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Volunteer in Nepal: Health, Teaching, Monastery, Childcare, Psychology, Wildlife, Conservation Volunteer Work, Programs and Opportunities

Explore the beauty of this pristine land beneath the shadow of Himalayan Mountain. Discover your potentials of serving the community by participating in different programs like health care, teaching, psychological counseling, monastery and childcare volunteer program in Nepal.

Participate to volunteer in Nepal with FDIP ! FDIP offers various meaningful volunteer abroad projects in Nepal, including Healthcare Volunteering, Volunteering for Conservation, Teaching Projects, Orphanage and At-risk Children Volunteering and Teaching in Monasteries.

Nepal is a remote south Asian country. Nepal is renowned as country of Mount Everest and birthplace of Buddha. Though most of the places of this country are rural, remote and hard to reach every year people around the world arrive here to have a glimpse of rare natural beauty and cultural variety. And many of the visitors don’t only come as a tourist but they love to live with the Nepali by getting close insight of Nepali lives.

Volunteer FDIP needs your participation to make each and every volunteer projects effective. We need volunteers to execute every program to head towards it's missions. Without volunteers we cannot do what we do. Volunteering in Nepal is definitely emerging as a meaningful life experience for the people around the world , as it provides opportunity to explore the majestic land of Himalaya while making some contribution to the people of rural communities.

Join FDIP volunteer programs in Nepal today and explore your potential by enrolling into life changing volunteer work and opportunities!

Available Volunteer Opportunities In Nepal

From caring the kids of the childcare centers to the sharing your medical skills in hospitals and healthcare centers, from teaching English to the Buddhist monk kids in monasteries to assisting to local psychological counselors, volunteer in Nepal program has myriads of opportunities to choose from:

Volunteer and Intern for the Counseling Center of Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Are you a Psychology and Mental Health student? Have you just graduated from psychology college or are looking further for mental health studies? Are you a psychology professional or aspirant? Volunteer and Intern for the Counseling Center of Addiction and Mental Health Issues in Nepal.

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Volunteer in psychological counseling therapy centers

Volunteer in psychological counseling therapy center in Nepal

For a least developed country like Nepal the major health concern remains limited to the physical health issues and thereby psychological health remains ignored. With increasing socio economic turbulence, the country is suffering with the inclining rate of psychological issues on its citizens. Limited psychological professionals and therapy and counseling centers are providing the service for the inevitable element of health issues. In such scenario, volunteering is counseling and psychological services can be an opportunity to enrich your experience in mental health service while providing invaluable contribution to reduce this problem from Nepalese society which is affecting the social life of exponentially increasing rate. Moreover, due to recent devastation of Nepal Earthquake in April 25, 2015 and its aftershocks, Nepal has noticed increasing number of people suffering from psychological problems and trauma.

Participate as a Volunteer for Psychological Counseling & Hypnosis with FDIP and assist the professionals in their psychological therapy process. By joining our counseling psychology programs you will enhance your understanding of the psychological conditions in least developed countries like Nepal and also will be able to provide your skills and knowledge to bring some improvements to the situation. Whether you are professional or seeking careers in psychology services or just a student or trainee in a Psychological Counseling & Mental Health, volunteering in this project will add new dimension to understanding psychological condition of an entirely different world.

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Childcare Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer work for orphans and disadvantaged children is one of the most effective and worthwhile opportunity while volunteering in Nepal. Spending time and interacting with these children can soothe your soul and mind, meanwhile for those children it is a time to learn something you are good at. We focus on creating an environment for the development and growth of these children and your participation is the one that will make it possible.

As a volunteer your role will be to make some contribution to improve the attitude and learning ability of these children. Some of them might have lost their families and some of might have faced their days without basic needs. So you’re positive vibes and caring attitude towards them can motivate them with move forward in life and give a confidence to achieve a better future.

Volunteers are not supposed to have any specific skills or mastery in volunteering work. We expect them to have volunteering motives and a loving and caring heart for these children. Volunteer will help these children in their daily academic learning and provide the sanitation instructions. Music, art and creativity development, sport and athletic instructions and any other form of your talents can also be a good way of contribution.

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Meditation and Retreat + Working for Childcare Center

Join a Meditation and Retreat program, meanwhile helping in a childcare service operated by retreat center. Experience the journey of spirituality meanwhile helping the kids in need.

As a volunteer you will help with various academic and fun activities such as writing, recitation, rhymes, songs, music and other extracurricular activities.

Beneath the hill of Swayambhu, holy temple of Lord Buddha, this project will offer you some moment of peace and opportunity to help the kids.

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Meditation Retreat in Lumbini: Birthplace of The Buddha

Explore Buddhist Temples, Shrines and Monasteries While Exploring the Peaceful World of Buddhism and Spiritual Journeys with Meditation Retreats

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Volunteer teaching in Nepal

If teaching is part of your interest and you want to make some contribution of your knowledge to the local and community schools then this affordable volunteering in Nepal might be project of your interest. Writing on blackboard with piece of chalk, you will help develop learning practice of students in Nepal. Your enrollment as a volunteer to teach mainly will be for volunteer teaching English in Nepal as English is second language of Nepal and most of the students are poor in this language. Besides that if you are interested you can also teach Mathematics, General Science, IT, Art and Creative Education.

As a volunteer of FDIP you will leave a very positive impact on the students of local schools of Nepal. Your contribution of English language skills and knowledge of other subject can turn out to be a breakthrough for the future opportunities of these students. In Nepal teachers are termed as "Guru" and considered as gods. So being a volunteer teaching in Nepal definitely will be a respectful and glorious experience for a participant.

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Volunteer conservation work

Nepal is also known for its biodiversity. Many conservation centers, sanctuaries and national parks are playing their role for wildlife conservation. You can participate as a volunteer of FDIP in these conservation projects. You will be working in Annapurna Conservation Area, Shivapuri Conservation Area, Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park as a conservation volunteer.

Conservation project generally has three aspects:

Wildlife conservation: This project is executed mainly in Sanctuaries and National Parks. Working with wild animal breeding farm, endangered animal research and mammal/birds/reptiles/aquatic life survey belongs to this aspect of conservation works.

Natural resource conservation: Volunteer will be working with conservation bodies working in Nepal for natural resource management, renewable of alternative resource implementation and resource utilization awareness. Volunteers can also participate for their research works on natural resource and conservation education in various institutions of Nepal.

Environment conservation project: Global warming and climate change is a global issue from few years. Both developed and developing countries are have been suffering with the environmental issues. Nepal is also struggling with soil, water and air pollution from last few years. As a volunteer of FDIP you will be joining hands with few active environmental conservation groups of Nepal to assist them with their mission. You will be participating in activities like collecting rubbishes ( glass, plastic , cans ) , river cleaning projects , environmental awareness and education campaigns and community activities.

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Medical and Health Volunteer in Nepal

Health is a major issue in Nepal. Still many Nepalese lose their lives because of minor diseases like diarrhea, jaundice and dengue. Country is coping with the challenge of reducing infant and maternal mortality rate. Volunteering in Nepal for medical and healthcare services will make you a part of this mission of minimizing health challenges in Nepal.

As a FDIP medical volunteer you will be working in various fields of medical and healthcare services to gain medical experience abroad. You can help medical representatives of hospitals in the field of general health services, nursing, dental services, ENT, orthopedics, ophthalmology, x-ray, and ultrasound. But you have to let us know your particular interests when you apply so that we can make arrangement s for you to volunteer in that specific area. Depending on your interest you can take part in outreach programs organized by the local hospitals.

Volunteers may also be needed to be part of awareness campaigns of general health and sanitation issue. People in villages of Nepal die of dehydration when they suffer from diarrhea as there is misconception among the people that drinking water can cause more loose motion. In rural areas people follow traditional treatment or indigenous system of healing. Your participation can play a crucial role in the awareness campaigns. Sharing your medical skills and knowledge can be a life savior.

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Volunteer in Buddhist monastery

Volunteer with Buddhist Monks in Nepal. Discover the elegance and peace inherited by Kathmandu valley in its Buddhist monasteries at various locations. Grab a singular opportunity to work closely with Buddhist monks. Learn about Buddhist lifestyle, culture, religion and language. And more importantly, share your knowledge and skills with them to improve the life standard of these monks.

Volunteers will mainly teach English to monks in monastery schools. Enhancing their English communication via speaking, writing and reading skills can be a big support for them. Improving their education will enable them to connect with the world and approach for new opportunities for a high quality of life.

On the other hand working in monastery is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Experience of working in peaceful environment of monasteries will pacify your attitude and you will feel the change in the way you look through the life during the process of learning Buddhist culture, tradition and beliefs.Volunteering on this project will definitely make a positive impact on you enrollment on this volunteering in Nepal project will worth few good memories.

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Wildlife Photography and Bird Watching Volunteer and Internship Program

Behold the majestic Asian wildlife, capture the beauty of awe inspiring asian animals, meanwhile raising awareness for the position and importance of wildlife in our ecosystem.

Birds are incredible creatures, watching their life activities gives us complete fulfillment and also provides us different life lessons. Joining our bird watching volunteer program is a one time opportunity to get close with these lovely creatures while helping everyone understand their current position on this planet.

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Community volunteer opportunities

There are many communities and group of people in rural areas standing behind the line of opportunities as they are not being able to make their footsteps due to lack of skills and knowledge. This project is aimed to empower the member of such communities. Nepal volunteer work is about helping local NGOs and communities to uplift the situation of members.

Volunteers will also work alongside local people for different community development initiatives such as construction and improvements of infrastructures, women empowerment, sustainable and scientific agriculture practice, education and healthcare awareness programs, sanitation and pollution minimization campaigns.

By helping the members of rural communities, our aim will be to make them self dependent, responsible and skilled. Community development projects aim to develop the infrastructure of targeted community for its present and future generations.

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Program Fee (in USD)

Program fee comprises registration fee of $169 and weekly program fees. Weekly program fees are as listed below:

Weeks Monastery/
Monastery in Foothill Medical Conservation/Sustainable Farming
1 week $220 $320 $240 $300
2 weeks $340 $470 $360 $430
3 weeks $460 $620 $480 $560
4 weeks $580 $770 $600 $690
5 weeks $700 $920 $720 $820
6 weeks $820 $1,070 $840 $950
7 weeks $940 $1,220 $960 $1,080
8 weeks $1,060 $1,370 $1,080 $1,210
9 weeks $1,180 $1,520 $1,200 $1,340
10 weeks $1,300 $1,670 $1,320 $1,470
11 weeks $1,420 $1,820 $1,440 $1,600
12 weeks $1,540 $1,970 $1,560 $1,730

* USD$35/week and USD$65/month for 1-hour special daily Meditation & Yoga retreat and class (optional)

Program fee includes
  • Airport pickup
  • Orientation cost of volunteer
  • Contribution to host family
  • Food and accomodation
  • Emergency support
Program fee excludes
  • Airfares and visa charge
  • Airport Drop
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bevarages extra food and laundry
  • Recreational activities
  • Any other personal needs
  • Daily transportations

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the projects available in Nepal?

Volunteering opportunities in Nepal comprise education, Buddhist monastery teaching, meditation, childcare and working in an orphanage, medical and healthcare placements, community outreach works, and  wildlife and environmental conservation programs.

What is the average cost of volunteering in Nepal?

Although the costs of various volunteer programs vary, on average the fee is $120 per week. The price is split between lodging and food, airport pickup, volunteer orientation, and a contribution to the host family.

Do I need a visa to volunteer in Nepal?

Yes, a visa is required, which you will receive either on-arrival or pre-arrival in Nepal. Volunteers can get a tourist visa at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport. Volunteer visas are not available in Nepal, rather you should get a tourist visa.

How can I help people in Nepal?

Meaningful options such as working at an orphanage, teaching English, providing healthcare, and more where you can utilize your compassion and commitment to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families and communities in need.

What is the vaccination requirement to volunteer in Nepal?

Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, MMR, Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis, Chickenpox, Polio, the annual flu are the most often prescribed vaccinations according to the CDC in Nepal. For details visit CDC website.

What is the accommodation for the volunteers in Nepal?

Volunteers either stay with Host Families or in Buddhist Monasteries (for monastery program). In some case if program requires traveling, there can be few days of accommodation in hotel as well.

Volunteer work & Vacations in Nepal

travel in nepal

Nepal is perfect destination to turn your vacation into a meaningful travel opportunity. Participate in the volunteer works at rural areas of Nepal which will of course make your experience an everlasting memory. When you are free from volunteering, you can discover the majestic beauty of snow capped mountains, jungles, rivers and lakes. There are different options of exploring Nepal.

Trekking To The Himalayas: Most of the visitors in Nepal are attracted by the fascinating views of Himalayan ranges and come here to explore some of the most magnificent mountain vistas on the Planet. Highest mountains, deepest gorges, dramatic routes and spectacular views, Nepal offers all ingredients for a perfect trekker.

Explore World Heritage Sites: Delving into the colorful city Kathmandu is the next choice of Nepal visitors. City is always glossing with many heritage sites listed in UNESCO such as three squared palaces namely Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar square and Basantapur durbar Square, Pashupatinath- one of the biggest Hindu pilgrimages , Swayambhu and Boudhanath- most devoted Buddhist shrines.

Travel in Nature: Unravel the natural mysteries in beautiful cities like Pokhara and Chitwan. Pokhara is a picture perfect city with lakes, mountains and rivers. City is always in mild weather, never too hot and never too cold. The spectacular view of reflection of mountains in the lakes while boating and calm wind for the paragliding is the main attracting factors for domestic and international tourists. On the other hand Chitwan is known for its sublime forest and is a sanctuary to wildlife, you’ll encounter with various Asian species such as rhinos, elephants, crocs, tigers, reptiles and birds. Witness Chitwan’s wildlife with Jeep safari, Elephant riding or safaris by foot. Catch cultural performance by traditional Tharu people and you’ll be fascinated to discover how hospital, fun loving and vibrant they are.

Adrenaline rush: Nepal is also a place for adrenaline rush. Fast flowing rivers are for rafting and kayaking, high hills are for exhilarating bungee jumps and sky of Pokhara are always ready to look colorful with Para gliders.

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