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Volunteer in Costa Rica Programs

Volunteer in Costa Rica Programs

Blessed with the pristine charm of the rainforest, undiscovered beaches and myriad of wild animals, Costa Rica is an ultimate destination for the nature lovers and the aesthetes. With the breathtaking vistas of natural wonders, Costa Rica has everything to energize a backpacker.

Like other parts of the world, Costa Rica is also not spared from environmental issues and problems. Deforestation and extinction of wild lives is one the major concerns of the Costa Ricans. Volunteering for this global cause can underscore the voices rising against the causes of climate change and biosphere degradation.

Volunteer Projects Available in Costa Rica

By joining our Volunteer in Costa Rica program, you can participate in different concepts and campaigns working for the protection of wild animals and plants. Following are some of the projects available to volunteer in Costa Rica:

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Wildlife Volunteering

Join the team of international volunteers participating in the expedition and conservation campaigns around the rain forests and coastal areas of Costa Rica. Volunteer in this wildlife conservation project and be the part of initiative which is essential to keep this planet for the future generations.

Volunteer in Costa Rica for Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are very sensitive creatures; many of the sea turtle hatchlings around the coastal cities are losing their lives just because they are disoriented by the city light in the nights, which is mistaken as moon light.  The hatchlings move towards the city instead of ocean as they are made confused by these artificial lights, and when they enter the city they become pests and are killed by different causes. This is just one example to demonstrate how sensitive these creatures are, if people are not aware of their activities which is affecting the sea and coastal lives in large scale, then very soon these sea turtles will become extinct.

As a volunteer in Costa Rica for Sea Turtles, you can be a messenger to the world, to make people aware of such sensitive issues. Joining the team of environmentalists and conservationists, you will bolster the power of voice of nature and wildlife conservation.

Program Fee

Program fee comprises registration fee of $199 and weekly program fees. Weekly program fees are as listed below:

Weeks All Programs Turtle Program
1 week $395 $445
2 weeks $690 $880
3 weeks $970 $1315
4 weeks $1,210 $1750
5 weeks $1,395 $2185
6 weeks $1,580 $2620
7 weeks $1,765 $3055
8 weeks $1,950 $3490
9 weeks $2,135 $3925
10 weeks $2,320 $4360
11 weeks $2,495 $4795
12 weeks $2,680 $5230
Program fee includes
  • Orientation cost of volunteer
  • Contribution to host family
  • Food and accomodation
  • Emergency support
Program fee excludes
  • Airport pickup
  • Airfares and visa charge
  • Airport Drop
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bevarages extra food and laundry
  • Recreational activities
  • Any other personal needs
  • Daily transportations
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