Best International Volunteer and Travel Abroad Work, Opportunities, Programs and Organizations of 2024

Last Updated: January 1, 2024

Best International Volunteer and Travel Abroad Work, Opportunities, Programs and Organizations of 2024

Are you looking to get a break from your routine life? Are you looking to do something that creates difference? Do you believe in travelling with cause? Then, international volunteer programs can be the right fit for you.

Volunteer and travel abroad can be the best choice to make yourself feel good with a new environment to explore, new people to interact and at the same time add new meanings to your life. International volunteer is not just you are creating difference into others’ lives but at the same time you are learning to make the world around you a better place. In its true significance, you get more than what you give.

There are of course free volunteering opportunities available. Then, the question exists why you should be paying even for your free service. volunteer and travel abroad withvolunteering organization is basically always free. You never pay for volunteering itself. It is only for the facilities and services, that you require to make your volunteering a better experience with right kind of volunteering program, you pay for.  Paid International Volunteer Programs explores and makes all arrangements for you to right fit with your volunteering interest and ensures quality experience right from the guaranteed pick-up at the airport and volunteering period to your drop-off. Choose to travel in Safe Hands!

What is International volunteer and travel abroad Program?

There is increasing interest of travelers not to limit their travel merely as a visit, but also increase the extent of their understanding and experience with hands-on opportunities available. This is for which the demand of International volunteer and travel abroad Program is trending up globally. International volunteer and travel abroad Program is a doorway to convert visits into meaningful experiences and reciprocate back as well at the same time.  The program is taken as an opportunity to recognize the cross-cultural differences, supplement values to the vacations and boost the career realizing the potentials. The program allows to communicate and think globally, and broaden your perspectives towards life.

Indeed, International volunteer and travel abroad Program today is considered to be the most promising trends in travel. Globalization is shrinking the world day-by-day in every aspects of communication, commerce, relationship and many more. This has gradually developed the feeling of being citizens of one single home – the Earth. Where volunteering was only confined to social service activities into the towns or states, within the span of few decades, the technological diffusion has elaborated the same definition to the corners of the globe. People want to serve as well as travel simultaneously. No doubt, International volunteer and travel abroad Program is the ideal choice.

Why should I join International Volunteer Program?

Everyone needs change in taste and International Volunteer Program is the platform you might be looking into. Travelling is beautiful with lots of fun, and think how would it be if your travelling can create difference – in your life and to some lives. Volunteering overseas brings a new eyesight to your living. Your nomadic visit not only becomes purposeful but also caters you in realizing a fresh approach towards your life after exploring, connecting, interacting and doing common things in an uncommon way with uncommon people. Travelling becomes not just fun, but learn with remarkable moments; not only sharing but caring along with.

Even little things that you do count. Volunteer work abroad allows you to explore the foreign land and learn the diversities among mankind. You will be learning new skills, and could be adapting career changing skills. You start to see with the eyes of local. You connect with new circles and create positive influence to others and the self. You will of course be learning to adapt with change as you will be getting off the couch. This will prepare you for forthcoming challenges in your life.Addition to these life skills, you will be adding strength to your career prospects with international exposure.

There are countries which are in dire need of volunteers, you can help the people of these countries as a international volunteer. For example, your role as a volunteer in Ukraine can be really helpful for the Ukrainian people.

Types of International Volunteering Activities

As a volunteer you can share and explore your skills in different areas. Here are some types of activities where you can contribute with your humanitarian side.

Childcare Volunteering

If you love spending time with the kids. If you believe that your spending time with some disadvantaged kids can uplift their lifestyles. If you can inspire the children to live better and dream bigger then joining a childcare volunteering can serve your purpose.

Psychology and Mental Health Volunteering

Psychology and mental health issues are looming around. Especially in the post pandemic world the issue sees to be predominant throughout the planet. To mitigate the situation, not only the professionals but also the volunteers are needed everywhere. Joining as a psychology and mental health volunteer , you can make valuable contribution.

Conservation Volunteering

Climate change is a global issue today. This issue should not be limited within the voices of few activists and within the table of few world representatives. Every individual should act against climate change. Joining conservation volunteer programs can be a step forward to this initiative.

Healthcare Volunteering

Just like a candy striper opened a door to explore a way for young women to learn about medical services in the mid-20th century, there are still multitudes of opportunities and causes where you can serve as a healthcare volunteer. We could see that the need of healthcare and medical volunteers has become more pertinent recently in the post pandemic era.

What is Paid International Volunteering?

The first question that comes into a layman’s mind is that why should he or she pay to volunteer and travel abroad when you are contributing your time and energy to help others for free. But, volunteers need to understand that on the grounds it is not for the volunteering service but for all the facilities and services you are provided by the organization, you are paying for. There are only countable international organizations which can sponsor your living and other expenses while volunteering, but getting enrolled or selected becomes very tough with hundreds of applicants applying every day.

On the other side, there are non-profit organizations that require you to pay nominal charge for the services rendered to you. Such organizations do not own any funding source to manage volunteers and have to employ for this purpose.  You can try independently but may find your experience disgraceful. Thus, almost volunteers looking to serve abroad look for a reliable organization to ease the process and finding out the right program during the right time. Such paid international volunteering comforts you and your family at every steps of your volunteering period.

Where should I pay for Volunteering?

You must now have clear view why and for what you will be paying for. Voluntary work is absolutely free. Paying for the volunteering means pay for the costs associated with travelling or any other services. Every voluntary activity run with some costs.

Some of the breakdown of the costs associated in the process are as follows:

Organization Cost

Most of the volunteer and travel abroad programs are offered by the Non-Governmental (NGO) and Non Profit (NFP) organizations operating around the world. These organizations need funds to operate, for the promotion of their campaigns and to manage their human resources. These organizations also need some funding for the proper management of the volunteers they accept. Some organizations are funded by government aid and INGO donations, whereas others may have to request volunteers for the program fees which would be used for the management of the program.

Non-Governmental and Non-Profits Organizations offer most of the volunteer and travel abroad program. Those works require funds to operate. Managing volunteers, addressing their concerns and finding the best-fit place to serve definitely requires capable staff to pay off. Only a handful organization may be funded by Government or International aids and are often packed with numerous applicants, whereas others request for program fees to volunteer, that is however used for management of the program. Any such organization require funds to operate, promote the campaigns and manage the human resources.            

Food and Accommodation

You could only volunteer when your basics are taken care properly. Do not compromise with your food requirements. Travelling to other parts could be an experiment with food having various cross-cultural dishes tasted, but may be not always good enough. It is always good to pre-mention your food requirements, and food allergies, if any. You can always surf and have better ideas on the food consumed in the area of visit as preparation of your journey. Likewise, accommodation is another major thing to be taken of. Check if the area is disaster prone or not, and ensure you do stay in a safe house with comfortable sheets and room during your stay.


This depends on the nationality you travel and the place of destination you choose to travel. The application process may vary accordingly. Travelers will need to pay specific visa fee as an entry requirement for the tourist, and again the cost depends on the destination. Visa process may not happen instantaneously. Hence, it is better to stay safe ensuring visa procedures and visa costs at least a couple of months before the estimated travel date.

Air Fare

To volunteer and travel abroad means to serve the needful in the country other than your country of residence. Of course, flight arrangements are the initial requirement to start your journey. Volunteer, in most of the cases, have to arrange themselves the air fare and other needful transports. There are very few organizations who finance the volunteers’ air fares.


In order to stay safe and secured and prevent financial losses that may be incurred due to travel changes, cancellation or interruptions, medical requirements, baggage damage or theft, hijack or whatever possible mishap of uncertainties, it is always better and highly recommended to have a travel insurance before signing up for any volunteer and travel abroad program. This will not only secure your trip but also saves you from sudden financial accident.


There are other concerns that you have to take care in singing up volunteer and travel abroad programs. It is always advisable to check the Immunization requirements in the country of destination to prevent from unexpected sickness. You can visit the website  of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to check the list of recommended vaccines. You can also inquire about the health centers and facilities in the area where you will be volunteering and ensure the authenticity to claim your travel insurance. It is always better to carry the necessary medicines that you have been used to or have a stock, if incase, you have been regular user.

You may have to travel from one place to another during your volunteering period, for which you ought to be prepared from before. Check if the place you are volunteering will have access to communication and internet or not. No doubt, you will be looking to enjoy your weekends – could be hike, explore areas nearby or famous tourist spots, party, theatres, local homestays, etc. These services may not be provided by your volunteering organization. You can always have additional amount of money carried to meet such of your desires.

Why should I pay for Volunteering?

Lots of beginners, like you, think that why should one pay even for providing social service free of cost in expense of his or her labor and time. Of course, there are a few international organizations that provide you such opportunities, but such organizations are always packed up with numerous applicantswilling to serve, and thus resulting very low acceptance rate. On the other hand, there are numerous organizations that seek for volunteer like you, but cannot meet up your food and accommodation expenses. These are two primary areas, where you are required to pay in the place where you will be volunteering.

The volunteer and travel abroad Organization works for you to look for the organization best fit as per your interest to serve and with best quality work for the volunteer at the desired time period. Such organization manages to pick you up, look after you and your needs during your service period and ensure your safe return. These organizations run from the nominal amount of fee you pay. Thus, it is only for what service you will be using or consuming, you will be paying for. Volunteering service is always free of cost.

Some of the best paid volunteer organizations

IVHQ volunteer and travel abroad, international volunteer HQ program

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is the leading organization in the field of volunteer tourism. The organization has been operating since 2007 and has access to more than 40 countries Asia, Europe and North America. IVHQ provides a variety of range of sectors you can volunteer, some of which are teaching abroad, supporting wildlife or marine conservation, help in construction work especially in earthquake affected and prone areas, medical hospitals, monasteries, etc. It has suitable opportunities for every type of volunteer right from amateurs to highly skilled professionals.

Projects Abroad

Established about twenty-five years ago, Projects abroad has its international volunteer programs in about twenty-five countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin American and South Pacific. The organization offers three different categories of programs, that are volunteer and travel abroad, intern abroad and cultural exchange. Volunteer abroad consists of archaeology, building, childcare, conservation, sports coaching and teaching. Intern abroad has business, international development, journalism, law and human rights, medicine and healthcare, microfinance, social work, veterinary medicine and animal care programs. Cultural immersion and learn a language falls under cultural exchange programs.

Cross Cultural Solutions (CCS)

Cross Cultural Solutions has been providing its service to volunteer’s applicant since 1995. The organization has four different types of program, that are international internships, gap year program, high school volunteers and group experiences. There are seven destinations across Africa, Latin America and Asia you can explore and work.

African Impact

African impact international volunteer and travel abroad programs

The organization African Impact came into effect from 2004.  The organization works all over African countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Zanzibar. There are community volunteering, conservation volunteering and groups volunteering schemes available as volunteering abroad options. You may also choose to intern based on your field of interest.

Global Volunteer Solution (GVS)

Global Volunteer Solution (GVS) is a US registered humanitarian volunteer program working around eightAsian countries like Cambodia, China, India, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam; Africa Countries like Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda; and Latin American like Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and Ecuador.

In a nutshell: International Volunteer Works, Opportunities and Programs

Paid International Volunteer Program is an opportunity to serve in the field of your interest to get out of your regular schedule or fill up your gap years. The beauty of such programs is you get to do what you love to do by travelling around and exchanging the culture, language and traditions, and at the same time contribute to bring positive impacts in others’ life.

You never need to pay for volunteering purpose, only it is for all the arrangement and facilities you are equipped with, you pay for. The core purpose of such payment will be used to manage the staffs, logistics and other requirements. It means indirectly you will be contributing in volunteering management system, and ensuring an easy space for others who, like you, are also interested in travel volunteerism.

To volunteer means to commit your life in others’ benefits, irrespective of the length of time you will be spending. No doubt, the values you will experience and the positivity you will acquire in your life will make you feel and your life a worthy one. Whatever materialistic achievements we may achieve in life, but the inner satisfaction that we achieve through humanitarian services provides the bliss in life.

If you want to be a international volunteer, there are plenty of international volunteer opportunities to choose from. From helping the people in Asia to enroll in volunteer work in Africa, there are copious of options. Every year thousands of enthusiasts join volunteer programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. There are multiple ways you can find volunteer opportunities abroad. You can make a memorable moment by picking best international volunteer programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best country to volunteer in?

It depends on which project and community you want to volunteer for. If you are more interested for marine and conservation works, Costa Rica is very popular. If you are more into meditation and Buddhism then Thailand or Nepal can be your best country to volunteer.

Can I volunteer and travel the world?

Yes, you can volunteer and travel the world while living with the communities.

How do I volunteer to travel abroad?

To volunteer and travel abroad, you have to find the right organization and right project for you. Then, proceed with the application process, book your flights and participate in the project.

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