11 Ways Teaching Abroad Can Harness Your Teaching Skills

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

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Are you trying to reach the next level of your teaching experience? Have you been struggling to hone your teaching skills? If teaching is your passion more than a profession, you should be looking for new ways to add some dimensions to develop your teaching methods.

One can be a better teacher if s/he is a good learner. Your curiosity to learn can mould your skills of teaching. The best source of harnessing your curiosity is to travel and teach abroad.

Here are few ways travelling abroad can enhance the teaching skills:

International work experience

Teaching abroad provides you the offer to gain the experience of international work. It is a chance to experience the international teaching method. Today is the time of globalization, so for any profession it is essential to be capable of communicating comfortably with the people from around the word. Teaching abroad can fulfill that gap of your teaching aspect. For example, English is one of the globally accepted language and if you are from the one side of the world where English is the first language, then teaching English abroad can be really helpful for the other side of the world. By contributing your very elemental language skill you can gain this international work experience.

Makes You Different From Others

Suppose it is your job interview day. You are in a waiting room with the hope of selection to be a future teacher. There will be other applicants too, with the same expectations and with the same hopes. At that moment your uniqueness with be a game player, the interviewers will be looking the factors that sets you apart from your competitors. If you have volunteer teaching experience in some mountainous village of Nepal or educational contribution to some tribal communities of Kenya, then of course that will keep you way ahead of your competitors for the selection of is teaching job.

Tests Your Willingness to Adapt New Environment and Culture

Your ability to be close and familiar to your apprentices also plays a major role in the teaching job. If you are confined in your comfort zone, it will be hard for you to deliver what you want in the classes. Teaching abroad can be a medium to gain that confidence and to get out of that comfort zone. When you are away from home to another corner of the world, teaching someone you have never met before in the place that you have never been before. Definitely this opportunity will test the extent of your adaptability for this new world , your comfort level to accept this new culture. Once you reach that limit of your confidence, you will return home as a new person, your self esteem would be soaring up and you will deliver your classes more confidently as ever.

Interesting Stories to Share with Students

If you want to be a good teacher, you should be able to think as a student. Students cannot go along with the teachers they don't find interesting. If you have loads of interesting stories to share which are relevant to your teaching curriculum, that will be a major player in this battle of attention against ignorance. Interesting stories comes up with the interesting experiences and teaching abroad can get you there. Suppose you are teaching the effect of altitude in oxygen level, meanwhile you share your experience of breathing difficulty while going for the Mount Everest Base camp trek during your teaching abroad program in Nepal that will out stand you from any regular teacher lecturing about altitude-O2 ratio.

Recharges You to  Enjoy Your Job and Yourself

If you are in a regular teaching job from a long time, at some point, there are chances you might find it repetitive, tedious and to some extent boring. But this will be the case for any job in the world. The solution to this problem would be to do the same job in different way. Going to a new place, delivering the classes in front of new faces and exploring a new world in the weekend breaks. Do it for several weeks and that will definitely recharge your esteem and will prepare you to continue the same job back home, but this time you will feel different for it.

Enriches Your Independent Thinking and Imagination Power

volunteer teaching abroad improving skills

Teaching is also about being innovative. An innovative attitude and thinking can not be achieved overnight , it is the result of your day to day life experience. If you experience something new , you start craving for something newer and gradually this starts becoming your habit and you become free of restrained thinking , an innovative nature grows inside you and you will be independent thinker which is very essential to be good learner and eventually a good teacher as well. Hence joining some teaching abroad programs can bring you to that level of inspiration to be a independent thinker.

Sharpens the Understanding of Differences Among People

One of the major problem in teaching process is to establish a harmonic relationship between the teachers and students. It happens because of the generation gap. Teachers and students are normally from different generations and it is possible that there can exist the difference in the thought processes. As teachers are seniors and more responsible in this case, its more up to them on how to deal with such situation. If you travel new places, meet new people, communicate with people from different cultures, you will be more flexible to different cultures and different thinking levels. This will lead you to be someone capable of dealing with different individuals with different opinion. If you have gone through various cultural shocks then understanding and resolving the conflict of thought processes among the students won’t be a big deal for you, which will ultimately lead you to be more flexible and appreciable teacher.

Provides Chances to Meet Peers

There are many people in the world who resemble with your situation, thinking and feelings. If you travel with a purpose there is high possibility you will meet with such likeminded people. Sometimes for you, best people in the world are people like you. You will have close communication with them; you will share your experiences and learn from them. This is in a way chance to see yourself through the eyes of others. If your are traveling abroad as a teacher, you will meet with other people with teaching abroad experiences. Sharing your experiences and hearing theirs can be a lifetime opportunity to learn about the teaching methods around the world.

Brings You Close to Philanthropic and Humanitarian Work

In most of the cases, teaching abroad is a volunteer work. Many volunteer and travel abroad organizations around the world request for the skilled teachers to share their teaching skills in some remote and underprivileged corners of the world. If you join such project as volunteer teacher, it will add up some new experience and will provide you the opportunity to be a part of philanthropic work at the same time. World always extends deep respect for the altruists and you will deserve the same reaction from your institution, co-workers and students.

Expands Your Horizon

It is a generation of global economy. You cannot limit your job opportunity within an confined location. Its always better to look for the opportunities in different locations , in different states and also in different countries. In many fields now it is advisable to acquire the skills which are globally acceptable, and teaching field is no exception. If you have joined several teaching abroad programs , it will definitely make you familiar with the teaching process and methods in different part of the globe, which will eventually lead you to be the globally acceptable teacher. So teach English or mathematics or any subjects overseas, it will definitely expand your horizon.

Shines Your Resume

All the points explained above will ultimately out stand you from the bunch of teachers around you. If you add the teaching abroad experience in your resume that will definitely add up a shining golden star in it. Your teaching abroad experience either as a profession or volunteer teacher abroad will bolster the unique quality of your resume.

There are copious reason why teaching abroad is always a good go to uplift your lifestyle, attitude, personality and career, these are only few shortlisted from them. So, if you are planning to teach abroad as a professional or just as a volunteer, then go for it. To be a volunteer and travel abroad teacher you don't have to be a professional expert, your willingness to serve others and your ability to share knowledge in any academic discipline will suffice.

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