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Best Meditation and Spiritual Retreats with Vacation or Weekend Gateaways Near Me for 2023

Find the Top Meditation Centers and Classes of 2023 in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, France and Other Countries

Last Updated: April 22, 2023

Best Meditation and Spiritual Retreats with Vacation or Weekend Gateaways Near Me for 2023

Meditation retreat helps you reduce stress and feel relaxed. Joining retreats and practicing meditation help you release the daily loads of mental and emotional stresses.

Finding the most suitable retreat for you is very important. If the environment and ambience of the meditation retreat matches your thought process it will be more effective for your meditation experience.

If you are looking for meditation retreats in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and rest of the world , then we have enlisted here some of the best meditation centers that you might want to choose from.

What are the factors to decide the best meditation retreat for you?

Finding peace of mind and achieving the utmost spiritual experience might definitely be some of the first few expectations from a meditation retreat center. But besides this there are other few factors which would decide your entire experience with the retreat centers.

Here we have enlisted some of the factors that might play role in defining your experience of meditation:


Location of the meditation retreat center is very important. Based on your interest and availability of time you might either be looking for some meditation retreat center near you or some retreat entirely in a new place or even a new country.  From a retreat center located inside New York city to the Buddhist Temple located in the Himalayan mountain region, different locations of retreat centers fulfill the interest of different meditation practitioners.


It is expected that a meditation center should give you the healing experience. To have a mindful moment inside the retreat, the ambience of the place plays a vital role. Therefore it is very essential to make sure that practitioners feel good with the ambience of a retreat center.


Some retreat centers might be designed for a short period where you can visit for a few hours and get back to your home. However there are also retreat centers where you can stay for a few weeks . There are different types of accommodation that you can opt for in this center. The different types of rooms also have different types of amenities and thus, different prices. The quality of accommodation you get will affect your experience of staying in the retreat center, therefore it is very essential to assess the accommodation provided by the center.


The food and diet you consume will  impact your physical and mental wellbeing which in return will impact your overall meditation experience. Hence it is important to specify your dietary requirement if you expect vegetarian , dairy-free foods , it is also advisable to inform the retreat centers if you have any kind of allergies with any specific foods.

Classes of Learning Process

You must be expecting the meditation classes to unwind your mind and relax your soul. You hope that after returning from the retreat you will feel some positive change in your thought process and you are set free from the stress and anxiety. All this depends on the quality of classes you take and the learning process in the retreat center.


By joining a meditation retreat center you are dedicating your valuable time. Not only monetary , the participation of meditation retreat centers also comes at an emotional cost. Hence it is very important for the practitioners to evaluate the cost they are paying  and the experience they are getting in return.

Where Can You Find Best Meditation and Spiritual Retreats with Vacation or Weekend Gateaways Near Me in ?

As we have mentioned above, there are different meditation retreat centers throughout the world. You have a multitude of options to join the retreat centers. Here we have featured some of the retreat centers in the different parts of the world where you can experience meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation Retreats in USA

From Art of Living Retreat Center to Spirit Rock Meditation Center. There are different retreat centers offering you awe inspiring spaces with wonderful classes.From residential, to non-residential retreat, beginner to advanced level teachings, there are multitude of options for the meditators.

Wonderful staff, expert instructor and incredible location, select the  best one from our list of meditation retreat centers in the USA.

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UK Meditation and Yoga Retreats Near Me

The Barn Retreat Centre, Gaia House, Dhamma Dipa Vipassana Meditation Centre and many other meditation retreat centers are there in the UK offering environmentally sustainable programs with a natural atmosphere,  caring staff , quiet space, stunning view and perfect ambience for meditators.

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Meditation Retreats and Yoga Centers in Canada

Awe inspiring meditation retreats like Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre, Hero's Journey Retreats, Clear Sky Meditation and Study Center, Vipassana Meditation Centre of BC, Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre are there in Canada where you can find real peace of mind while practicing meditation and yoga. There are many special places in Canada where balance, soothing and inspiration blooms. These are the places where you can explore, meditate, learn and grow.

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Germany Meditation Retreats

Little Paradise, Europäisches Art of Living Zentrum, Tharpaland Kadampa Meditationszentrum, Buddhistisches Retreat Zentrum Schwarzenberg der Karma-Kagyü-Linie e.V., Auraoum | Vipassana Meditationszentrum, European Institute of Applied Buddhism and many other organizations are there offering you some of the soul rejuvenating and refreshing meditation centers where you can find a peaceful journey to explore.

Meditation Retreats Near You in Spain

Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, Suryalila Retreat Centre, Yoga Sutra Shala Retreat Centre, Centro de Meditación Kadampa de Madrid, O Sel Ling Centro de Retiro y Meditación Budista and many other meditation retreats in Spain offer variety of meditation techniques,  right amount of yoga, meditation and group walks and all the meditation experiences that a meditation lover might be looking for.

France Meditation Retreats Near Me

Hridaya Yoga France, La Borde Blanque, Chateau de la Pierre, Yobaba Lounge, Centre de Méditation Kadampa France, Chez Zen and many other retreats are there with magnificent meditation rooms Quality catering service Very clean and comfortable accommodation comfortable retreat center are there in Fra in the picturesque regions of France.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose a meditation retreat?

You have considered the factors we mentioned above like location, accommodation, ambience, cost and all to choose a meditation retreat.

How much does a Buddhist retreat cost?

It depends on the level of accommodation and location you choose, it varies from $120/week to $1k+ per week depending on which retreat you select.

How do you choose a spiritual retreat?

You have to know your needs and expectations and based on those expectations you can choose the retreat center that suits you best.

How far in advance should you plan a retreat?

If you are planning abroad it is better to plan at least a couple of months before your departure. If you are planning to join a local retreat center near you then planning a week before will suffice.

How much does a meditation session cost?

Again, it depends on the location and facilities provided by the retreat center. On average, meditation class prices range from $15 – $25 per hour.

Where is the most spiritual place to visit?

The answer varies with people; some find Everest (Himalayan) region of Nepal very spiritual, some find Machu Picchu or Peru very spiritual and some love the pristine beaches of Costa Rica.

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