Our 10th Anniversary Special: We Celebrate Compassion & Care for People & Planet in Year 2024

Our 10th Anniversary Special: We Celebrate Compassion & Care for People & Planet in Year 2024

Last Updated: January 9, 2024

This year, we Volunteer FDIP team will be reaching our 10th year of journey. This special year we will be celebrating our planet. We would like to remember all our project supporters, copartners, volunteers and communities who believed in us and have been part of our different initiatives across the planet.

From the Himalayan mountains of Nepal to the coasts of Sri Lanka, from Galapagos Island of Ecuador to the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, our volunteers have worked extensively for the wellbeing of this planet.

With the looming threat of climate change and global warming, with the crisis of peace and compassion we brought together the people who are more concerned about the sustainable practices, compassionate and empathetic attitude and friendly nature.

While meeting and working with these people, we Volunteer FDIP team also learned a lot of positive things. Together we built a place where people discuss and practice the environment friendly acts, mindfulness, compassion and shared the passion for humanity.

Our Journey of 10 Years

In 2014 the very inception of Volunteer FDIP began. A group of friends and travel enthusiasts had an idea of starting a platform where all the explorers and humanitarian souls could come together to embark into a spiritual journey of volunteering abroad.

In 2015, the country Nepal was deadly hit by earthquake and people of that country needed the volunteers and helpers from around the world. That year Volunteer FDIP received requests from the people from around the world and we had our first 2 participants from UK. After that volunteers from Singapore, Portugal, USA and different part of the worlds, our journey started getting it’s pace.

Over the past 10 years we have enrolled hundreds of volunteers from around the world in different projects from Buddhist Monastery teaching in Nepal to wildlife conservation in Kenya, from Childcare volunteering in Sri Lanka to marine conservation in Galapagos , Ecuador.

Our participants have experienced life changing journey Since 2014. From trekking through the trying trails to relaxing in the beaches of Costa Rica. From amazement of Machu Picchu of Peru to meeting lovely people in Guatemala, our projects always provided experience of lifetime to the people.

What We Did So Far?

From the starting day of Volunteer FDIP, we have extensively focused our efforts to provide memorable humanitarian trips to the people around the world. So far we have enrolled the volunteers from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Netherlands, Newzealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, Turkey, Portugal, Israel, Mexico, Chili and we hope the journey will keep going on and we will be able to enroll the participants from all around the world.

giraffe and rhino captured by our volunteers in asia and africa

Over this 10 years we have helped the communities of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Guatemala, Kenya, Peru, Costa Rica and Ecuador. We hope in the coming years we will be able to provide our volunteering services to more countries and communities.

In our 10 years of journey, we realized that this whole planet and every creature within it are part of same family. We have been to African Grasslands, we have been to Himalayan trails, we have been to Asian forests and we have been to coasts of South America. We heard the roar of African Lions, we beheld the soar of Eagle around Himalayan mountains, we watched a hatchling of sea turtle hatching in Costa Rican coasts. We brought smile in the faces of Buddhist Monks in Nepal, we played with the kids in children home of Sri Lanka, we understood the world of mentally challenged kids in Guatemala. Overall it has been a remarkable journey.

What Will be New in 2024?

So far, our team and volunteers have made impressive achievements in the projects and trips related to meditation, spirituality and mindfulness. Buddhist Monastery programs and meditation trips have been most loved trips by the people around the world so far.

In 2024, we will be launching some new programs like Sustainable Farming and Himalayan Community Volunteer Program. Also, Wildlife and Community Teaching program is expected to get a lot of appreciation. More specifically, in year 2024 we will be focused on the project related to this planet, we will try to enroll people in the activities of sustainability, environment conservation and wildlife protection. This year we will celebrate with planet earth and for the planet earth.

Our Thankful Note of 10th Anniversary

We would like to thank all our volunteers, supporters, communities those we worked with, the host families, tour guides, safari guides, local staffs, drivers, member of local organization and everyone involved in our magnificent journey of 10 years.

The love and appreciation showered upon us, the support from people around the world and kindness of all participants have made this journey possible. We are really grateful for having such souls with positive energy and empathy for the communities in need.

Our Memorable Moments with Volunteers in Last 10 Years

joanna and michelle in health camp

This picture captures the memorable moment of Dr Joanna and her daughter Michelle from Singapore coming to Nepal to help in a Earthquake relief camp of 2015. In the early years of Volunteer FDIP, their participation really added a fuel to our effort.

lammert as superman

This would be one of the most memorable moment for team FDIP. Our volunteer Lammert from Netherlands planned to surprised the monk kids with the outfit of the Superman, kids were super happy that day.

zita smiling with kids in monastery

Another photo with lovely memory, our volunteer Zita from Hungary giving a beautiful smile with the kids in the Buddhist Monastery.

This was another incredible moment for team FDIP. Our volunteer Marina loved the experience in Sri Lanka so much that she left a gift hamper with the lovely thank you note to the host family.

patrick walking with monk kids

Enrolling the Patrick definitely had been one of the most energetic experience for the whole team. His positive energy and openness to any opportunity ahead of him made our activities very meaningful and rewarding.

stephen with the dog in trek trail

Our another very active and enthusiastic participant Stephen, in this picture he is with the dog following him on the Himalayan trail while trekking in the mountains.

margarida smiling with nun kids

In this photo Margarida is sharing beautiful smiles with the nun kids in a nunnery.

david in monastery

David , our very humble volunteer from Australia biding farewell with the monks after his successful completion of volunteering in the Monastery.

lawrence with monk kids in sri lanka

Our volunteer Lawrence teaching in the class. His volunteer work in Sri Lanka will always be remembered with appreciation.

anna volunteering in kenya

In this picture, our volunteer Anna is helping as a volunteer for medical and healthcare in Nairobi, Kenya.

These and other hundreds of volunteers participated in our programs over the last 10 years of Journey. We thank all of them and we wish all the best to them for their future endeavors.

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