Kenya Medical Healthcare Volunteer Program

Last Updated: January 15, 2024

Kenya Medical Healthcare Volunteer Program

Mount Kenya stands above a stunning panorama of forested hills, patchwork farms, and woodland savanna, making Kenya a terrific spot to explore. It spans the equator and is lapped by the Indian Ocean. The huge savannas were studded with large animal herds. In the tropical area, mountains with snow-capped peaks. The core and color of the world are traditional peoples. Mountains, deserts, tribal cultures, and beaches may all be found in Kenya. It's also recognized for its national parks, which house a wide variety of species. Tourism is Kenya's mainstay, but the country also has a strong educational system, as well as an independent court and press.

The objective of our placement is to give the candidate the chance to earn intercultural skills and qualifications for their personal and professional growth by volunteering in the host nation. For the candidate and the organization to form a working connection. The placement supervisor is the organization's leader, and the placement site is in Kenya. Dental, Nursing, Consultation, BP, Mother and Child, Laboratory, TB, HIV, Pharmacy, and so on are just a few of the departments we have.

Volunteer’s Roles Responsibilities and Activities

Working hours include time spent on induction and training. The organization has the authority to alter this contract through a separate service regulation and to change project-specific circumstances [for example, working days, code of conduct, and sick leave procedures].
The applicant has the option of extending the agreed-upon length of stay in the host nation. Applicants will always put in their best effort to collaborate with a project doctor.  Participants don't work on their own. Professional health workers receive support from them. In this initiative, we recruit students, professionals, and nonprofessional medical participants. If participants are medical students, they will not be able to treat patients directly but will be able to work with professional health professionals at this center.

Arrival and Orientation

Our representatives will meet you at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and transport you to your communal housing or host home. The rest of the day is free for you to relax and enjoy Kenya's warmth. There will be a formal meeting with your coordinators and other group members. You will learn more about Kenya and your program at orientation. You'll go to Kenya later in your holiday, a country known for its history and warmth.


A shared apartment for 10 to 15 persons is possible. Gender-specific dormitory rooms are available for group stay in the style of a hostel. The group leaders each have their own sleeping quarters. Wi-Fi is available, as well as eating and living facilities and indoor baths. Depending on the size of the gathering, a host family may be assigned. Our host family has done comprehensive background checks, has been with us for several years, and has received great praise from previous participants.

Free Time Travel Activities 

Nairobi, Kenya's capital, is home to a diverse population of individuals representing several ethnic groups. Kenya is home to 42 tribes that all speak the same ethnic languages. Nairobi is a crossroads for 42 tribes, with people traveling from all over the world to look for jobs, do business, and get academic degrees, among other things. Nairobi's primary attractions will appeal to both international and domestic visitors. Meanwhile, you may unwind and take a tour of Kenya. If this is your last day in the program, our staff will assist you in making future plans. Those who remain committed to the program will be awarded a two-day weekend to relax. Placements that persist more than a week are treated similarly.

Fees and Cost

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Our Volunteers' Experiences and Reviews

I met calm, nice and good people.

Thank you for welcoming me into this program.

volunteer review marina

- Marina Parejo

Spain, Volunteered in Sri Lanka Monastery

I would recommend this as it is a very full immersive experience in the beautiful Kenyan culture and there is a lot to be learnt.

volunteer testimony Anna

- Anna Avataneo,

Italy, Volunteered in Kenya Medical Project

My volunteering assignment has been a humbling and wonderful experience!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

volunteer testimony charity

- Charity Mcdonald,

Canada, Volunteered in Nepal Monastery

In our journey of more than 9 years, we hosted and enrolled hundreds of volunteers. All the good reviews from our previous participants say it all.

volunteer fdip - Volunteer Reviews

group volunteer

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