Compassion is source of his energy: Story of a Buddhism enthusiast from Australia

Compassion is source of his energy: Story of a Buddhism enthusiast from Australia

Last Updated: December 14, 2023

Today you will explore this story of a travel enthusiast, who explored Buddhist realms and discovered Mindfulness.

David was very enthusiastic from the very first day of his arrival.  The whole Nepal team was amazed to see his positive energy and humility. With ever smiling face and very empathetic gesture, he won the hearts of everyone he met in Nepal.

David’s stay in the Buddhist Monastery

David stayed in a Buddhist Monastery in Kathmandu on his his first week. The monks, kids, local teachers and everyone from Monastery loved his stay. His enrollment in the program added extra energy for everyone involved in the teaching activities.

david on a hike to buddhist temple

David became close friend to fellow volunteers, some of them were from USA, Sweden, Germany and different parts of the world.

Spiritual Trips of Mindfulness

During his stay in Nepal, David explored different parts of Nepal with his fellow volunteers.  His very first hike to Jamacho temple at the Western hill of the valley was something memorable for the FDIP team.

Kind gesture and humility of David was really commendable. He had very inquisitive attitude and even at the age of 58 he was as curious as a kid.

david bid farewell to monks

Age is just a number, and that applies to David very much. In whole trek he was one of the most energetic and excited. His affection for the animals and plants was clearly visible as we could see him picking up the leaves of different plants, grasshoppers and other insect that came across the trail of the hiking.

Compassion you could feel with David

Every time our team members and fellow volunteers were near David they could feel the compassion he possessed.  He always asked and cared about how the person next to him was feeling.

david looking at monkeys in a buddhist temple

Within few days he became very close to the kids of the Monastery. After meeting and working with David we realized that compassion is something you can feel, it's a vibe and an energy which is spread by a compassionate and empathetic person everywhere he visits. 

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