Meditation in Birthplace of Buddha: Begin Your Peaceful Journey from Origin of Buddhism

Last Updated: April 4, 2024

A practitioner meditating in birth place of buddha

Photo: A practitioner meditating in birth place of buddha

“When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” This is one of the very few sayings of Buddha which means that, through the practice of meditation and purification of mind one can find eternal happiness and joy in their life. Yes, Welcome to the land of Buddhism, Lumbini, the sacred place of Siddhartha Gautam Budhha.

In this article, we will explore why meditation in and around Lumbini is the best choice for  spiritual journey seekers. Do you want inner peace and happiness? Do you want to learn meditation from experts? Want to explore more about Buddhism? What better place than the birthplace of buddha itself.

Before we start, here are top 5 questions asked by spiritual volunteers about their meditational experience before embarking to Lumbini, Nepal.

  1.  How does meditating in and around the birthplace of Buddha enhance the depth of our spiritual experience?
  2. How do the serene surroundings of Lumbini contribute to a more profound and peaceful meditation experience?
  3. Are there guided meditation sessions available at Lumbini, and how do they help volunteers deepen their practice?
  4. Are there opportunities for volunteers to learn about the historical and cultural significance of Lumbini while meditating there?
  5. How do local monastics or meditation teachers guide volunteers in their meditation practice at Lumbini?

Influence of Buddhism in the modern world

Since young we have been taught how all religions are equal and their motive is all the same. Which is indeed true but the way it shapes people’s mind and their principles is quite different. Buddhism in our perspective is a philosophical guidance to millions of people who follow it. It offers teachings and practices that address the fundamental questions about the existence of nature, suffering and the path to inner peace and liberation. From Buddhist traditions, the practice of meditation has gained a lot of popularity in modern psychology, healthcare, education and workplace settings. This helps people reduce stress, anxiety, depression and improve one’s well-being. Overall, buddhism’s influence in the modern world extends beyond spiritual and religious beliefs, contributing to individual well-being, global peace and social harmony.

Meditation Atmosphere

in lumbini birth place of buddha

Photo: In Lumbini, birth place of buddha

If you are considering a spiritual refuge to the sacred place in Nepal, we suggest Lumbini as the top choice. There are many spiritual venues. Most of the meditation venues in Kathmandu hold certain characteristics and attributes of Buddhism. However, people have different perceptions and visions of the meditation atmosphere of Lumbini and other sacred sites in Kathmandu such as temples and monasteries.

Meditation in the vicinity of stupas and those of monasteries, are mostly guided by Bhikkus or monks. As you plan to join in, your lifestyles could transform together in living with friendliness and harmony. Sitting right before the Statues of Buddha, laying flowers, lighting incense or bowing are traditional Asian ways of expressing gratitude and respect - the beginning of mental purification.

The vibration, energy flow truly exists in monasteries and Lumbini, and have a similar effect to your spirit. You will definitely experience distinct differences in meditation and the general atmosphere at the Buddha Places, as opposed to the public parks or at your home. When you receive guided meditation tips, your awareness will be better and fruitful. We FDIP are confident in saying that the vibrations are real and have effects are stone as you experience of a lifetime in the buddha places, 

When ‘you’ as a volunteer want to join a Buddhist meditation program be sure to choose a quiet and peaceful region or place for your journey. Here we made a comparison, so that you don’t have to.


Room Meditation

Lumbini/Sacred Place Meditation


Easy access, can be practiced at home or a hotel room

Required travel to the sacred places, follow guidelines, requires discipline


Can be personalized for comfort

May have limited control and luxury factors


Potential for household noises, electronic devices

Cultural Rituals, routined meals and practises, less gadgets and communication with others

Spiritual Connections

May lack the deep spiritual connections

Offers a deep and direct connection


Controlled environment

Serene atmosphere with historical and cultural significance

Cultural influence

Minimal cultural influence

Receive direct cultural and dharmic context

Meditation in the Buddha Places v/s Sacred Monastery.

A buddhist temple in kathmandu

Photo: A Buddhist temple in Kathmandu

This is the question many of the volunteers ask. It is a positive and wholesome experience that visiting each place generates. The birth place in Lumbini where Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was born, throughout his life, he continued to guide people in Dhamma. You should take advantage of the wonderful vibration of this land, the peaceful land of Nepal.

A nice way to spend your days in Lumbini is to go by foot. You can sit in the sacred garden and feel the peaceful heaven. The atmosphere is charged with positive vibrations. One can feel purity in every Mahabihars. For centuries, locals have worshiped, and continue to worship this land - the signs of a pilgrim's devotion.  The important tip here you can reflect is the vast empathy that the Buddha and his teaching developed after life - the sacrifice, the selflessness by abandoning his family and material possessions. Everyone who visits the Lumbini, has developed a calmness. Amidst the fantastic temples and bihars, there are meditation centers to sign-in to. You can calm yourself and meditate to eliminate your deep-rooted “Sankhara” - refers to mental dispositions that are the result of past volitions and cause future volitions.

As in the most sacred place on the Lumbini, Buddhist disciples have built Monasteries Kathmandu to honor the Buddha. The monasteries are worth visiting for its own significance, artistically carved, beautiful woodwork in the doorways and, sacredly established statues and colorful murals depicting the past lives welcoming Budhha. Many monasteries offer meditation packages and dhamma lectures. You can join in during prayers and ceremonies and witness the rituals of a lifetime. During the course, you will receive high quality instruction on meditation, designed as per your practice levels. It can be short or long term, all focus on your personal needs.

There are traditional meditation retreats which are ideal destinations for beginner and advanced meditation practitioners. Let us know if you are prepared for this. We hope our information is giving you answers and convincing you for your meditative journey. FDIP has many unique meditation campaigns at Lumbini and in Kathmandu, that you might be interested in to volunteer. Make sure to check them out and also the reviews. Our meditation campaigns are sure to make your spiritual journey fulfilling and fruitful. Have a great day.

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