Volunteer in Argentina Programs

Volunteer in Argentina Programs

Argentina is one of the jewels in the Latin American Crown. A vast country stretching 3500 km, it is a place that offers some of the most impressive natural wonders anywhere in world. Stretched forth Tropic of Capricorn to the tip of Antarctica, this country covers a varied range of geographic spectrums.

Due to the political instability, corruption and economic upheavels, some part of Argentina is still struggling for the fundamental development of its people. As a Volunteer in Argentina, you will be part of the movements working towards the basic development of Argentineans.

Available Volunteer Projects in Argentina

From sharing your acquired art of sports to using your labor in the community activities or taking care of the kids with care and compassion, volunteering in Argentina offers you the multitudes of opportunities to serve the Argentine people.

Football Coaching and Sports Development For Boys And Girls

Two times winner of the FIFA World Cup, Argentina is globally renowned for its football spirit. The legacy of historic footballer Maradona has been passed through the generations and current football megastar Messi has been carrying that legacy of Argentine football.

If you acquire the art of this game, you can share it with the boys and girls of Argentina and train them to live their dream of being a great footballer.

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Childcare at an Orphanage

There are many children in Argentina deprived of the care necessary for the early childhood development. Volunteering in Childcare Center and Orphanages in Argentina is a lifetime opportunity to foster their care and development.

As a volunteer for childcare, you will take part in daily activities aimed to nourish the healthy, happy and educative daily life of the kids. You can share your specific talents and ideas to the kids to enhance their knowledge base and understanding of the outer world. Sharing the language and communication skills, sports and games, arts can be a way to create the bonding with the kids while helping to broaden their horizon.

Child Development

This project is designed for the enthusiasts who are willing to address the issues regarding the development of a child and posses the skills to change those issues.

In this project, participant will take part in day to day activities focused on development of skills and education of the kids. The project would require teaching, training, playing games, extracurricular activities, art crafts and other activities that can enhance the interpersonal skills of the kids.

Community Development

With the motives of encouraging the participation of people of the community in different development programs, educational awareness campaigns, environmental and sanitation programs, we need the volunteers. As a community development volunteer in Argentina, you can join hands with our team to effectively run such programs and campaigns.

Program Fee

Program fee comprises registration fee of $199 and weekly program fees. Weekly program fees are as listed below:

Weeks All Program Medical
1 week $470 $520
2 weeks $610 $710
3 weeks $750 $900
4 weeks $890 $1,090
5 weeks $1,030 $1,280
6 weeks $1,170 $1,470
7 weeks $1,310 $1,660
8 weeks $1,450 $1,850
9 weeks $1,590 $2,040
10 weeks $1,730 $2,230
11 weeks $1,870 $2,420
12 weeks $2,010 $2,610
Program fee includes
  • Airport pickup
  • Orientation cost of volunteer
  • Contribution to host family
  • Food and accomodation
  • Emergency support
Program fee excludes
  • Airfares and visa charge
  • Airport Drop
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bevarages extra food and laundry
  • Recreational activities
  • Any other personal needs
  • Daily transportations
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