Volunteer and Travel Abroad 101 about International Volunteer Organizations, Opportunities and Programs

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

volunteer and travel abroad 101 about International Volunteer Organizations, Opportunities and Programs

Do you think that you need to do something for the betterment of society and the entire world in which you live? If so, what about doing it the way that fulfill your social obligations in a meaningful way? Then being a volunteer of international volunteer organization will tailor the best way for you to achieve it. The international volunteer organization is a get together of the people who work freely and enthusiastically to make the world a better place. They are always there to tackle the complexity of mother earth, save humanity, fight with the lawlessness, and everything that is termed as a "Good Deed."

International volunteer organizations are borderless and are active almost in the entire world. So anyone who works as an international volunteer has an opportunity to do volunteer and travel abroad. It can also be the best platform for anyone to understand the new culture, differing lifestyle of people, natural diversity, economic-political divergence, and many more. The international volunteers have broad responsibility and areas to work. They must always be ready to work on various social, political, economic, environmental, legal, and other dimensions. It is, therefore, best for anyone who dares to take responsibility, has innate desire to work for people, learn new things, are enthusiastic, hardworking, and can work both in peace and pressure.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about international volunteer organization that if you know will help you choose the best volunteer and travel abroad programs.

Who Can Be an International Volunteer?

In general anyone is eligible for that. By far followings are some nitty-gritty required to be an international volunteer:

  • Be good on the moral, behavioral and legal grounds,
  • Willing to work abroad
  • Think that you can make a positive difference for people
  • Have good interpersonal skills.
  • Take responsibility with greater pace and high enthusiasm.
  • Free thinker, creative and not affiliated strongly to any political, religious and other bias creating philosophy.
  • Can work in a team, cross culture and diversity.
  • Experience of working with local and national volunteer organization is an added advantage

If you think that you have all these and more to make difference then international volunteer organization are always there to welcome you.

How to do a responsible International Volunteering?

Being responsible for your work as an international volunteer is most. Anyone who wants to do international volunteering must keep in mind that they need to be accountable to action and decision they make. They must always try to work genuinely so that legal and social aspect of the society never gets curtail. To make International Volunteering responsible, following are indispensably needed: Know the local and international law-"Never violate the law".

  • Respect everyone and never show any prejudice to anyone, any beliefs and any practices.
  • Be accountable, responsive and answerable to the work done and decision made.
  • Have clarity on the roles and responsibility to complete.
  • Always show professional behavior and ethics among others.
  • Make people think that volunteering work is meant for them.
  • Provide information about the objective and activities of international volunteering to people.
  • Interact more with people and understand the problem beforehand you work.


Where can one join international Volunteer Program?

The international volunteer program is everywhere from north to south and east to west. Mostly in the place where there is a humanitarian crisis, war, natural disaster, hunger, health epidemics, Socio-political unrest, and economic inability. Regarding this, most of the international volunteer programs are active in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The countries like Nepal, India, Srilanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Peru, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador are a fertile place for international volunteering. People of these countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are suffering from severe difficulty and need humanitarian aid. So anyone can join an international volunteer program in these countries.

What Kind of International Volunteer Programs Are Available Abroad?

The work of International volunteer organizations is broad and virtuous. Any program that enhances the universal well-being falls on the scope of it. As per the area of your interest and preference, you can join the initiatives. Following are some of the most selective area of international volunteer programs that are available abroad:

Orphanage volunteer:

Orphans are the utmost need for humanitarian assistance in the world. According to the data provided by UNICEF, there are 61 million orphans in Asia, 52 million in Africa, 10 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 7.3 million in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The total of nearly 140 million orphans worldwide is suffering due to lack of food, health, and sanitation. Working as an orphanage volunteer, you can help children of less than 18 years of age with an acute situation. The proper parenting and guidance to these children not only make their life better, but it is also needed for the betterment of human society. They are the building blocks of future humankind.

Teaching English volunteer:

Language is not just a method of conveying message or communication but also a relationship-building tool. English teaching volunteer is all over the world. English is one of the universal media of communication. To break the obstruction created by cross-cultural communication English language has played a significant role to give a single voice for everyone. English teaching volunteers teach English to people worldwide. That has improved the communication ability and perspective of people. Still, many people in the globe don't understand the English language. These people have a low profile life in comparison to people who can understand it. So, if you are good at English and if you think that you can teach English, you can teach English as a volunteer. No doubt that working as teaching English volunteer can make a vast difference in people's life.

Medical volunteer:

Medical International Volunteer Organizations, Opportunities and Programs

The medical volunteer is a bit technical. You must have some qualification in the medical field before you can choose to work as an international volunteer and travel abroad. At least a primary health care knowledge is what is required. The medical volunteer work cannot be undermined. They have provided an excellent health care facility to the people who are in need of it from the warzone to remote place of the world. Mostly the rural region of Asia, Africa, and Latin America lacks excellent medical care facility. Due to the high illiteracy rate and lack of medical facilities, the premature death in this reason is a big count. And there is still war running in some part of the world. The medical volunteer program is, therefore, best International Volunteer Programs Available Abroad to work.

Monastery teaching volunteer:

If you want to learn about religion, culture, and spirituality, then the international volunteer program available abroad as a monastery teaching volunteer is the best choice. Teaching various academic courses, languages, skills at monastery can help the disciple to broaden the horizon of their knowledge. It is somewhat like an exchange program in which both the volunteers overseas and student at monastery can learn from each other. At monastery only, the religious and spiritual knowledge and practices are taught. This education might not be enough to tackle the present worldly problem. So, they need to be taught the contemporary school on science, management, technology, Laws, and many more.

Conservation volunteer:

Conservation volunteer is among the most well known international volunteer program available abroad. It is all about protecting the earth and its creation. As a conservation volunteer, you will collaborate with people, conduct research, take steps that are needed to tackle the environmental challenges. The world is talking about sustainable development. The various ecological problems like GHG effects, ozone layer depletion, nuclear winter, acid rain, pollution, climate change, etc. has challenged the existence. Mother Nature needs to be protected from all this anti-environmental effect. Some useful step must be taken. In this perspective conservation volunteer program is a crucial program available abroad.

Women Empowerment volunteer:

Woman empowerment is a common issue in the whole world. But still, they are in a bad situation.  Woman are still discriminated and abused in the name of religion, culture, and role. "Woman empowerment for a better world" is what we have been listening from past but the reality is still a black shadow. Woman empowerment volunteer program is dedicated to establishing an environment conducive for the woman. That will make them potential enough to participate in social, political, economic, and other dimensions of society and can tackle the problem that occurs. If you are committed to joining hands for gender equality and woman's empowerment woman empowerment volunteer best suits you.

Psychological counseling volunteer:

Psychological counseling encompasses varieties of work. The leading roles and responsibility are to provide counseling services and short term therapeutic services. They also need to conduct psychological assessments and mental status examinations to individual and group. They are also required to prepare and submit the reports to the Counseling Psychologist. To make their work worthy and meaningful, they must organize committee meetings, dialogues, and other activities relating to mental health. According to the report of WHO, one person dies every 40 seconds from suicide. The reason behind this is the unsound psychological health of people. The international volunteer organizations and international volunteers are trying to decline this number of death through psychological counseling to people. You can join this endeavor.

What are benefits of being an International Volunteer?

Volunteering is always thought as benefiting others. But you might be amazed reading below the benefit that you can get being an international volunteer.

Experience to learn:

International volunteering is the best way to encounter culture, nature, religion, lifestyle, socio-political, and many other aspects of the world. The volunteering is in itself a "learn as you work" approach. The more you are committed as an overseas volunteer, the more you will experience the colors of life. Unlike the knowledge you get from books or college, they are more lively and pragmatic. It's a limitless way to nurture oneself with reality. Volunteering abroad is a seed that if you can sow inside, you can bear the fruit of knowledge and wisdom. Apart from just accomplishing your work, the experiences you gain are a life lesson and a memory of a lifetime.

Relationship development:

You are not alone. International volunteering is a gather of people. People from the different cluster are there to accomplish the assignment of volunteering. International volunteering is a cross-cultural platform. Different people from different culture, tradition, profession are united together to achieve a common goal of uplifting humanity. It is, therefore; no doubt that you can have enough chance to know about the people, enrich relationship with the VIPs and others. The relationship with people can be beneficial for you in every part of your life. You can use these relationships to further your career or to accomplish your volunteering work perfectly.


It is said that self-satisfaction gained through helping others cannot be achieved from any other activities. International volunteering program is based upon helping others. In the world, people are having a severe condition from war, natural calamities, socio-political conflict, poverty, hunger, environmental degradation, etc. They require assistance. They need you, and God helps those who help others. Working as an international volunteer, you can help these people, and their blessing is boon to you to ample your self-satisfaction. It is self-satisfaction that is needed to be happy and successful in life. If you are honest and sincere in your work, no one can obstruct you to boost your self-satisfaction.

Career uplift:

The doors of opportunity that opens from international volunteering are countless and awesome. The first and foremost benefit of international volunteering is that you get to know people from various sectors. The portfolios of work you gather recognize you as honest and moral. The programs that are conducted in international volunteering are most likely to relate with most of the career that exists in the present market place. Even you can apply for the best international organization like the UN, UNICEF, WHO, etc. These jobs are regarded as best everywhere. It is, therefore, international volunteering can be stepping stone for you to pursue your career in any field.

Have fun

Childcare International Volunteer Organizations and Opportunities

What is the stuff on vacation? Eating, traveling, acculturation, hiking, taking the picture, watching natural resources, dancing, singing, and more. International volunteering is not just a traditional working culture; these all stuff are promised on it. International volunteering abroad allows you to travel to different places, live with people, know the lifestyle, rejoice the culture, eat local food, hike, swim, and many more. Aren't these things more like a holiday than work? The best thing about international volunteering is a vacation with creating value in people's life. Are you ready to have fun and at the same time make a difference in people's lives? Jump on the couch of international volunteering.

What Impact an International Volunteer can make to Underdeveloped Communities?

In the absence of even a hand to mouth requisites underdeveloped communities are in a severe need of an international volunteer. The scarcity of good health care, hunger, backwardness, war, etc. are making the life of people in the poor community a hell on earth. The international volunteer can make a positive impact on underdeveloped society. They can help them to overcome the obstacle they are facing, assist various sectors of social, political, economic, and legal aspects. The awareness can help them tackle their problem on their own. The international volunteer can also bring the issues of the underdeveloped community in front of global society, policymaker, and government. They can also make their moral high so that they can see the positive part of life.

Conclusion: International volunteer and travel abroad Organizations Opportunities and Programs

As far as humankind is concerned, there is a need for international volunteering until the suffering of people comes to an end. The work and effort of international volunteers cannot be undermined in making human civilization blooming. The international volunteer is working in even span of humankind. Their contribution to social, economic, cultural, political, and other phases of human society is adorable. Eradication of hunger, health problem, socio-political schism, and many other evils of human society in various part of the world couldn't have been successful if international volunteer organization and their overseas volunteers were not there. The awareness that they have provided to the people has changed the lives of people in different parts of the world.

International volunteer organizations are a great initiative on behalf of humankind. To achieve its objective to the fullest the work of international volunteer organization and international volunteers must be accountable to the society. Volunteer overseas must always show their professionalism and set no bias to anyone in their work and decision. They must always be enthusiastic, polite, and respect people. The international volunteer has significant responsibility for making the world a better place for every human being. People have always eye on them. People have lots of expectation to International volunteers which they should never make fragile. International volunteer organization program is meant for a better and healthy world. Collaborating effectively with people will make the work of international volunteer organizations creditworthy and best.

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