Volunteer in Brazil Program

Volunteer in Brazil Program

Brazil is striving to reach a desirable economic point, its role as an organizer of recent FIFA World Cup and Olympic is an example of that effort. But due to frequent turmoil in the socio political  atmosphere of the country, this world’s fifth most populous country is still struggling for a better life standard of major portion of its population.

As a volunteer in Brazil, you will make some significant contribution to the movements.

Brazil Volunteer programs:

As a volunteer in Brazil, you can choose from the various volunteering opportunities. In this country of unparalleled chances of enjoying the flora and fauna of the Amazon, you can serve the people and communities by signing up for the following programs:

Teaching English

Teaching English in the local schools of the Brazil is one of the most rewarding and fruitful experience for those who possess the interest and skill of teaching. Though Portuguese is the national language, Brazilians also extensively use English in their communication and Education and in this generation of globalization, learning English would bolster the future prospects of the kids in Brazil. If English you Native language, or you have a good command in this language then volunteering as a English teacher in Brazil can a fit for you.

As a English teacher volunteer, you will assist the teachers of the local schools by helping with the daily classes. You can also add a new flavor to their curriculum and teaching methods by introducing some new ideas. Students are in the classes are young brains, they are curious to learn and they feel excited to behold something new. Some volunteer from far abroad can provide them the reason of the curiosity, the enthusiasm of learning. As a volunteer teacher, you will provide them that energy and you will bring back some beautiful memories of that process.

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Sport Program and Football Coaching

Brazil is the land of Footballers, Soccer Players. From football legend Pele to the current heartthrob Neymar, this game has defined the legacy of Brazil for generations. Football is in the spirit of the Brazilians, every football event is celebrated like a great fiesta in this country.

If you acquire the skills of playing Football, if you are enthusiastic to share the tricks and art of this game to the kids of Brazil, you can join our Sport Program and Football Coaching.

Health Awareness Program

There are several health issues in Brazil arising due to the poverty and lack of public health awareness. Childhood mortality, motherhood mortality and death by the transmissible and non-transmissible diseases are bringing up the necessity of major concern for health care and health awareness.

As a volunteer in health awareness program in Brazil, you will join the campaigns designed to eradicate such grave health issue looming around the communities of Brazil.

Environment Program

Global Warming and the Climate Change is the most alarming threat of this century. Amazon Rain Forest holds a major portion of the biosphere of this planet. More than half of the Amazon Rain Forest is in Brazil. Over the past two decades, Brazil has been praised for reducing the deforestation down by eighty percent. This success has global significance both for species conservation and climate regulation.

As a volunteer in environment program in Brazil, you can participate in different campaigns organized for the conservation of environmental and natural elements.

Program Fee

Program fee comprises registration fee of $199 and weekly program fees. Weekly program fees are as listed below:

Weeks Fees
1 week $380
2 weeks $605
3 weeks $855
4 weeks $1,105
5 weeks $1,355
6 weeks $1,605
7 weeks $1,855
8 weeks $2,105
Program fee includes
  • Orientation cost of volunteer
  • Contribution to host family
  • Food and accomodation
  • Emergency support
Program fee excludes
  • Airport pickup (additional $50)
  • Airfares and visa charge
  • Airport Drop
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bevarages extra food and laundry
  • Recreational activities
  • Any other personal needs
  • Daily transportations
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