Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Meditation and Retreat in Nepal

meditation retreat program

Many of us wish to have a moment of peace and mindfulness. Maybe it's time for us to spare a few moments for ourselves. Retreats are an effective medium to connect us with mindfulness.

If you are looking for a moment free from your daily life routines and have a moment of peace in the birth land of Lord Buddha. You might want to join the meditation retreat program in Nepal.

In this retreat you will :

  • Learn to meditate in the most effective way.
  • Best mindfulness workshops, yoga instruction
  • Learn about Buddhism and Hinduism
  • Explore the magnificent Buddhist and Hindu temples of Nepal
  • Enjoy unmatched experience beneath the shadow of Himalayas
  • Volunteer in the childcare operated by retreat center

Bouddha Nepal

Time schedule for One Week Meditation Retreat

Day 1

Arrival and Check-in

Lunch and Rest

17:00 pm  – 18:30 Welcome evening,  introduction to the meditation and retreat 

19:00 pm Dinner

20:00  Introduction to Buddhist Meditation and Hindu Yoga

21:00  Bedtime

Day 2-7

6:00  Wake up

7:00-9:00am Helping children

9:00-11:00 Self-study/ Karma yoga

11:00-15:00pm Meditation Practice

15:00 – 17:30 Helping with children

18:00 –19:00 Evening walk sightseeing around Buddhist temple

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Knowledge sharing of Buddhism and Hinduism and meditation and yoga

21:00 Bedtime

Cost Details:

Program fee comprises registration fee of $169 and weekly program fees. Weekly program fee is US$220 for the first week and $120/Week only for the additional weeks.

Program is available from 1 Week to 12 Weeks long.


  • Morning and Evening Yoga meditation class
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Hot water to drink (any time)
  • Three-time herbal tea
  • Hiking, traveling around village, city, and sightseeing of the respective place during daytime
  • Shared room


  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Laundry
  • Additional food if needed
  • Other personal requirements

Meditation in Buddhist Monastery in Sri Lanka

Join our Buddhist Monastery volunteer program in Sri Lanka and experience a spiritual transformation. You will live in the monastery and follow its daily schedule of prayers, meditation, and rituals. You will be part of the monastery's community, where you can learn from the Buddhist teachings and connect with your inner self.

You will have the opportunity to join in regular prayers, meditation sessions, and ancient rituals that have been passed down for generations. This will help you to practice Buddhism actively, not just observe it. You will also develop inner peace, mindfulness, and personal growth. The monastery's peaceful environment will help you to reflect and explore your consciousness, away from the noise of modern life. You will also learn from the monks and other volunteers about Buddhist philosophy and how to apply it in your life. Come with us on this enlightening journey, and let the monastery in Sri Lanka lead you to a lasting inner harmony and understanding.


Apart from other activities in Monastery, in a typical weekdays , your meditative activities in the monastery will be like this:

Morning: Early in the morning, you join monks for prayers and meditation in the meditation hall. Cross-legged on the floor, you focus on your breath amid monks' chants, surrounded by incense.

Afternoon: After breakfast, you practice walking meditation in the sunny monastery gardens. Mindfully focusing on breath and sensations, you connect with nature's beauty.

Evening: Another meditation session follows. Starting with breath, you shift attention to body parts one by one. Noticing details like skin sensations, body weight, and chest movement, you experience relaxation and peace.

Meditation in Buddhist Temple in Thailand

meditation program in thailand

A beautiful Buddhist Monastery located in Northern Thailand, between Pai and Mae Hong Son. Our program is  open to anyone who is interested in practicing meditation, learning about Buddhism and becoming a more mindful, more peaceful and happier person. This forest Monastery offers spiritual guidance to those who wish to seriously practice meditation in a peaceful and natural monastic setting.

Resting in between beautiful mountains of exotic Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Capturing green nature, peaceful stream, natural caves and never ending waterfalls of these spectacular Northern Thailand.


Due to the rule of immigration department of Thailand, passengers entering Thailand from abroad by air or land must submit a certificate of full vaccination against COVID-19. Those who are unable to submit such certificates will have to submit the negative report of COVID-19 test (RT PCR, True NAAT, Genet Xpert) within 72 hours of starting the journey.

Monastery Location:

Monastery is located between Pai and Mae Hong Son. It’s located 37 kilometres from Mae Hong Son province with beautiful scenery around with the beautiful wild flowers and orchids, waterfall , streams and mountains.


Volunteers will arrive at Bangkok International Airport then take a domestic flight to arrive at Mae Hong Son airport, which is 45 minutes from the monastery. Monastery members will pick you up from the Mae Hong Son airport.

Accommodation and Food

You will be staying inside the monastery. You will be provided the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner inside the monastery. 


meditation volunteer program in thailand

Your activities will be as follow

  • 05:00 Morning meditation in your kuti.
  • 06:30 Rice offering to the monks.
  • 07:00 Breakfast.
  • 08:00 Morning Dharma talk, and meditation class.
  • 10:30 Food offering to the monks.
  • 11:00 Lunch.
  • 12:45 Afternoon Dharma talk and meditation class.
  • 16:00 Cleaning the area and helping in the monastery.
  • 17:00 Free time.
  • 18:00 Evening Chanting, meditation and Dharma talk.
  • 20:00 Meditation on your own, or have tea, coffee, hot chocolate & relax.
  • 22:00 Rest time.

Program Fee

Program fee comprises registration fee of $169 and weekly program fees. Weekly program fee is US$220 for the first week and $120/Week only for the additional weeks. 

Volunteer program is available from 1 Week to 12 Weeks long.