anybody to rekindle with oneself and recognize the calling. When better than this time to travel abroad and experience adventure and thrill while taking on responsibilities to give back to the society. One will surely gain clarity about what they want from life after working for larger than life issues of the societies that might include environment conservation, imparting education, public health, child rights etc which are available in cheap volunteer travel abroad programs as well.

Conclusion: Top International Volunteer Travel Abroad Programs for 2021-22

All in all, volunteering abroad program will let you read things that you might never read off your textbooks. You will be able to break the walls of belief that you grew up believing after learning by yourself and changing your perspective towards those believes. You will start feeling more grateful about every little things that were overshadowed before after realizing how those things so little for you could mean a world to someone else out there. You will recognize your potential and find peace of mind after doing something selflessly for some stranger and seeing them happy.

Volunteer travel abroad program is a best package for bringing up the standard of your interpersonal life higher. What could be best than a combination of travelling while volunteering or vice-versa to gain a more clear picture of yourself, your thresholds and your abilities. It is an amazing way to look at the bigger picture of life forgetting all the smaller problems people often get caught up on. International volunteer travel opportunities are ways to leave behind all the negativities that crept inside you in this competitive world, as you realize what you are capable of, “Humanity”.

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