Best Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs 2023 For College & High School Students

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Best volunteer and travel abroad Programs 2023 For College & High School Students

Student life is very precious. It is about learning, about dreaming of bright future and about looking forward to the prospects in front of us. As a student, we know that sooner we get involved in things, sooner we get a lot better at doing them, which will be based upon the things we learn from our journey.

Volunteering abroad as a College and High School students provides you the opportunities to acknowledge the acts of greatness as real. It gives you the chance to enter to the new world through the window of humanity. As a volunteer and travel abroad, you will be able to estimate the mankind’s capacity to serve others.

Happiness is an emotional response to outcome, joy is the feeling that we have from what we do, and, overseas volunteering can put you in those moments of joy and happiness. It is essential for students to know the real meaning of achievement and success. It is important for them to have the reasonable aspirations, the aspirations which would in some way contribute to the welfare of the humanity.

Best High School And College Students volunteer and travel abroad Programs To Pick From

There are multitudes of overseas volunteering opportunities for the college and high school students. You can pick your field of interest which would make your experience of volunteering something more rewarding and more worthwhile.

Here are some of the volunteering program we would suggest for college and high school students:

Monk Teaching Volunteering In Sri Lanka

Volunteering in Monk Teaching programs is Sri Lanka, a pristine island of Indian Ocean is a doorway to world of peace and compassion. Your experience of monastery volunteering in this jewel land of Asia would definitely leave you awe inspired with some of your great moments with the abundant natural heritages, wild lives and cultural sites.

Childcare Volunteer In Nepal

Participating in a childcare volunteer program in Nepal is both rewarding and aesthetic experience. Resting beneath the shadow of Himalayan Mountains, Nepal still has the beauty of untouched natural vista and primordial village lives. While working in a childcare volunteer program you will be sharing your care, knowledge and efforts for the welfare of the disadvantaged kids, and in the free times you can explore the unmatched beauty of this South East Asian gem.

Health Volunteer In Nepal

If you are a medical student, if you are looking forward to hone your understanding of medical science or you are enthusiastic to serve the communities with the medical and healthcare services, then volunteering in Nepal as in health services can be the opportunity to fulfill your dream. Working as a health volunteer in Nepal can open up the window to understand the health problems and methods of diagnosis and treatment in a developing country like Nepal.

Childcare Volunteer In Cambodia

Participating in childcare volunteer program in Cambodia can be both rewarding and enthralling experience. It’s an opportunity of life time to explore this ancient country of Asia Pacific country, while serving with the care and love for the disadvantaged children. Volunteering in childcare centers of Cambodia is about harnessing that human element; it is about learning to be responsible and empathetic. Helping the kids with their education, keeping them aware about health and sanitation and developing their imagination with recreational activities, with all these elements of projects, volunteers can harness the personality of these kids to a new level.

Medical Volunteering Sri Lanka

Medical volunteer program in Sri Lanka is one of the best opportunities for the pre meds, nursing and medical science students. Working as a volunteer in the hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers of Sri Lanka can be a chance to garner and nourish your knowledge of medical science. Spending the free time in calm beaches, this project also would offer you some incredible moments in beautiful Sri Lanka in your weekend breaks.

Volunteer In Nepal Monastery

Volunteering in Nepal monastery is most demanded project for the people of any age group. As a high school or college student, you can also participate in this program to teach the monk kids in the monastery. Volunteering in Buddhist monastery in a cross cultural experience of teaching English to the monk kids of the monastery while learning about love, peace and compassion from them.

Childcare Volunteer In Kenya

Kenya is culturally and naturally blessed country y of Africa, encompassing savannah, Lakeland and mountain highlands. Participating as a childcare volunteer in Kenya can be an experience of lifetime to serve the children in need. As a childcare volunteer, you will be teaching, nurturing and supporting these kids with a happy, healthy and educative life ahead.

Sports Development Volunteering In Ghana

Appeared in qualified rounds of FIFA World Cup Football. The youth of Ghana are very much interested in football and other sports. Participating in sports development volunteering in Ghana is a best program for the high school and college students. Volunteers can share their sport skills and enthusiasm to the kids of Ghana which can develop their ability to play and also sportsmanship

Conservation Volunteer Abroad In Costa Rica

Working as a conservation volunteer and travel abroad in Costa Rica is an opportunity of life time. Costa Rica is a picturesque land of Central America. Known for the mighty rainforest and primordial shores, this land is brimming with biodiversity. But due to increasing urbanization and human population, the sea turtles of Costa Rica are going under risk. Volunteering for sea turtles of Costa Rica can be a way to mitigate this dire situation and save the sea turtles in the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

Volunteer Teaching Abroad In India

India is vibrant country of Asia, known for its multicultural and multi religion ethos. But still this beautiful country is facing the problem of illiteracy and other social problems arising as a byproduct of illiteracy. Working in volunteer teaching abroad program in India can help the communities to get rid of this problem and ensure the socio-economic growth of next generation Indians. Normally the support from the international volunteers as an English teacher is valued with great significance, because, English is one of the official languages of India, and, being proficient in this language is very essential for the academic and professional growth of the students.

Wildlife Volunteer Opportunities Abroad Ecuador

Ecuador is a wildlife reach country of Central America. Comprised o wide range of bio diversity in Amazon Jungle, Andean Highland and Galapagos Island, this country can offer various opportunities to live with and to contribute for the wild lives. Participating in wildlife volunteer program is a chance to experience the wild while contributing for the welfare of the wild animals inhabiting in the Amazon rainforest.

volunteer and travel abroad Program Providers For College & High School Students

There are copious programs and organizations offering the volunteer and travel abroad opportunities for the high school and college students. Selecting some of the best volunteer and travel abroad programs can be tricky for you. Here are some of the programs you might want to check to enroll as a college and high school student volunteer:


International Volunteer HQ aka IVHQ has been providing the volunteering opportunities for anyone across the world including the high school and college students. From sophisticated cities of Barcelona to Serengeti grassland of Tanzania, IVHQ destinations have myriads of options. You can see good international volunteer hq reviews in the internet which make your decision to join this organization as international student volunteers easy.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad provides a wide range of volunteering options, where the high school and college students can choose to volunteer in any of three broad headings are volunteering abroad, interning abroad or exchanging the culture. Several opportunities like archelogy, building, childcare, conservation, sports coaching and teaching are available under the volunteering interest. Similarly, you can intern on business, international development, journalism, law and human rights, medicine and healthcare, microfinance, social work and veterinary medicine and animal care. Under the cultural exchange, you may choose between the cultural exchange or learning a new language. Teen programs and under 18 programs are also available under the umbrella of Project Abroad.

Cross Cultural Solutions

You can choose your program with Cross Cultural Solutions; the available programs are international internships, gap year program, group experiences and volunteer and travel abroad in five different countries that includes Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, Morocco and Peru. As a college or high school student, you can choose the program of your interest at your desired time during summer or winter breaks or in your gap years, if you intend to take so.

African Impact

African Impact has the widest programs of volunteering in Africa meeting your interest to volunteer for the children-in-need to the nature and wildlife conservation. You can find both short term and long term internship opportunities. The organization also offers you with combination of two or more programs, if you are interested to do so. May be it is the right time for your to take a break or a gap and apply to explore the wonder of volunteerism.

In a nutshell: Best volunteer and travel abroad Programs for College & High School Students

Learning the beauty of the differences across the countries is the best way to broaden your social skills and open your horizon of thoughts. As a student, the bookish knowledge can provide you theoretical ideas and assumption based critics, the travel can turn to be adventurous as well as life time learning for you. Understanding the essence of travel and learn, today many universities all over the world promote travelling, interning or volunteering in another country.

You may plan to travel during the summer or spring breaks of your institution or even take gap years after the completion of an academic level. This may depend upon the country of travel and the duration you will be spending in the destined place. You may plan for volunteering or interning and excursing around the country one after another. This way, you will make your travel purposeful, as well as learn the humanitarian aspects of the life. It is of course the subjective parts of life that provides connection to yourself and helping others is something you believe doing for your soul. But, do not miss to travel around during the weekends or after your volunteering period is over to grasp the beauty of the differences.

Of course, there are many volunteering programs offered for college and high school students. But, you must check and confirm regarding your work and safety. Otherwise, you have fall with bad experiences. Check if you are having proper two-way communication at every steps of your preparation. Ensure that the host will be providing you food of your ease and comfortable accommodation. Do not miss to check your VISA. Investigate how genuine are the reviews, if the original written documents are included or not. And, do not always go after cheaper costs; however, you can always explore and find the best volunteering program at the best price offered.

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