Volunteer Teaching English Abroad Programs and Overseas Opportunities for 2024

Last Updated: January 6, 2024

Volunteer Teaching English Abroad

Are you looking for an opportunity that allows you to travel abroad and participate in volunteer teaching english abroad programs simultaneously?

If you love traveling and want to utilize your precious time to help others by sharing the invaluable knowledge you possess; teaching abroad program is perfect for you! As a part of such programs, you get to travel to many exotic countries and, in the meantime, establish some memorable and worthy moments utilizing your skills.

Participating in a teaching abroad is a medium for your exposure to the real world. While gaining this life changing experience, you can hone your teaching prowess and help the unknown corner of the world.

There are different types of teaching abroad programs but more or less they share the same motive; that is to help others learn. In this concise integrated capsule about teaching abroad programs, we will explain you all the dimensions of a teaching overseas opportunities available around the world.   Lets us take a brief look at all the available teach english abroad programs.

Volunteer Teaching Abroad

Volunteer programs for teaching overseas is perhaps one of the most meaningful and appreciated projects offered by different organizations worldwide. Not only do you get to participate in the ESL (English as a secondary language) conservation classes as a volunteer, but also help with the math, science and other courses including teaching computer skills.

It is more than just a teaching program as such projects are directed towards helping the underprivileged children who strive to create a better future for them. You can either be a college graduate, a retiree with teaching experience, a professional in the teaching field, or just somebody with a passion for helping others, to participate in such teach english abroad programs.

Volunteering as a teacher abroad will transcend your ability to teach. This is a unique process to add up different spectrums to your interest in teaching and learning.

Paid Teaching Abroad

Unlike volunteer teaching abroad programs, which offer you with personal satisfaction; paid teaching projects are a lucrative gig. You can trade your knowledge with handsome salary and incentives in such projects which help you take care of your expenses while traveling abroad

There are many such countries and organizations that look out for dedicated and competent individuals for appropriate placements. Usually, teaching jobs in Asian and Middle Eastern countries are known to offer highly impressive wages. But the amount that you get paid also depends on your qualification and expertise.

You can work as a paid teacher abroad with different opportunities, namely, working as a Mathematics teacher in Nepal or India, teaching English in China and teaching science to the kids of Africa.

TEFL Program

Teaching English as a foreign language, TEFL programs are specifically designed to help all the prospective teachers who are interested to pursue their career with international employment.

The program helps you acquire TEFL certification which in return allows you to go overseas and teach students of the country where English isn’t the primary language. People with TEFL certification are supposed to teach English as an academic subject and should have sound understanding and fluency related to reading, speaking, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.

TESOL Program

Teaching English to speakers of other languages, TESOL is a similar program to that of TEFL. However, it is generally recommended for teachers willing to help the non-native English speakers residing in an English speaking nation to learn English.

Basically, in this program teachers are expected to help the learners use English in their daily life to communicate during their stay in the English speaking country. Everything from basic communication at the restaurants and shops to interviewing for jobs is taught in such programs.

Popular Teaching Abroad and TEFL Program Providers

Maximo Nivel :

Maximo Nivel is a renowned organization that has been offering unmatched, affordable, and qualitative volunteer teaching abroad programs for nearly one and a half decade long. They specialize mostly in programs like international internships, volunteer and travel abroad Spanish immersion, TEFL certification, and a few others.

Talking about TEFL certification program, you need to fulfill certain criteria to be a part of it. First and foremost you should at least be 18 years or older. Next, you have to be prepared academically for undertaking university-level work. Similarly, being proficient at writing and speaking is a must. You also will require being able to possess a university-level English writing skill. And lastly, familiarity with using computers, software related to word processing, and internet is equally important.

Maximo Nivel offers the volunteer teaching and TEFL opportunities in different Latin American Countries, such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru.

Plan My Gap Year :

An award-winning volunteer travel organization, founded by volunteers for volunteers, Plan My Gap Year works across 17 different countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. They have a full-fledged team in the United Kingdom and all the other host countries to support and help you throughout your time with them.

It offers well-structured, meaningful, rewarding and safe teaching volunteer and travel abroad projects in 16 different countries including Bali, Ecuador, Peru, Tanzania, Madagascar and more. The teaching project starts on two specific dates each month, throughout the year. Moreover, the project ranges from 1 to 24 weeks allowing you to volunteer for your desired duration.

Enjoy the various teaching overseas programs offered by Plan My Gap Year in different part of the world, including the amazing destinations of Africa, Asia and the Pacific and South America such as Ghana, Nepal and Peru.

Projects Abroad:

Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad, with over 25 years of experience, is the world’s leading international volunteering organization now. Its headquarters is in the UK with projects and offices in more than 50 countries around the world. It has already helped over 100,000 volunteers in sharing their passion and skills to make a positive impact in the lives of people in need.

Considering their global reach, Projects Abroad offers a rewarding teaching program in countries over Europe, Latin America, South Pacific, Asia, and Africa. As a part of their volunteer teaching abroad project you will get to either assist the local teachers in the school or lead your own classes. So embark on the interesting teaching abroad projects offered by this project from Himalayan corner of Nepal to the southern plain of India or from the Peruvian highlands to the African grasslands.  

ELI Abroad

Experimental Learning International, ELI is a non-profit making company that creates interns and volunteer opportunities for people who seek for beyond the ordinary travel experience. Since its inception in 2001, it has served thousands of participants by providing an amazing and different set of programs. The name of the organization itself reflects their philosophy of believing that a significant life lesson can be achieved through experience.

The volunteering program in ELI Abroad is designed for people from 18 to 82 years of age. They team up with their partner organizations situated all around the world and provide volunteer teaching abroad programs in 24 different countries that deliver a meaningful experience at a reasonable price. Any profits made from this program are contributed back to the charitable cause and to support their own programs.

Experience the awe inspiring teaching abroad opportunities provided by the ELI Abroad in the extensive location of Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Including the sea shores of South Africa to the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal.

International TEFL and TESOL Training:

International TEFL and TESOL Training is a renowned organization that offers highly qualitative online TEFL courses for certification, advance TEFL diploma courses, and 4 weeks in-class TEFL courses. Their programs are designed in order to help meet all the personal learning styles and preferences.

You can avail all three courses individually or make the most out of their great value course packages.  Other than that, this organization also offers a professional package that incorporates all three courses including a 250-hour TESOL diploma course. Upon completion of the training and acquiring their internationally recognized certification you will be fully fledged to work with overseas teaching program.

Benefits of Teaching Abroad Programs

There are innumerable benefits of working as an English teacher for teaching abroad programs. Listed down below are some of the major benefits that you can attain by participating to help others.

Whether it is about volunteering as a teacher in some remote Asian countries or joining a inter language exchange program in sophisticated areas of Europe. Teaching overseas always offers you load of advantages.

Gain Valuable Work Experience

The more you put your skills and knowledge to practical use, the more you get good at it. Thus by participating in the teaching abroad program, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to attain an exceptional experience and hone your skills. Also, there is an increasing demand for experienced employees all around the world. Therefore, with the background of working abroad as a teacher, you experience will be highly valued. Therefore, participating in a teaching abroad program can be a great way of harnessing your experience as a teacher.

Helps You Boost Your Career

The more experience that you can acquire working in the teaching English overseas program, the better off you will be moving forward with your career. Every organization values an individual with good knowledge and expertise related to the job they offer. Hence, acquiring an experience certificate of working in the foreign country augments your chance of getting rewarding jobs. If you are perusing your career as a teacher, of course teaching overseas will provide you to a pathway to enrich that career. Besides that, if you are from any other profession, you can also join the Teaching English Volunteer Project in the countries for which English an essential second language. With the contribution of language knowledge, you can boost your self esteem and communications skills, which is definitely useful to bolster any career.   

Helps You Built Valuable Networking

Not only will you acquire hands-on experience through participating in an English teaching abroad programs , but you also get an opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds from all over the world. By utilizing such opportunities you can build some personal and professional connections that can be very useful career-wise. Meeting the people from different corners of the world, with the similar career objectives and goals can provide you the opportunity to build up a network of likeminded individuals. Volunteering, interning or working as teacher abroad can be a gateway for that opportunity.

Get Paid While Traveling The World

This is insanely interesting side of a teach english abroad program. Teaching in the daytime and exploring the city in the evening or going for a short trip in the weekend breaks can provide you the chance to travel around a new place. The cost of living and traveling abroad will definitely cost you some bucks. But you need not worry as teaching abroad programs can be one of the great ways to take care of your traveling expenses. Since there are multiple organizations offering paid teaching programs all you need to do is manage some time out of your traveling schedule and participate in such programs.

Make A Life-Changing Impact On The Lives Of People In Need

Education is considered the greatest of wealth in today’s world; however, many people are deprived of it due to various unfortunate reasons. So, by offering education to those underprivileged people, you will enable them to create a bright future. With your modest help, they can achieve their goals and change their life for good.  For an example, in Nepal, English is a second language, but for professional growth and success, this language plays the primary role. Volunteering by a native English speaker can dramatically change the lives of the kids in Nepal.

Volunteer Teaching English Abroad Programs and Overseas Opportunities

Who Can Do Volunteer Teaching English Abroad

Wondering about the requirements that make you eligible to participate in teaching abroad programs? Well, this is something that anyone and everyone can be a part of. Whether you are a professional in this field, or just somebody with a passion and drive to help others; such projects will be more than happy to welcome you be a part of it.

Also, if you are a travel enthusiast who wants to make the most of your time contributing to a noble deed, or you are somebody who is looking forward to pursuing a career in teaching and wants some valuable working experience under your sleeves; participating in teaching abroad programs is just the right choice for you.

All you need is to be fluent in English and have a positive outlook towards helping others learn the language and create a better future for them. It is in a way helping others and a help will always be appreciated. Therefore, from a experienced teaching professionals to native English speaker full of motives of helping though without any prior teaching experience, are welcomed to participate in the various teaching abroad program around the world.

Where Can You Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad is an globally demanded opportunity. One can participate as a teacher abroad in any corner of the world. Depending on the nature of your teaching overseas interest you can select the teaching locations. For an instance, if you are very good at teaching English, you will be highly demanded in the schools of the China as a paid teacher. However if you have just basic English speaking ability but you acquire knowledge on Mathematics and Science, you will be really appreciated as a volunteer teachers in the schools and childcare centers of the countries like Nepal. Many spirituality seekers exchanges their English communication skills in the monasteries of Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal, this is also one of the unique and rewarding aspects of teaching abroad.

So there is no specific location limits to constraint your ability of sharing teaching skills. Either as a paid professional or as a volunteer serving the people overseas, you can make your dream to join teaching english abroad programs come true at any civilized corner of this planet.

How To Pick Best Teaching English Abroad Programs

A simple internet search will provide you with copious options of teaching overseas. It depends on you and your research on how to make a best selection that can give you a most rewarding working abroad experience. It is very crucial to identify and pick an organization that can offer you the meaningful output of your time and effort. Before choosing any teaching abroad program, it is essential to determine followings:

  • History of the organization providing the teaching overseas program
  • Reviews of previous volunteers or interns as teacher abroad
  • Project location and accommodation
  • Impact of project participation
  • Project cost and its reasonability  

Beautiful Sides of Teaching English abroad and Being a Teacher as Traveller

volunteer teaching english abroad

Are you a keen educator and trying to explore the world at the same time ? Are you a believer that teaching is also a never ending process of learning? Traveling abroad is the best way to open up that window of the world and get the insights of worldly facts.

If you are willing to hone your teaching skills , the first thing you are going to develop is your communications skills. And traveling abroad is that window of opportunity to interact with the world. An avid traveler is always good at communicating with the people around regardless of the language , culture and geography. By participating in teaching abroad programs , you can enhance your personality as a teacher and your teaching skills.

Why is being a traveling teacher to teach english abroad an opportunity of a lifetime?

Exploring the world while you are doing your job, enjoying the experience of new places and new culture while making some contribution of your skills and knowledge to the people of the new community. This would be a worthwhile moment of exploring and teaching all together. Here are some benefits of traveling while teaching and vice versa. You can teach english abroad or teach in child care centers and monasteries to have the experience of a lifetime.

Teaching Abroad Boosts Your Teaching Enthusiasm

Teaching is all about delivering the knowledge and your deliberation will be more efficient if the person teaching is full of enthusiasm and energy. It is scientifically proven that traveling to new places ignites our nerves and keeps us more energized. So, if you are teaching while traveling you will be delivering more than you normally do. Joining a volunteer teaching abroad yet further amplifies your energy for teaching.

Teach Abroad and Develop the Perspective for the World and Share To Students

Teachers who have travelled abroad while teaching will have a broader perspective of the world. Which will definitely be reflected in their teaching methods and students will feel it and they will have a different experience of learning.

Volunteer Abroad to Teach and Share Your Knowledge Through Teaching Skills

Teaching abroad can provide you the opportunity to serve the people in need . You can share all the knowledge you have acquired through your teaching skills. Be it a teach english abroad program or some interactive class program, your teaching skills will bolster the future of the kids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What qualifications do you need to teach abroad?

Depending on the destination and project you decide to pick you will need different qualifications to teach abroad. For some of the projects you might need to be ESL certified, but for some if your native language is english that would suffice. 

Can you volunteer teach English?

Yes definitely, for many schools across the world English language is also part of the curriculum in the classes . Therefore, you can volunteer as an English teacher in the classes of local schools.

What is voluntary teaching?

Voluntary teaching is contributing your skills and knowledge as a teacher in different institutions across the world.

What countries are in need of English teachers?

There are many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where English is used as a second official language. Those countries need English teachers.

Can I volunteer to teach English as a second language?

Yes you can volunteer to teach English as a second language. If English is a native language in your country, then you can use the English language skills that you have inherited to help the countries where English is used as a second language.

How can I teach English abroad without experience?

Many countries and projects need the enthusiasts who possess the skills and knowledge that they can share with the kids. Regardless of their previous experiences, their energy and motives to help are valued the most and they can volunteer without experience.

Can I volunteer to work in a school?

The local schools in different countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America need volunteers in different sections. You can volunteer in those schools.

Conclusion: Volunteer Teaching English Abroad Programs

Time is precious and so is knowledge! And, what better way can there be to utilize both of it by educating people on your free time traveling abroad?

Based on your interest, passion, experience, and skills you can take on this invaluable opportunity and enhance your career any day. So, if you too are planning on flying abroad, you may as well want to give it a thought and be a part of all of these rewarding programs.

We hope with this Complete Guide To Volunteer Teaching English Abroad in Year 2024, you now have all the insights you needed before deciding to join a teaching volunteer and travel abroad program and embark into that journey of learing and sharing.

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