Environment Conservation Volunteer Program in Brazil

environment coservation brazil

There are numerous environmental projects in Rio, ranging from nature conservation to urban renewal. You can consider working as an environmental volunteer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Volunteering with the environmental program allows you to see firsthand the ecological challenges that Rio faces and make a difference while also witnessing the incredible beauty of the city and parks.

Tijuca National Park and Favela's organic garden

The project includes work in Tijuca National Park and a large community garden in a favela, where they grow nearly every common vegetable in Brazil. The Tijuca National forest is a place where you will work in the tree nursery, preparing trees for planting. Moreover, in the Favela's organic garden, you can grow vegetables and salads alongside local residents. While working in the garden, you can help to provide healthy vegetables to the residents as well as donate fruits to the local crèches. Rio de Janeiro has one of the world's most magnificently contrasting landscapes.

Exploring the faces in Rio

You can support and develop some of the most valuable natural spaces by volunteering for an environmental program. The cascading forests on massive mountains adjacent to a world-class city set it apart. However, this contrast isn't always mutually beneficial, as urban sprawl has harmed many of Rio's prized green spaces.

Support for environment program

As a volunteer for an environmental program you can help to support and develop some of the most precious natural spaces. Moreover, you will also help in a community vegetable garden and experiencing favela life.

Program Fees and Costs

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