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Volunteer for Ukraine: Possible Ways to Help the Country Amid the Crisis Caused by Russian Invasion

Last Updated: March 09, 2022

Volunteer for Ukraine: Possible Ways to Help the Country Amid the Crisis Caused by Russian Invasion

The Russian military began invading Ukraine on February 24th , 2022. The invasion is causing human suffering in the country and Ukrainian people are seeking help from the global community.

Many civilians are being killed everyday in the attacks and residents are seeking shelter for safety. Many people had to flee the country for their safety. It’s a moment of crisis for the Ukrainian people and together we can help them.

Here are some of the ways we help the people of Ukraine.

Global Giving

WIth global giving crisis relief fund all the donation will be used to help the humanitarian assistance for the affected areas of Ukraine.

International Medical Corps

The team of International Medical Corps in Ukraine are helping with expanding medical access and psychological health services for the affected people of Ukraine.


Airbnb started a campaign to help the people in Ukraine. People are booking the room of the Ukrainian hosts to support them financially.

Save the Children Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

You can help the children of Ukraine who are at risk of physical and mental harm. By donating in this Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund , you can provide your support for the Ukranian kids in need of help.

Urgent Action Fund

It is one of the Ukraine support initiatives recommended by the Obama Foundation. To address the women’s and gender rights affected by the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the Urgent Action Fund has made urgent call to action to help Ukraine. You can donate to this cause and help the women in Ukraine.

What Can We Do Right Now to Help Ukraine?

We all know that war makes the situation complicated. For those who wish to help the people of Ukraine, its very difficult to reach out to the Ukrainian people with our helping hands. But that being said, there are always ways to do good deeds. Here are some of the ways we can help people of Ukraine right now:

Financial Donation For Ukraine

The first effect of the war is reflected upon the economy of Ukraine and people are facing financial scarcity. We can help them by donating any possible amount we can. You can donate to Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and other institutions doing their job effectively to help Ukraine.

Donation for the Food and Clothes 

Food crisis is another problem for the war ridden Ukraine. You can help reduce this problem by donating to the World Food Programme.

Raise Your Voice in Support of Ukrainian People

Through social media or by joining any social events, you can raise your voice for this war to stop so that innocent people would not lose their lives anymore. #StandForUkraine is trending in twitter, it should be resonated everywhere in the air, until peace is implemented. Ultimately, peace is the only solution to this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I help Ukraine in person?

You can help in person by making some financial donation through trusted institutions working to help Ukraine. You can raise your voice via social media, you can appeal or make a petition to your government to make some effort to help Ukraine.

How to support Ukraine from USA?

As a US Citizen your can appeal to the US government to make some initiative for peace process between Ukraine and Russia. You can donate online for the financial support.

How to support Ukraine from UK?

You can support Ukraine from the UK. You can make donations to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. You can request the global leaders to initiate the peace process.

How can I help Ukraine from Europe?

Peace in Ukraine is really crucial for Europe too, you can make appeal so that European Union can make initiative for peace process. In person you make donations and join other supportive initiatives in Europe.

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