Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Retreats Near Me in Canada for 2024

Find the Top Meditation & Spiritual Retreats and Vacation or Weekend Gateaways of 2024 in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Other Provinces

Last Updated: January 31, 2024

Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Retreats Near Me in Canada for 2024

Canada is known for scenic beauty, it is undoubtedly blessed with majestic portions of this planet. Canada is liked by visitors because of its diverse geography, friendly people and multicultural heterogeneity.

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With majestic Rocky Mountains and mystical Niagara Falls, Canada not only have the soothing view to offer you for the eyes, but also the peaceful moment for your soul. A country known for people being concerned for the personal well-being, a place of multiculturalism and a nation with a wide range of spiritual and cultural traditions, Canada is definitely an ultimate destination for those who are looking for meditation and spiritual retreats.

Meditation Retreats Near You in Ontario

Ontario is a province of natural attractions, a place of waterfalls, forests and river islands. A homeland of the majestic city Toronto, Ontario definitely has a lot to offer to the meditation lovers. Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre, Springwater Center, Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre and many other retreats are very welcoming with the beauty of nature, where you will feel like your home away from home , you will love going there  for yoga retreats and meditation and spiritual retreats.

Meditation Retreats Quebec

A historically and culturally rich province in Eastern Canada, Quebec is famous for its  well-preserved architectures and heritages. Apart from culture, Quebec has a lot to offer to the seekers of meditation and mindfulness. Tushita Buddhist Center, Méditation Raja Yoga Brahma Kumaris, Centre Zen De Quebec, Center Spirituality Des Ursulines and many other retreats in Quebec are offering you that moment of peace that you always seek for.

Meditation Retreats Near Me British Columbia

A province admired for natural beauty and diverse cultures. British Columbia is the homeland of beautiful cities like Vancouver. Anuttara Ashram, Self Realization Sevalight Centre for Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling, Rivendell Retreat Ctr, Vancouver Island Vipassana Association, Dhamma Modana and many other retreats will bring you back to your true nature and you will find peace through meditation and the beautiful landscapes that surrounded these centre.

Near You Meditation & Spiritual Retreats in Alberta

If you are looking for unique cultural experiences, Alberta has the places. This province is also a remarkable destination for the meditation loversAlberta Insight Meditation Centre (AIM Centre),  Clear Sky Meditation and Study Center, Edmonton Shambhala Center, Westlock Meditation Center and many other retreats offer your group retreats, personal retreats and workshops with opportunities to work with your minds and hearts through meditation.

Meditation Retreats Manitoba

An attraction of central Canada, Manitobal is a province of forests, cultural diversities, mountains and national parks. In Manitoba you can find several retreats like Aromansse Aromatherapy and Meditation, Buddha Meditation Centre Winnipeg, Light of the Prairies Retreat Centre and The Art of Living Winnipeg that can offer your meditation , mindfulness and stress-elimination programs with  relaxation , offering your accommodating and friendly environment.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do I choose a meditation and spiritual retreat in Canada?

To choose a meditation and spiritual retreat in Canada you have to decide your budget, location, length of stay and most importantly what are you seeking from this retreat experience.

What happens at a meditation and spiritual retreat in Canada?

The activities in meditation and spiritual retreats may differ depending on which retreat you join. Normally yoga, meditation, natural walk, silence meditation, group session etc happen in a retreat.

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