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Volunteer in Europe: Volunteer and Travel Opportunities in Croatia, Spain, Italy & Portugal

Last Updated: February 02, 2022

Program fee as low as 250€/Week

Volunteer in Europe: Volunteer and Travel Opportunities in Croatia, Spain, Italy & Portugal

Despite the second smallest continent in the world, Europe provides an abundance of cultural diversities and ways of living. Europe consists of fifty sovereign states politically bordered by the Arctic ocean, Atlantic ocean, Mediterranean sea and Asia. Europe accumulates most of the world's beautiful and most visited countries in the world like France, Italy, Germany, Spain, etc. Being one of the richest regions in the world, some parts of Europe are also facing problems like food crises and poverty. Rising environmental degradation creates extinction of different habitats and wild lives in Europe. Different countries of Europe are still backward in the race of development and people are facing food crises and education problems there.

To comfort the unprivileged people in Europe, we have organized numerous volunteer programs in different countries in Europe. From Youth support to food rescue, animal care to marine conservation, interested kind-hearted people can collaborate with us to bring change to the world and make a difference.

Available European Voluntary Services Projects

Volunteering for the betterment of the world doesn't only change the face of the world but also creates inner peace within people. The core of happiness can only be acquired by giving and helping others. Positive work by people creates positive change and development in them.

You can collaborate with us for different campaigns to contribute to life-changing programs by dealing with people and nature very closely available in Europe. The special volunteering programs that you can cope with us in different countries in Europe are as follow:

Youth Support

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Education is light in the darkness which can brighten people's future. The development of the country is mainly based on the rate of literate people there. But even in a developed nation like Spain, Croatia, and Portugal, Children are facing educational problems. The abundance of youth lacks the proper education to accomplish their future goals.

Our volunteer programs in such a place prove a great help for deprived people. Our available programs in Split, Croatia, Barcelona, Spain, and Lisbon, Portugal make access to available help for children in need to provide them a quality education. The different tasks our volunteers organize and perform there provide aid to children and youth to enjoy their fundamental rights. For instance, teaching new cultures and languages, arts and crafts, and numerous sports provide the hope in determination to accomplish the goal. Volunteers successfully influence their life positively and make access to education which gives them tremendous happiness. The support of our volunteers can be a great comfort and aspiration for underprivileged children. 

Special Needs Support

People with disabilities/ differently abled people seek great care and compassion from others. In different countries of Europe, disabilities still represent several adversities. Most disabled people isolate themselves from the outside world because of fear and are deprived of education.

This project is designed to provide care for disabled people by collaborating with local staff and other volunteers. Volunteers assist in caring for children, teenagers, and adults with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities to improve their quality of life. Volunteers aid local staff in specific activities like arts and crafts, physical therapy, exercise, and activities such as swimming or walking with dogs. This project is for caring and compassionate people willing to provide warmth for needed people through their actions by changing the life of needed people.

Volunteer Teaching 

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Teaching is a prestigious profession across the world. Spreading knowledge and skill to people based on different subjects motivates people in the path of the betterment of the world.

These projects aim to provide quality education by communicating with children and people locally. Through this project, our volunteers accord their knowledge, skills, and experience. With collaboration with local centers and schools, volunteer support staff and fill the scarcity of potential teachers. Volunteers can introduce new subjects and be encouraged to organize different programs to create an enthusiastic environment and grant knowledge of different languages and cultures. This project helps to enhance knowledge regarding different sectors from people from different nations with distinct cultures and languages.

Homeless Support

Despite being the richest region, Europe still consists of some countries where there is a vast gap between rich and poor. People in huge numbers are deprived of even daily necessities like food, clothes, and accommodation. There is a lack of economic resources, housing, jobs, people are living a miserable life in the world.

This program is mainly aimed at providing comfort to underprivileged people. Our volunteers dispense the needed resources like food, medicine, and clothing. Volunteers will contribute their efforts in collaboration with local centers. The tasks are based on preparing, cooking, and distributing meals to people in need who have no proper shelter. This program can be a big help for people to support the surviving and enjoy their life. Through this program, we can change the living of homeless people by providing relief, warmth, and comfort to them.

Food Rescue

While most people are suffering from hunger in some places and food is being wasted in some corners. This program helps to act as a mediator to fill the gap. The main purpose is to save excess food and distribute it to people in need.

Our volunteers through different centers recover food in good condition from numerous restaurants, supermarkets, and cafes to distribute to people in need. The major task of our program is collecting excess food from providers and passing it to underprivileged families and homeless people with proper packaging and storage. Food rescue programs will be a great contribution to saving food waste and solving the problem of hunger in the world. 

Creative Technologies

This program focused on the upliftment of those areas of non-profit organizations for achievement of their goal. The major motive of this program is to work for those organizations in unprivileged areas and organize a successful campaign by collaborating with local teams with proper implementation of creative knowledge and skills of volunteers. 

Volunteers with experience in website development, illustration, marketing and communication, graphic design, videography, or photography can support the project for local development.

Volunteers with knowledge in the specific field assist numerous non-profit organizations to achieve goals. Volunteers help to amplify the pieces of information and awareness of the organization among people. Volunteers with creative knowledge like website developers, Graphic design professionals, videographers can promote the organization's motto and objective with wide market coverage. Volunteer involvement in different charitable activities with proper utilization of their skills and techniques in the respective field helps non-profit organizations to get the desired results. Volunteer's involvement in tasks like recording activities, photography of community members, creation of infographics, brochures, posters, animations, and announcements for organizations provide proper flows of motives that the organization tries to convey. It provides exposure for volunteers as well as support organizations to reach the target audience for the change of the world.

Marine Conservation

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Marine pollution is a major rising problem in the world. The harmful wastage from land is directly transferred to the sea and ocean by humans which results in the extinction of marine life.

Our marine conservation program aimed to sanitize the sea and ocean. Volunteers with special skills and techniques of swimming assist in underwater clean-up for the protection of marine habitation and the ecosystem. Volunteers contribute not only to marine life but also to the balance of the ecosystem in the world. For this program, volunteers gain proper training and full scuba equipment from an experienced instructor before engaging on tasks. This project works in collaboration with local diving skills and under the supervision of an experienced dive instructor. Through this program, volunteers take part in solving global challenges by contributing on promoting marine life conservation. This program makes the world a better place for living for all creatures.

Wolf Conservation

This program focused on the conservation of wildlife. Volunteers will contribute their time and efforts to save wolves from their extinction. Volunteers will assist the local conservation centers with animal feeding, checking water, maintenance of infrastructure, observing the health of wolves, fire prevention, cleaning of forests etc. 

Volunteers will get a chance to experience amazing staying in wooden houses and gain proper guidance from the staff. People with caring behavior and concern for wildlife conservation can cooperate with our program to contribute to saving wolves for nature conservation. This project is open for all the months except for December and January with pre-booking.

Inclusive Agriculture

It is difficult to find organic food these times. People are using a large number of chemicals to grow crops in large quantities which results in degradation in the quality of the soil. Due to a lack of intellectual and trained people in the field of agriculture, often results are not what we wished for. The motive of this program is to organize different agriculture programs to promote organic and agro-ecosystem agriculture in collaboration with non-profit local organizations through training and developing skills.

Under this program, volunteers will assist daily tasks of non-profit local host centers. Volunteers will get a chance to be involved in numerous currently needed tasks like planting, weeding, harvesting, ground covering, or watering. With proper supervision of trained staff, volunteers will perform such beneficial activities. Through these programs, volunteers get a chance to enhance their knowledge based on producing baskets composition, product storage in boxes, and on shelves and labeling. Volunteer's these kinds of activities directly contribute to fighting against climate change problems by encouraging authentic ways of agriculture.

Animal Care

This program supports providing a living for homeless animals. The number of abandoned animals is increasing daily and providing shelter for those animals is the great motive of our program. This program helps to spread awareness to people for the adoption of those animals.

Volunteer's major task under this project is to assist animals with bathing and brushing, feeding them, cleaning their shelter, etc. They can provide company to the animal to play with them and socialize with them. Mostly abandoned animals are cats and dogs, it will be a duty for a volunteer to notice their vaccination. These tasks of volunteers emerge a feeling of belongingness to animals and provide the proper hygienic shelter with proper care and compassion. Volunteers can also organize different campaigns to promote shelter for abandoned animals and encourage people to adopt different social media and photography. This program can help to provide new life for the animals with proper living.

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