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Experience amazing Volunteer and Travel Abroad programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Thailand Monastery experience was transformative.

I had the best time of my life in every sense.

volunteer testimony egemen

- Egemen Ojel,

Turkey, Volunteered in Thailand Monastery

I would recommend this as it is a very full immersive experience in the beautiful Kenyan culture and there is a lot to be learnt.

volunteer testimony Anna

- Anna Avataneo,

Italy, Volunteered in Kenya Medical Project

My volunteering assignment has been a humbling and wonderful experience!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

volunteer testimony charity

- Charity Mcdonald,

Canada, Volunteered in Nepal Monastery

I had a very good teaching and learning experience.

Being able to apply my teaching skills in such a different setting has given me a lot of experiences.

volunteer testimony antonia

- Antonia Bozzolo

Chile, Volunteered in Local School

I can't thank the organization enough for the experience they have given me.

In my three months program, I felt part of a family.

volunteer testimony joe

- Joe Bartley

UK, Volunteered in Childcare Center

Teaching English to the child/junior monks at the monastery has been and interesting, inspiring and educational experience

Thank you!

volunteer testimony lammert

- Lammert Lettinga,

Netherlands, Volunteered in Monastery

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Why Volunteer With FDIP

Volunteer FDIP provides secure, meaningful and affordable volunteering abroad opportunities. Volunteer FDIP places the volunteers to various projects such as Psychological Counseling Programs, , Healthcare Volunteer Programs ,Volunteer For Orphanage , Teaching English to Buddhist Monks, Teaching in local Schools, Environment Conservation Project, Wildlife Conservation Project , Community Development Project.

Volunteer FDIP is growing to provide world's best Volunteer and Travel Abroad programs since it’s establishment in 2014.

If you are planning to make an unforgettable journey of volunteering to a rural corner of the world meanwhile discovering it's charisma of natural beauty then Volunteer FDIP has meaningful programs for volunteering overseas.

With program fee starting form $180, you'll be experiencing memorable experience without spending a fortune.

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