Volunteer in Kenya  Programs

Volunteer in Kenya Programs

Boasting the wild lives of all shape and size inhabiting in Maasai Mara and Ambosseli National Parks, Kenya is a colorful East African Country. It is an ultimate destination for the travelers interested for the safaris and the The Big Five.

However, socio economic condition of Kenya is still not that fortunate. Because of poverty, illiteracy, corruption and unemployment, majority of the Kenyans are living a marginal life. As a volunteer in Kenya, you can join hands with many altruists from around the world, working to elevate the education, health and other aspects of development in Kenya.

Available Volunteer Projects in Kenya

From contributing the labor and skills in constructions to sharing the knowledge in the local schools, our volunteering in Kenya program offers you the myriads of opportunities:

Wildlife Volunteering

Explore exotic Kenya while volunteering for the wildlife in conservancy in Kenya. For all the animal lovers, wildlife volunteer in Kenya is an experience of lifetime. For those interested in African wildlife and animal conservation, this program will bring a meaningful experience.

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Childcare Volunteering

As a consequence of extreme poverty of years, many children of Kenya are still facing the problems in education, health and shelter. Besides the scarcity of these fundamental rights these kids are also at risk with violence and child labor.

Main local organizations in Kenya are working to support those kids who have gone through the unfortunate situations in their lives. Volunteering in Childcare centers of Kenya to ameliorate the life standard of these kids can be a lifetime opportunity.

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Teaching children at school

Elevating the education quality and developing the modern teaching methods are emerging challenges for the Kenyan schools and institutions.

Volunteering as a teacher in Kenya, you can contribute your teaching skills and understanding with the faculty of the school. Teaching English is much preferred subject from the international volunteers in Kenyan schools, besides that if you are savvy with mathematics, science, computer science and arts then your teaching skills in those disciplines will also be appreciated.

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Healthcare Medical Volunteer

If you are a medical student or practitioner. This program is an opportunity to share your skills and knowledge.

Share your medical and healthcare skills and knowledge to help the communities of Nairobi, Kenya.

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Community Development

Many Kenyan communities are deprived of basic amenities. Impoverished due to economic and political turbulence from long time, the people of these communities are living a marginal life.

Volunteering in a community development project is an opportunity to embark into the journey of uplifting a marginal community to the flourished one. You can participate in various education awareness, sanitation campaigns and join the team of local community members in various development programs.

Sports Program

Kenyan kids are enthusiastic about the games like football, hockey and running. If you have the skills and arts of these games you can volunteer as a sports instructor or also as a sports teacher in the schools.


Lend your hands in the construction projects, the project is mainly concerned with the construction and painting of the classrooms or other building and development work for the needy communities of Kenya.

HIV AIDS Volunteer Program

HIV AIDS project that takes care of people who are living in Aids. Most of them are women and children besides men. The project supports underprivileged women, and orphans, and their families through HIV AIDS counseling, health education, economic empowerment, and community assimilation and integration.

Program Fee

Program fee comprises registration fee of $169 and weekly program fees. Weekly program fees are as listed below:

Weeks All Projects Wildlife
1 week $160 $600
2 weeks $260 $1,150
3 weeks $360 $1,650
4 weeks $460 $2,150
5 weeks $560 NA
6 weeks $660 NA
7 weeks $760 NA
8 weeks $860 NA
9 weeks $960 NA
10 weeks $1,060 NA
11 weeks $1,160 NA
12 weeks $1,260 NA
Program fee includes
  • Airport pickup
  • Orientation cost of volunteer
  • Contribution to host family
  • Food and accomodation
  • Emergency support
Program fee excludes
  • Airfares and visa charge
  • Airport Drop
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bevarages extra food and laundry
  • Recreational activities
  • Any other personal needs
  • Daily transportations

* For wildlife volunteer program, Airport pickup and drop to conservation area USD70

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I volunteer in Kenya?

You may help Kenya by teaching in schools, volunteering in medical clinics, donating to orphanages, assisting with an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, and assisting with community development.

How can I become a volunteer in Africa?

People who want to make a difference in the lives of Africans can become volunteers by picking from a variety of alternatives such as teaching English to children, community development and building, wildlife conservation, and orphanage volunteering.

What projects can I volunteer in Kenya?

Wildlife conservation, local community, and school development, dentistry initiatives, the HIV/AIDS volunteer project, and teaching English are all instances of volunteer opportunities in Kenya

What is the average cost of volunteering in Kenya?

Volunteering in Kenya costs on average $100 a week and includes accommodation, meals, airport pickup, orientation, and extensive support services.

How do I get the visa to travel to Kenya?

Kenya presently does not have a specific volunteer visa. For volunteering in Kenya, a tourist visa is typically adequate. The most straightforward approach to applying for a Kenyan tourist visa is to go to the Kenyan embassy in your home country before leaving.

How will I be picked up at the airport?

Before the commencement of your volunteer placement, a local coordinator will meet you at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s arrival gate and transport you to your accommodation.

What vaccinations are required to volunteer in Kenya?

Vaccines would be as suggested by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

What are the accommodation arrangements for the volunteers in Kenya?

The sort of accommodation provided varies in Kenya where the volunteers would be working. Many volunteers stay in host families’ homes or volunteer houses.

What do I need to know about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic before traveling to Kenya?

COVID Vaccine or Test report is no longer required to enter Kenya.

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