Volunteer in Tanzania Opportunities

Volunteer in Tanzania Opportunities

Tanzania is rich with wide variety of overwhelming natural wonders. Serengeti observes the now covered Kilimanjaro Mountain. Wildlife, pristine beaches and friendly people, Tanzania offers everything to the visitor from around the world to imprint a remarkable memory.

But still the country is going through the economic hardship. Several causes like unemployment, poor infrastructure development and mismanagement of natural resources are impoverishing the communities and people of Tanzania.

Volunteering in Tanzania to ameliorate the situation and to bolster the condition of life standards of the Tanzanians can be a life time opportunity to make a journey with some cause.

Available Volunteer Projects in Tanzania

From teaching in schools to sharing the dance skills to empowering women, Tanzania volunteering program has wide range of opportunities:

Childcare at an Orphanage

Due to socio economic turbulence , the future of many Tanzanian children is still under dillema. Many disadvantaged kids are living under the support orphanages and homeless centers. Volunteering with those kids can be a chance to overcome them from their unfortunate past and stride towards a promising future.

Teaching at Schools

Education is one important pillar of development. Whether its about a society, or a community or entire nation, without educated citizens country can not step ahead in progressive path. Volunteering in teaching project in Tanzania is an opportunity to encourage the development of education and teaching practices in Tanzania.

As a teaching volunteer you can contribute your teaching skills in various disciplines, meanwhile learn the education condition and teaching process in an African country like Tanzania.

Volunteer in Dance Program

What can be more fascinating than sharing your passion and art while enjoying a life changing journey ? Yes volunteering in Dance program in Tanzania is opportunity for the individuals who acquire the charismatic skill of dance and are willing to teach this art to the kids of schools, which can be used to reflect the growth of art in social and cultural programs.

Football Coaching for Girls and Boys at Schools

Play a role of the catalyst to the passion for football inside the spirits of Tanzanian kids. Volunteer as a football coaching to students in the schools, help them to organize the matches and play the game with complete sportsmanship and player spirit. This project is not only about sport, it is also about the teaching the kids about the value of teamwork and unity.

Special Women Development Project

The base of development of any country relies on the position and status of the women in that country. It is very essential for the women to be independent for the economy of the country to be independent.

Volunteering in women empowerment project is a concept developed to educate and train the women to be educated and capable of generating income for the household.

Innovation and sustainable development

Volunteering in Innovation and sustainable development project is a movement to lead the people towards the direction of innovative and sustainable development. For a long lasting and

viable growth of the economy in modern world, it is very essential to encourage people for sustainable agriculture, renewable energies and nature resource management.  

Volunteer in Health Project

Because of the perpetuated poverty and upheaval in economy of Tanzania, people of Tanzania are still deprived of the basic healthcare services and medical treatments. Volunteering in health project in Tanzania is a hands-on opportunity for the individuals from those who have been practicing and studying the medicine and public health services.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is volunteering in Tanzania like?

Volunteering in Tanzania would allow you to become the lives of people while also allowing you to travel through an engaging and gorgeous African nation. You will grow personally, professionally, and emotionally as you broaden your worldview, and you will, above all, improve the quality of life for Tanzanians and make a difference in the world.

How can I help Tanzania?

You may aid Tanzania in a range of community development initiatives, including assisting orphanages, teaching English in schools, working in clinics/hospitals, raising HIV/AIDS awareness, and strengthening women’s empowerment organizations.

What volunteer projects can I participate in Tanzania?

Volunteers can pick from a variety of initiatives such as child care, teaching English, community development, environmental conservation, animal welfare, medical internships in underfunded clinics and hospitals, and the turtle conservation project.

What vaccination do I need to volunteer and travel in Tanzania?

Before entering Tanzania, all volunteers are recommended by CDC to have obtained vaccines for Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever. 

What do I need to know about the Corona pandemic situation before traveling to Tanzania?

At present moment, there are no COVID-19 related entry restrictions. Travelers should, however, have a COVID-19 PCR result that is negative and vaccination proof. All indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as public places, need the use of face masks.

What is the visa procedure to arrive in Tanzania?

Tanzania requires both a passport and a visa for entrance. Visas can be obtained before departure or at any point of entry into the country.

Where will I be picked up in Tanzania?

Volunteers can be picked up at Kilimanjaro International Airport by local staff members at any time of day or night, but make sure to notify them when your flight arrives.

How is the accommodation for the volunteers in Tanzania?

Accommodations include a three-meal-per-day house stay with a host family. Volunteers will live in the same house as the rest of the family but will have their rooms.

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