Best Cheap Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs, Organizations and Opportunities For 2024

Last Updated: January 11, 2024

Best Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs, Organizations and Opportunities For 2024

Maybe you are a travel savvy person and a vehement altruist, or you can be just a nascent visitor just trying to get out of your comfort zone and willing to embark into a meaningful journey. Whatever your nature is, whatever your individuality encompasses you, you can always make a volunteer abroad journey in the any corner of the world you want. Everybody has their own path, it’s up to them how long they can go with the path they have chosen. A journey with the purpose of serving the people in need can be a positive reinforcement to create the best moments in life.

There are different kind of people in the world, some create problems, some have to live with the problems, some watch the problems happening and some solve the problem. As a volunteer and travel abroad, you can be one who solve the problem. The world needs the problem solvers, the intrinsic essence of homo sapiens.

There are plenty of organizations offering you different volunteering opportunities in different corners of the world. It’s up to you to choose the best out of them. However, in this article we will suggest you some of the best cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs, organizations and opportunities available out there.

How To Find Best Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs, Organizations and Opportunities

Picking the volunteer and travel abroad program that is actually meant for you is pretty tricky. However, the selection can be accomplished perfectly if it is done with cognition and little bit of effort.

Figure out your objectives

Every journey comes with the remarkable memory to return with. Specially, if the journey is about bringing some change to the needy communities, or about making a difference by sharing your skills, care and compassion, it is inevitable to experience many impactful moments of your journey.

To make your volunteering abroad experience more significant and positively impactful, it is essential for you to know what you really want to do by joining this volunteer and travel abroad program? What you really want to get out of this journey? 

Determine the particulars of your volunteer program

It is very important to know the specifics of the volunteering program you are about to join. Whether you are helping the kids in an orphanage or you are walking through the forests for wildlife conservation, any sort of volunteering participation requires thorough research and preparation before you embark into it. It is essential for you to predetermine the motives of your volunteering, the activities and team you will be working with and the positive impact you are about to make through the program.

Its always up to you extract what you want from the program you join. Being discerning and using the conscience while participating in a volunteer and travel abroad program can embellish your experience with beautiful moments.

Estimate your budget

Money is one crucial factor when it is about making journey abroad. From getting visa to the accommodation and food of each day, your volunteering trip will require you to pay some amount to keep the participation going. It will be wise to estimate the possible beforehand.

Your participation period will go smoothly if you pick the budget friendly destination and program. There are so many factors to consider when planning a volunteer travel abroad and finding a place that matches your budget in the closest way possible.

Do your research

Doing a proper research about the volunteering program that you are willing to join can allow you to be more insightful of the journey you are about to embark into. Expanding your understanding and gathering as much as information possible will make your journey more fruitful. If you meticulously study each element of your volunteering overseas program, your participation will go smoothly.

So, take out your notebook and pen, note down every facts and information about the program you are going to selection, and then, be prepared to embark into the lifetime journey of your life.  

Communicate with the providers

A good communication always eases the process. Regular conversation with the team of the volunteer and travel abroad organization helps to improve morale, increase efficiency and create healthy working relationships between the participants and providers. Effective, honest communication can bind you together with the organization, local team and also the local people of the communities you are about to serve.

It’s okay to have questions, it’s okay to have doubts. Having more questions and more doubts is the sign of your concern about what you are planning to do. So, ask the questions about the program, location, cost and every other aspects of volunteering overseas which can directly impact your experience in the process.

Fasten your seat belts

in a best Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs, volunteer playing with kids

If you have identified your objective and mission of volunteering, if you have all the details and specifics of your program, if you have estimated all the cost and budget for the program, if you have done enough research about your upcoming volunteering venture and if you have got the all the answers to your questions about this travel and social work abroad, then you can say you are ready for this journey.

So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to embark into the trip of the lifetime for a remarkable and travel and volunteer and travel abroad experience.

What Makes a Volunteer Abroad Program Cheap and Affordable?

'volunteer and travel abroad' by its very definition requires traveling, and traveling requires money. So, it's more likely that there will be some cost involved in your plan of volunteering overseas. To reduce the cost involved and to make your program cheaper and more affordable, you will have to analyze each element of volunteering abroad that carries some monetary value. Here we suggest you few factors to look through the cost perspective before you plan to pack your bag for that life changing trip abroad:

Flight Cost

While flight causes the major portion of your travel expenditure, it is also a tedious and repeated searching when trying to book the cheapest possible flights to your selected destination. If you make some effort and use some tricks you can avoid some extra cost of getting a flight. Clearing cookies while searching for flight in internet, using best flight search engines like Skyscanner and Jet Radar, getting travel reward credit cards or selecting some budget airlines can ease your search for an affordable flight.

Room, Accommodation and Food Cost

Accommodation and Food also causes the significant portion of your travel costs. If you compromise a little bit with your choices and be comfortable with the local food and people then you can reduce considerable amount of cost in the room and food. Choosing a homestay or the host family instead of hotels and enjoying the local meals instead of the one in the restaurants can help you avoid the unnecessary cost involved for accommodation and food. 

Miscellaneous Travel Expenses

In most of the volunteering abroad program you will have a free weekend. In such free times, you might want to explore around your volunteering locations. Be it a short overnight trip, hiking or few weeks long trekking and safaris after the end of your project, there will be a cost involved. Planning and arranging these tours of break in advance can save your money.

There will be also the cost involved in internal transportation, communication and internet. It’s better to estimate the cost beforehand.

How Likely is it to find a Cheap and Affordable volunteer and travel abroad Program?

Of Course, it is! If you put some time and effort in your search process, you will definitely stumble into the right place. There are many organizations out there serving the communities and in need of the individuals eager to volunteer and travel abroad. If you pick such organization and if you fill their requirement of perfect candidates, you will have the opportunity to join the volunteer abroad program with minimum cost.

Is there any way to reduce the cost of volunteering abroad and make it cheap and affordable?

Besides taking care of flight, accommodation and other costs, you can use other techniques to reduce your cost of participation and make your volunteering abroad program cheap and affordable.

One of the things that you can do to reduce the cost is getting funds, grants or scholarships for your volunteering programs. There are several organizations and institutions that can provide you scholarships for volunteering abroad.

Volunteering abroad is definitely something of a good cause, if you can present your cause of volunteering in right place then you can raise some fund for your volunteering purpose, such way you can reduce the cost of volunteering overseas and make it affordable for you.

How Volunteering Abroad Can Improve your Social, Professional and Leadership Skills

If you are someone who would like to discover the world and also challenge yourself to jump out of your comfort zone to learn and to grow, then going abroad for volunteering programs is the best for you. Volunteering in itself is a great way to climb up the social and professional ladder and ultimately helps enhance your leadership skills. Volunteering abroad helps you build your character beyond the walls of your academic and professional performance. It is one of a kind experience to become a stronger and independent individual by getting broader exposure in the global scenario and ultimately make an impact. 

Going abroad for volunteering gives you an unparalleled experience and platform to raise your potential through career development. You become aware of the realities of people around the Globe and also create an impact from the initiatives that are driven from these situations. These programs pull out the compassion in you and give you a better understanding of what you can do to make a positive change around you. 

What is Volunteering Abroad?

volunteer in a monastery in a best Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs

Volunteering abroad in simple terms is a conscious decision that one makes to devote some part of their time and efforts in projects and areas around the world that need support. 

In the present world, youths have become ever so aware of this term “Volunteering Abroad” due to the life-changing impact that it creates as some have shared. This program is more than just what meets the eyes since you will have to make some quick decisions, face some new challenges, and also step out of your comfort zone during the journey. 

Who Can volunteer and travel abroad?

While different volunteer programs have different criteria and conditions, generally anyone over the age of 18 can apply for these programs. Some programs require you to have prior knowledge of the project at hand and require some academic qualification. Generally, open-minded, dedicated, and flexible people are the ones who participate in such programs. 

Volunteering is all about learning and contributing, so anyone enthusiastic in doing so can join the programs and immerse themselves in this adventure.  If you have a will to do good and work hard, then you can certainly take part in volunteer and travel abroad programs. 

infographic finding affordable and cheap volunteer program

Is it necessary to always look for cheap volunteer and travel abroad program?

A journey is all about creating good moment. With every new step you take, every new air you breathe and every new person you meet, your journey keeps leaving the imprints and more than just a travel experience, it becomes an odyssey.

When something sentimental is attached to your travel moment, it becomes more valuable, something that cannot be just be evaluated on the basis of monetary utility. Volunteering abroad is all about making a journey full of emotional and moral attachment. It is a cross cultural experience in an entirely new world with entirely new people. It is about making a difference to the lives of people you have never met before.

There is a term ‘opportunity cost’ in economics, literal meaning of which explains that everything in life comes with a cost. Even if you are having a free cup of coffee, you are investing some of your valuable time while finishing that cup. Definitely, traveling abroad also comes with lots of other costs besides the monetary cost.

If your traveling abroad is oriented for some kind of humanitarian work, for instance, let’s say you are about to join a volunteering abroad program in some unknown corner of the world. While making such journey you are already investing a lot of things from your life. Your experience, your skills, your sentiments, your values and most importantly your valuable time, all of these are some valuable assets you have acquired through your lifetime and you will be investing them to bring some change for some remote part of the world.

Your volunteer abroad journey carries a little more than mere monetary value. As a volunteer overseas you might not want to compromise your spiritual investment while only thinking about the money spent in the process. Every travel abroad process requires a certain amount of expense, it is inevitable and unavoidable.

There are many organizations offering you the volunteer and travel abroad programs with certain program fees assigned to them. Volunteering abroad requires the participants to pay for different elements involved, such as flight, accommodation, food, transportation, communication and other miscellaneous costs involved in a trip abroad process. It is not possible to completely ignore these costs; however, you can mitigate the burden by making the right selection.

Volunteering abroad is a meaningful traveling abroad experience, so the process of finding a volunteer and travel abroad will be a lot smoother for the participants if they start looking for some of the most affordable and cheap volunteer and travel abroad opportunities.

Can You Make Your Volunteer and Travel Abroad Experience Cheap and Affordable?

Everyone wishes their trip abroad to be the most affordable one. Traveling and helping other people without spending a fortune is definitely a genuine wish. But in most of the cases, finding the most affordable and cheap volunteer and travel abroad program can be tricky. There are number of enthusiasts eager to travel and volunteer across the world hindered by one universal obstacle, money. Volunteering abroad is of course an act of good cause, but as traveling is associated with the process, it often comes at a price. This issue — and how to get the better of it — is one of the most asked questions for volunteering overseas.

To ease you with this problem, here we provide you some tricks to make your volunteer and travel abroad experience affordable and cheap:

Trick 1: Find a Host that Need Your Support

Finding a host in need can solve your cost of accommodation and food. If you can provide your service to the host family, they would offer you the free stay and meal during your travel period. Depending on the skills you possess, you can offer different helps. You can be a free tutor for their kids or the housekeeper when the family members are out, or you can simply help with their garden and the farms. There are multiple ways you can help the host family and make your travel and volunteer stay more affordable and cheaper at the same time.

Trick 2: Expose Your Skills

If you possess multiple useful skills, you will be valuable at any corner of the world. If you have good english writing or computer skills you can be helpful to the local NGOs of the developing countries which have english as a second language. If you have creative art skills you might be helpful to the local organizations for execution of different events and programs. In such cases, these organizations would be willing to provide you the necessary accommodation and meal support if you serve them with your skills. In such a way you can mitigate the pressure of cost in your journey and make your travel and volunteer experience cheap and affordable one.

Trick 3: Do it In A Group

Traveling with your friends can be both delightful and economic. You will definitely have some of the most fun travel experience if you are doing it with a group. Meanwhile, sharing the expenses for the food, room and transportation, your volunteering and traveling moment will be more affordable.

Trick 4: Ask For Discount Cards

There is a saying that you will get it only if you ask. Therefore, it is always advisable to ask for possible discounts before joining any volunteer abroad program. Most of the volunteering overseas organizations offer the discount vouchers or the special occasion price in a year, who knows! you might get lucky and land in to a cheap and affordable volunteer and travel abroad program for you.

Trick 5: Walk More

While traveling and volunteering overseas, you will need a lot of transportation, sometimes as a commute to your host and project location. In such cases if you prefer to walk a few more minutes it will be beneficial for your health and also for your wallet. So, fellas if you want to make your volunteer and travel experience a bit less costly, you might want to walk a bit.

How Can Volunteering Abroad Improve your Social Skills?

Following are the few ways how your social skills can be enhanced by volunteering abroad: 

Offers exposure in the Global Network

Volunteering abroad is a dynamic way to get exposure to the global scenario. You will be provided with a whole new perspective of the world as you meet different people with different mindsets and ideologies. You get the insight into the global work customs and environment through this experience. This networking helps you to attain new information which can be used anywhere around the world in your lifetime. This is crucial in improving your communication skills. 

Immerse in new cultures 

Whenever you visit a country, you get to learn about their customs, traditions, and lifestyle. You eventually adapt to the lifestyle and understand their culture. This ultimately broadens your perspective and also improves certain skill sets like intermingling with other people, and having a broad linguistic ability. Volunteering abroad brings together people from different backgrounds and walks of life and helps to share their life experiences among each other. 

Extend friendships beyond borders 

By creating a global network around yourself, you can make some friendships that will last for a lifetime. Along the journey, you meet new people, understand their way of life, help each other, share experiences, and ultimately create a bond that will last a lifetime. This builds up your empathy and rapport skills. 

Develop interpersonal skills 

Volunteering abroad means that you get to meet different personalities from different backgrounds, and culture so this breaks the communication barriers and lands beyond the geographical borders. Throughout the process, you will not just learn about yourself but will also get a chance to communicate with others and share ideas and knowledge, which helps you gain understanding about diverse issues. This is also, in a way, beneficial for creating your brand since you will be making global networks. 

How Volunteering Abroad Enhances your Professional Skills?

Any employer would want to hire people who not only have the skill set for the job but those who have more extensive knowledge of any subject matter. You can undoubtedly utilize this international exposure in your resume. It is known to employers that an individual who has placed themselves in diverse platforms is the one who knows various alternatives to solve problems and challenges due to the work experience. Volunteering abroad gives you an insight into working in different professional environments.

Working with others with different ideologies helps you in understanding the essence of collaboration and teamwork, you learn new techniques to negotiate with people to manage any project and derive an end result. Adaptability is yet another professional skill set you get to develop in this course of time. Since you will be put in a different environment from that of your comfort level, you will learn how to adapt to it in due course. 

How Volunteering Abroad Bolsters Your Leadership Skills?

One of the main reasons for volunteering abroad is to improve your leadership skills. Put, this helps to enhance innovativeness and proactiveness. When you volunteer and travel abroad, you always seek for new ways to solve problems and challenges. Since you are in a unique situation every time and cannot always look for support, you are bound to find solutions to problems. Working in a different geographical region creates an environment of innovation and initiation. Proactiveness is yet another aspect that can be developed in an individual through abroad volunteering. It teaches you to take initiatives where needed and also implementing them to bring out effective outcomes. 

The dynamic global business world asks for innovators, smart thinkers, and problem solvers. Volunteering abroad can be an intelligent move to decorate your resume and also move our career ahead as new companies await for talents like yourself. 

One of the main characters of a leader is to create an impact/make a mark. The greatest satisfaction that you get by volunteering abroad is indeed making a positive impact on others. This is a golden opportunity to work with various organizations and working bodies to assist in projects around the world that make the world a better place. You will be taking a massive part in realizing the goals of the project and making a difference. Your initiative can have a lasting impact on the world. 

What are Some of The Best volunteer and travel abroad Programs?

While volunteering abroad might seem enticing, you need to take enough time to envision your journey and make plans accordingly. Before you decide to take part in any program thoroughly go through them. Do some research on what destination you would like to choose what kind of projects do you want to enroll in. 

Having a better understanding of the program will help in long term throughout your volunteering journey and minimizes some of the possible contingency and confusion.

For better understanding, here are some of the best volunteer and travel abroad programs to choose from:

Childcare Volunteer Programs

You can make an actual difference in the lives of children coming from underprivileged backgrounds through Childcare volunteer program. This kind of plan works across developing and underdeveloped countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. You will be engaged in the following: 

  • Working with the local communities and all the stakeholders of Children’s development. 
  • Closely work with children to assist in learning, playful activities, and facilitating meals. 
  • Work on health, mental, social, physical, and emotional development of the children. 
  • Also, you will get a chance to be actively involved in Early Childhood Education and understand about childcare from mothers.  

Teaching English as A Volunteer

Teaching English as a volunteer will not just help you in enhancing your CV and your interpersonal skills but will also be beneficial in transferring your knowledge and skills to the world. The English teaching volunteering program is available in many countries like Nepal, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and more. This programs best serve its purpose in the slums and rural areas in these countries. As a Volunteer English Teacher, you will be engaged in the following:

  • Immerse in new cultures and meet different people
  • Take your skills enthusiasm and share with underprivileged kids 
  • Support in sustainable long-term literacy projects
  • Improve the teaching standards in the poor communities 

Medical and Healthcare Volunteer

The Medical and Healthcare Volunteer program takes your medical expertise and offers it to the people who most need it. It aims to improve the health and medical conditions of underprivileged communities through significant public awareness and services. This program offers medical assistance in the areas of Radiology, Pediatrics, MAternity, Nutrition, Midwifery, public health, and more. It is available in countries like South Africa, Ghana, Peru, Kenya, the Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, and Uganda. The program engages volunteers by:  

  • Assigning them to assist in health institution mostly run by local and government bodies
  • Mobilizing them to distribute medicine and consulting public through health camps
  • Prepares them for local health advocacy at the health Awareness Campaigns

Conservation Volunteer

Volunteering for Conservation projects around the Globe is the best way to preserve the planet while traveling the world actively. If you classify as a nature lover or a frequent traveler, then you can positively engage in such kind of eco volunteering program. The program will take you through different tasks like: 

  • Raising awareness about various environmental issues 
  • Researching the climate change challenges of the given location 
  • Invasive species management 
  • Reforestation activities and trail construction 
  • Hands on experience with innovative agroforestry technologies and techniques 
  • Conducting water research for improving Water resources of the area 

Psychological Counseling Volunteer

Volunteering on Psychological Counseling with a said academic degree and career will help develop professional competency and network, and ultimately boost your resume. The underprivileged communities over the world do not particularly emphasize psychological counseling. Thus, these centers and institutions are mostly understaffed. Places like Asia, South America, and Africa might be the better choice for volunteering as a Psychological Counselor. You can work in the following institutions: 

  • Orphanages and group homes: to aid in day to day task and work in the treatment of psychological issues 
  • Rehab centers: assist in leading group therapy and observe the activities 
  • Disaster and Trauma Counseling: where a counselor can hold group and individual counseling sessions for those victims who have been through sudden, life-changing trauma like accidents, natural disasters, refuge, and more. 

What are some of the Best Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs, Organizations and Opportunities?

There are copious number of volunteer and travel abroad Organizations offering you the volunteering abroad opportunities. Only handful of them offer you the most rewarding and impactful volunteering overseas programs. Here we have enlisted some of the best and affordable volunteer and travel abroad programs for you:

African Impact

african impact best Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs

Claiming to be the pioneer of the volunteer travel industry, African Impact has been offering the volunteer and travel abroad programs in different locations of Africa since 2014.  African Impact offers variety of projects such as Teaching & Education, Wildlife Conservation, Sports & Coaching, Gender Equality, Marine Conservation, Child & Orphan Care, Building & Development, Lion Conservation, Animal Care, Medical & Healthcare, Photography and Plastic & Environment in different locations of South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and Seychelles.

United Planet

Serving 30 countries since 2001, United Planet has been serving the communities worldwide by encouraging the volunteers to learn, teach, work and immerse themselves in different cultures. Project areas of the United Planet includes Children and Education, Environmental Sustainability and Global Health. The organization is serving the volunteer and travel abroad and humanitarian works in the different regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin and South America. 

Projects Abroad

Over 25 years, Projects Abroad has been providing the volunteering and internship abroad opportunities for enthusiasts around the world. With the belief that international volunteering and internships provide a defining moment for youths as they move from adolescence into adulthood, and Projects Abroad knows that the work it transforms communities. Projects Abroad has volunteering overseas programs available in the range of locations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America & The Caribbean and South Pacific. With this organization, you can explore different domains volunteering abroad with Childcare, Conservation, Teaching, Building, Sports Coaching, Archeology or internship abroad with Medicine & Healthcare, Law & Human Rights, Microfinance, Business, Journalism, Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care, Social Work, International Development or culture exchange abroad with Learn a Language, Cultural Immersion programs.

Go Eco:

GoEco is one of the leading eco-tourism companies with  arrays of cheap, meaningful volunteer and travel abroad programs and opportunities. GoEco has been providing the volunteering opportunities in different countries of  Africa, Central America, Asia, Australasia, Europe, South America, Middle East and North America, the major fields of services being Wildlife and Animal Conservation, Marine and Coral Reef Conservation, Community Aid and Development, Volunteer with Children, International Internships, Most Affordable Volunteer Programs, Volunteer Vacations and Tours, Learn Spanish and Volunteer, Teens and High School Students, Family Volunteer Vacations, 50+ Volunteering, Teach English Abroad, Special Offers and Medical and Healthcare.

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers have been recruiting people for the humanitarian works abroad since 2009. Organization has been providing volunteer and internship opportunities in several areas of Childcare and Development, Community Development, Construction and Outdoor Work, Disabilities and Special Needs, Environment and Conservation, Healthcare and Medical, Specialized Placements, Sport, Arts and Music, Teaching and Education, Volun-tours, Wildlife and Animals, Women's Empowerment in the different locations of Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, ASIA, Bali, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, EUROPE, Albania, Bosnia, Moldova, Ukraine, The West Bank, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Grenada, Jamaica


GVI has been running the volunteer and travel abroad programs in 21 locations of 13 countries across the world since its establishment in 1998.  In its more than 20 years of journey, GVI has enrolled over 35 thousand participants and served almost 600 communities.

Plan My Gap Year

Founded by volunteers for volunteers, Plan My Gap Year works with local communities in the developing world towards long-term sustainable goals. They believe there is no better way to travel and make a positive impact on the world. They claim to be working extremely hard to ensure that their opportunities are affordable for everyone who wants to make a difference. The organization has been offering volunteering programs in different regions of Africa, Asia and South America in Childcare Projects, Community Projects, Duke of Edinburgh Projects, English Teaching Projects, Family Projects, Medical & Healthcare Projects, Mental Health & Psychology Projects, PMGY Encounter Projects (6+ Weeks), PMGY Experience Projects (2-4 Weeks), Travel Only Projects (2 Weeks), Under 18 Projects 


ivhq  best Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs

Claiming to be one of the world's most trusted volunteer and travel abroad companies, IVHQ has been working in this field since 2007. With the mission of changing the face of volunteer travel, IVHQ has been working in 40 destinations with wide range of programs available. So far International Volunteer HQ has placed more than 100 thousand volunteers in different regions of Mexico, USA - New Orleans, ,  Costa Rica, Guatemala,   Belize, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Volunteer in South America ,  Argentina - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Cordoba, Brazil  Colombia - Bogota, Colombia - Cartagena, Ecuador - Quito  Ecuador - Santa Elena, Peru - Cusco, Peru - Lima,  Belgium, Croatia, Greece  Italy - Naples, Italy - Rome, Portugal  Romania, Spain, Spain - Barcelona,  Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar  Morocco, Morocco - Marrakech  South Africa, South Africa - Table View  Tanzania, Uganda, Victoria Falls  Zambia  ,  Jordan, ,  Bali - Ubud, Bali - Lovina, Cambodia  China, India - Delhi, India - Kerala  Indonesia, Laos, Nepal  Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand  Thailand - Hua Hin  Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh,   Australia, Fiji and New Zealand  for the different projects in the areas of Childcare, Teaching, Medical and Healthcare, Wildlife and Animal Care, Environment and Conservation, Construction and Renovation, Arts and Music, Sports, NGO Support, Refugee Support, Women's Empowerment, Sea Turtle and Marine Conservation, Community Development, Elderly Care, Special Needs Care.

Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel has been offering volunteer abroad programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru in the domain of University Abroad, International Internships, volunteer and travel abroad, TEFL Certification, Spanish Immersion, Gap Year, Adventure & Culture.

Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteer claims that the organization is exceptionally committed to ensuring that all of their volunteer programs are dedicated to generating maximum impact for the communities they work with across Africa for the welfare of Education, Music, Wildlife, Sports, Orphanage and  Medical services.


Started as a Volunteer Forever in 2012,  Abroadly has since grown to be one of the most renowned organizations in the world for people looking for volunteer, intern, and teach abroad trips. Abroadly has been offering the volunteering program in the field of Children and Youth Development, Health & Medicine, Wildlife & Environmental Conservation, Teaching Abroad

Cross Cultural Solutions:

Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) has been providing the social and humanitarian works with the safest, most meaningful, and enriching volunteer and travel abroad programs for 22 years specially in the field of  child development and women's empowerment. CCS provides continuous, year-round service and opportunities in education, childhood development, healthcare, and other social services aimed at improving quality of life. Guanacaste of COSTA RICA, Volta Region of GHANA, CCS Refugee Program of GREECE, Tecpan of GUATEMALA, Azrou of MOROCCO, Lima of PERU, Nan Province of THAILAND

Volunteer FDIP

Volunteer FDIP was founded in 2014. Started with the volunteer in Nepal programs, FDIP now has extended its volunteer and travel abroad programs in different locations of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The organization has been offering the most affordable and rewarding volunteer and travel abroad programs in the field of medical services, environment conservation, wildlife conservation, teaching abroad, monastery teaching, childcare, women empowerment, elephant volunteer, psychological counseling volunteer and many other life changing opportunities.

Cheap volunteer and travel abroad

Cheap volunteer and travel abroad

Volunteering is as old as civilization. Society has got heroes from time to time who have delivered the right thing from then to now. You, of course, may be willing to make a difference through volunteering abroad. But the major question for you might be how I can get cheap and affordable volunteer and travel abroad programs? As we all know, a volunteer and travel abroad program nowadays is mostly blamed for being overprice and becoming careless about their accomplishments. In this situation, your willingness to make a difference in society and create a meaningful achievement gets the black cloud.

But no need to worry as we take your worries and gives you a better solution. There are many cheap and affordable volunteer abroad programs available for you. Here is information about volunteer abroad cheap programs designated with honesty, social benefit, integrity, and organize accurately.

What Kind of Cheap and Affordable volunteer and travel abroad Programs Can I Expect to Find?

There are many great opportunities for volunteers abroad, which are cheap and affordable. You can perform volunteering work cheaply and in a meaningful way. The primary thing is that you need to make a proper inquiry so that those extravagant volunteering abroad programs do not trap you. As per your interest, aptitude, skills, experience, you can choose one of the affordable volunteer and travel abroad programs. They are a cheap volunteer abroad program that claims for the best out of the work you accomplish. Their eyes centered on the betterment of the world and not on money. Some of the best volunteer and travel abroad cheap programs that you can work are as follows.

  • Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs for College Students
  • Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs for High School Students
  • Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs for University Students
  • Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs for Groups
  • Cheap and Affordable Family volunteer and travel abroad Programs
  • Cheap and Affordable Volunteer Programs for English Teachers
  • Cheap and Affordable volunteer abroad Programs for Medical Students and Professionals

Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs for College Students

If you are a college student willing to work for the wellness of the people, then volunteer and travel abroad programs are best for you. It not only relief your thirst to make the world a better place but also help you to enhance your career with a better CV. There may be various volunteer and travel abroad program that promises a lot but at the end of the day dupe you. You need to be aware of those faulty promises. There are many cheap volunteer abroad programs in which you can work. They are the better program, cheap and affordable for you. It's upon you to make a proper investigation and catch the hands of those organizations who honestly organize an affordable volunteer and travel abroad program for you.

There are many cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs for a college student like you. The dimension of it ranges from social, cultural, political, legal, environment, economic, and many more. Some of the well-known volunteering abroad program for the college student in which millions of college graduates and freshman involved is as follows:

  • Cheap volunteering abroad on environment conservation
  • Cheap volunteering abroad as a teacher
  • Cheap volunteering abroad in war affected area.
  • Cheap volunteering abroad as childcare, orphanage and street child volunteer.
  • Cheap volunteering abroad in wildlife conservation.
  • Cheap volunteering abroad in community development projects.
  • Cheap volunteering abroad in community health projects as interns.

Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs for High School Students

Many organizations provide a volunteer and travel abroad program. The significant difficulty for high school students like you is that you cannot afford expensive volunteer and travel abroad programs. You are determined and energetic to work. But the costly program is a hindrance for you to accomplish. Only you can devote yourself to the fullest in volunteering abroad plan that is cheap and for you cheap is feasible. You can make your volunteering abroad program meaningful and at the most affordable cost. There are many affordable volunteer abroad programs for high school students like you. They are best designed, affordable, value-creating, and feasible for everyone.

In a cheap volunteer and travel abroad program, you are not alone thousands of high school students are enrolled in the program. They are contributing to society. They are working on the field of their interest, and these are volunteer and travel abroad cheap programs. The cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs intended to high school students are popular and has career prospect. It is also like a vacation where high school students get the chance to visit different places in the world. Some of the popular programs included in it are plantation volunteer, Montessori teacher, environment conservation, Extracurricular activities (ECA) coach, Community health project, Community sanitation project, Assistance collecting volunteers for needy people, volunteering in an orphanage, childcare, street child and many more.

Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs for University Students

If you are university students, then society seeks a significant responsibility from you. You are well educated and can contribute more to the community in comparison to others. Your work for the society can make a vast difference for its positive uplift. If you think that you have that potentiality to cause good for the world and humanity, then volunteering abroad program best suits you. They are designated to help you cater best things to society. These programs are cheap and well programmed. These affordable volunteer and travel abroad programs are chosen to make volunteering work with the lowest fees possible. Join the program, and you will feel as if it's less work more holidays with meaning to society.

As a university student, your scope as an overseas volunteer is vast. You are both academically sound and socially adaptable. You are more independent to work. Your knowledge, skills, experience, and connection are a milestone for the success of any volunteering abroad program. You can get an affordable volunteer and travel abroad program in which you can excel your potential. You can contribute to society through cheap volunteer and travel abroad program like below:

  • Orphanage volunteer
  • Teaching English volunteer
  • Medical volunteer      
  • Monastery teaching volunteer
  • Conservation volunteer
  • Women Empowerment volunteer
  • Psychological counseling volunteer  
  • Peace keeping volunteer
  • Environment protection volunteer
  • Digital garbage reduction volunteer  
  • Waste management volunteer
  • Assistance collector volunteer

Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs for Groups

The group creates synergy. The group allows teamwork. Working in a team makes volunteering work productive. There is a higher chance for innovation, new ideas, and more considerable effort in a group. The work done by the group is relatively better than done alone. In a group, the problem is solved mutually. People tend to help each other in a team, which in turn will make the volunteer and travel abroad program exciting and enabling. It is seen that most of the volunteer and travel abroad program is accomplished in a group. The skill, ideas, knowledge, and experience of each member of a group are foster in volunteer activities for a greater work pace and perfection. There are many affordable volunteer abroad programs available for a group.

If you have a team that is willing to do something for the betterment of the world, then joining a volunteer and travel abroad program is a better choice. For that, you can find many cheap volunteers abroad programs for your group. The official or unofficial group can join the endeavor. Working in a group makes work better. Some of the most well know cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs for the group are: Rescue volunteer, Health campaign volunteer, waste management volunteer, public construction volunteer, environment protection volunteer, Women Empowerment volunteer, Plantation volunteer, Marine Conservation volunteer, global warming prevention volunteer, warzone volunteer, community sanitation project volunteer and many more.

Cheap and Affordable Family Volunteer Abroad Programs

Do you want to make a difference in society through the mutual effort of your family? If yes, then there are many cheap and affordable family volunteer abroad programs for you. Family is the element of society. The sum of the family is society and the world at large. Each family has a direct or indirect responsibility to the community. Every family is abiding by the social contract mechanism. Volunteering abroad program is also an opportunity to acknowledge your family about their responsibility and to make them sensitive towards the world they live in. The affordable volunteer abroad program will make your family moral and creative.

Cheap volunteer and travel abroad program is like a family vacation, including some more significant deeds to humanity. You can join an affordable volunteer and travel abroad with your family. It will help to make family bonding more robust as well as make the members more creative, rational, and happy. Some of the most popular affordable volunteer and travel abroad programs available to your family members are:

  • Orphanage volunteer
  • Conservation volunteer
  • Environment protection volunteer
  • Digital garbage reduction volunteer  
  • Waste management volunteer
  • Community sanitation project volunteer
  • Community health project volunteer
  • Safe drinking water project volunteer
  • Marine creature protection volunteer
  • Soil conservation volunteer
  • Awareness creating volunteer
  • Campaigning volunteer
  • Childcare, street child volunteer

Cheap and Affordable Volunteer Programs for English Teacher

English teaching volunteer is one of the popular volunteer and travel abroad programs. In this overseas volunteer program, you need to go to the place other than your home country to teach the English language to the people. Mostly English teaching volunteer is done in a country whose first language is not English. English is one of the prominent languages in the world. It is the most spoken conversation language. English speaking skill provides more opportunity for people. It is well-known that people who can speak English has more prospect than those who don't. It is also one of the popular cheap volunteer abroad programs. You can find volunteer programs for English teaching in many places in the world.

Teaching itself is learning. Volunteering as an English teacher can help you to understand new traditions, culture, language, socio-economic scenarios, etc. of different places. Following are the well-known affordable volunteer and travel abroad programs for English teacher:

  • English teaching volunteer for elementary level student
  • English teaching volunteer for Secondary level student
  • English teaching volunteer for High school level and college student
  • English teaching volunteer for University student
  • English teaching volunteer in Latin America
  • English teaching volunteer in Asia
  • English teaching volunteer in Africa
  • English teaching volunteer in monastery
  • English teaching volunteer for Adolescence, Early adulthood, mature adulthood and old age
  • English teaching volunteer for orphanage and street child
  • English teaching volunteer for woman of backward community

Cheap and Affordable volunteer and travel abroad Programs for Medical Students and Professionals

Medical students and professionals have expertise in their field. Their involvement in the volunteer and travel abroad program is crucial. They can contribute a lot to society through their work. They have skills, knowledge, and experience. Most of the volunteer program needs various types of expertise. The professional and medical student possesses that expertise. If you are a professional or medical student, then you can join the volunteer and travel abroad program. You have the potential to make a positive difference in society. The involvement of medical students and professionals make volunteering work easy and creative. You have that competency to guide whole the activities. You can find a cheap volunteer abroad program to excel in your willingness to make the world a better place for all.

Here are some of the affordable volunteer and travel abroad programs available for you. You can join among them and create a positive vibe in wellness of society.

  • Medical volunteer
  • Rescue volunteer
  • Orphanage volunteer
  • HIV AIDS and communicable disease eradication volunteer
  • Teaching English volunteer
  • Monastery teaching volunteer
  • Conservation volunteer
  • Women Empowerment volunteer
  • Psychological counseling volunteer
  • Marine conservation volunteer
  • Mountain conservation volunteer
  • Digital garbage reduction volunteer  
  • Waste management volunteer
  • Community sanitation project volunteer
  • Community health project volunteer
  • Safe drinking water project volunteer
  • Marine creature protection volunteer
  • Soil conservation volunteer
  • Awareness creating volunteer
  • Campaigning volunteer
  • Childcare, street child volunteer

Cheap volunteer and travel abroad At a Glance

The world is still suffering from different types of problems. Political, social, economic, environmental, and other various sectors are still not in their proper shape inside many frontiers of the world. There are remaining things to do to fulfill the dream of making society a utopia. In this scenario, cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs are an initiative for achieving that endeavor. We must join hands in the overseas program to make the world a better place for human beings and other creatures. The primary thing that we have in common is "World," and it's our mutual obligation to make it better.

Nowadays volunteering abroad program is accused of deceiving people. The programs are too costly and not worthy. It is somewhat like making a volunteering package and selling it to the people with the profit orient mentality. It has given a bad name to the overseas volunteering. Therefore, everyone must be aware of those culprits who are spoiling this great initiative to humanity. One needs to consider the programs that are cheap, feasible, and accomplishing. If your inquiry, it accurately then you can no doubt find the affordable volunteer and travel abroad program. Lastly, what you and we need to do is, get together to stand against those who are doing business in the name of volunteering.

Conclusion: Best Cheap volunteer and travel abroad Programs, Organizations and Opportunities and How To Get Most Out of Them

Volunteering abroad is a great initiative to expand one’s knowledge and skills while assisting others to do the same. Many volunteers from across the Globe have found volunteering programs quite enriching and fulfilling. From the experience of immersing in a new culture, learning native languages, extending friendship to enhancing your interpersonal skills, volunteering is a great way to boost your personal and professional skills. It also creates an everlasting impact in your life and the lives of people whom you will be affecting through this venture. Anyone enthusiastic can join any of these programs with a little bit of knowledge about the subject matter. 

Childcare, Medical, and Health, Psychological Counseling, Conservation, Teaching English are only some of the few abroad volunteering programs where you can be actively involved. There are many other projects and programs around the world that best suit your interest and capabilities. 

Numerous organizations are working jointly with the local bodies and government to accommodate the volunteers for various programs. There have also been proven impacts of these volunteer work from both the volunteers and the stakeholders of these projects. Thus, volunteering abroad is the best way to make your mark in the world.

If you may, then always travel for a purpose! 

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