Volunteer In Nepal Monastery: A Life Changing Experience To Teach & Learn With Buddhist Monks

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Volunteer In Nepal Monastery: A Life Changing Experience To Teach & Learn With Buddhist Monks

One of the most valuable acquisitions in today’s busy lifestyle is peace of mind. If you are in a state of peace, your capacity to think and focus expands significantly. If we look around then peace is scarce in supply. May be because of our busy schedules or because of the responsibilities for our people around, we often have to engage ourselves in the chaos around us. So taking a break from our rushed days and nights seems essential for everyone. We all have different methods of relaxing our mind; few of us like to go for a vacation round calm beaches, while some of us prefer to go high over the mountains. But how about living in one of most beautiful places on earth while sharing your skills with most peaceful devotees of Buddhism? Yes volunteering in monastery of Nepal can provide you with most enriching and rewarding opportunity.

Ranked among the Top Destinations to Travel in year 2018-2019 by Lonely Planet, Kathmandu possesses innumerable temples, mosques and monasteries. Renowned as the city of gods, this city is still a center of attraction for the seekers of peace and spirituality. If you are search for some peaceful moment with most hospitable and welcoming people on earth meanwhile making some valuable contribution to them by sharing your knowledge and skills then Volunteer to Buddhist Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal can be an opportunity you have been searching for.

For Whom is Volunteering in Buddhist Monastery Programs

There is no specific category of individuals or group, for whom this project can be entitled. Anyone curious about new cultures and sincere to serve others can participate in this project. Peace and compassion is the foundation of the Buddhism, so if you are peace lover and compassionate for the people around you then you might get most out of your stay in monasteries of Nepal.

Volunteering in Buddhist monastery of Nepal is simply a give and take process. You learn about the Buddhism and the values this religion carries, meanwhile you will share your knowledge and skills to the monks or nun kids. Therefore, this volunteer program is best for those who have interest and inclination for Buddhism and Buddhist philosophies.

In the schools of Buddhist foundations, kids are taught the courses that enhance the communications skills. In case of Nepali monasteries, the language classes of Tibetan, Nepali and English is widely practiced. So, if you are from a English speaking country, then you language skills can be of a good help for the kids of Nepalese monasteries. Also, this program is for creative thinkers and art lovers. One can use their art and creative savvy to harness the understandability of these kids

Why Volunteer in Monastery in Nepal

There are several other teaching abroad opportunities in Nepal. As a overseas teacher and volunteer you can work in local schools or in childcare centers or orphanages. These all are very rewarding and meaningful experiences. Volunteering in monastery has its peculiar flavor by its essence of Buddhist culture and traditions. A good command in language is important for the kids for their future visits and execution of ceremonies in the Buddhist temples worldwide. So your contribution of English language can make a significant impact.

In the meantime you will also enjoy a totally new experience in an undiscovered part of the world. Lying beneath the shadows of Himalayas, Kathmandu is a culturally rich city of Asia, boasting the ancient monuments and structures. Kathmandu is a valley surrounded by hills from four sides and normally the monasteries are built on the high grounds of outskirts of valley. Living the peaceful days while beholding the beautiful vista of the city and magnificence of the Himalayan Mountains, this experience is self explanatory for the charm of volunteering in Buddhist monastery program in Nepal.

Volunteering is a social service, and volunteering for the Buddhist monks is your contribution for a noble cause. Being a part of such cause can make very positive impact in your behavior, attitude and overall personality. While teaching these kids from entirely strange world, you will gain the confidence on your communication skills; moreover, with the feeling of contribution to a completely unknown community, your self esteem will be boosted. You will emerge out a person added with some new dimensions in you. Hence working as volunteer overseas for monastery can be the opportunity to reach that moment of positive transition in your personality.

How To Pick Best Volunteer in Monastery Project in Nepal

In terms of population, Buddhism is second most followed religion by of Nepal, so it is obvious as soon as you arrive, you will see the depiction of Buddhist cultures around many parts of the cities and villages of Nepal. You will see many monasteries and shrines and schools run by Buddhist foundations. Many of the Buddhist institutions are solely for the religious purpose, whereas some of them offer the education of the kids in monasteries and nunneries. So, picking up the monastery that allows the volunteer teachers and applying for their permission to stay and teach can be tricky task. Hence, it is advisable to do the internet search for some of the most popular organizations that offer the volunteering in Buddhist monastery programs in Nepal.

There are several organizations in Nepal who offer the Teaching to Buddhist Monk opportunities for the volunteers from overseas. It is up to you to decide whether the program suits your interest or not. It will be more ensuring if you look at the following aspects of the volunteer program before you sign up for it:

  • History and experience of the organization offering Nepal Buddhist Monastery Volunteer Project
  • Reviews and Feedbacks of the past volunteers regarding their experience of working inside monastery
  • Monastery location and attitude of monastery members towards foreign volunteers
  • Opportunity and accessibility allowed by monasteries to the foreign volunteers
  • Impact and contributions in education of the kids of monasteries because of teaching monks project

Things To Be Cared While in Buddhist Monastery Volunteer Project

Though Volunteering in a Buddhist monastery of Nepal is an welcoming project for everyone, there are some values of the monasteries that every participants would require to follow and respect.

Normally in the monasteries of Nepal, a specific time is scheduled in a day for the classes for the kids. In the morning and evening they normally carry the Prayers, Meditation and Worshipping. Volunteers and guest are allowed to participate in such activities depending on the flexibility allowed by monastery authorities, which differs for different monasteries. Participants are expected to abide through the permissions in these regards and participate in the activities based on rules of the monasteries.

Buddhist monasteries are related with religious institutions, so it is very essential to take care of your conduct, appearance and behavior while inside the monastery area. Some of the monasteries might advice specific dress codes if your stay is hosted by monastery. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited, for obvious reasons. Also you might have take care of the surroundings while talking or using your cell phones, if there are prayers and meditation going on around.

Some of The Best Volunteer in Monastery Teaching Providers in World

Volunteer in Nepal Buddhist Monastery with FDIP

volunteer in buddhist monastery with fdip

Established in 2014 and based on Nepal, a country with second largest population of Buddhists, Volunteer FDIP has been providing the life changing opportunities of participating in Nepal Buddhist Monastery Volunteer Projects. Every year participants from around the world enroll the project of this organization and gain rewarding experience of volunteering for the Buddhist monks in the majestic and vibrant city Kathmandu.

Volunteers love the process of teaching kids in the monastery, meanwhile enjoying the beauty of the incredible Himalayan Land. So, if you are looking for an adventure of visiting an undiscovered land and learn more about the peace and compassion, then Volunteering in The Buddhist Monastery Project in Nepal might be the one you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for opportunities to stay among the monks for a week or live in buddhist monastery for 3 months, Volunteer FDIP is there to provide you such programs.

Volunteer in Buddhist Monastery India with Jamyang

Volunteer in Buddhist  Monastery India with Jamyang

Jamyang Foundation invites volunteers at its knowledge sharing programs for Buddhist nuns in the Indian Himalayas. Kids are quick to learn English, number juggling, science, PC aptitudes, planting, initiative abilities, Hindi, bookkeeping, health, and different subjects. Help with our new gardens and trees are additionally much valued!

There are around twelve Jamyang Foundation study programs around the mountainous regions of India. Its major goal is to create greater opportunities for Buddhist nuns and more learning programs in the needy areas of education.

Teaching and Meditation with Monks of Sri Lanka with Leo Project

Teaching and  Meditation with Monks of Sri Lanka with Leo Project

The LEO Project is an authentic UK based philanthropy centered with respect to enhancing education in underdeveloped territories and elevating conservation issues identified with jeopardized creatures in Sri Lanka. LEO was established in 2008 with the reason for bringing Life, Equity and Opportunity to Sri Lanka with our three center activities.

Leo volunteer project in monastery provides the opportunity to embark into the life of a Buddhist monks while sharing one’s skills and knowledge to them.

Bangkok Volunteer Teach English to Monks

Bangkok Volunteer  Teach English to Monks

Friends for Asia started in 2007, established by an accomplished teacher and Peace Corps Volunteer served in Kyrgyzstan and Thailand. The Friends for Asia Foundation creates worldwide volunteer activities that help neighborhood networks defeat difficulties, and gives volunteers the experience of adding to those networks as an esteemed member. Since 2017 more than 2,500 volunteers and assistants have taken part in volunteer programs in Bali, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.

Teaching English to the monks of Bangkok will give you the chance to experience a different taste of volunteering while venturing into the majestic landscapes of Thailand.

Things Before You Start Your Volunteering Abroad Journey

If you have decided to volunteer and travel abroad specifically in the monastery of Nepal, you might want to be prepared with few essentials. Here are few things you might want to double check before you start your journey as a volunteer of Nepal.

Flight and Airfare

Make sure who covers your airfare, normally volunteer organization program fee do not cover the airfare of the applicants. So it will be wise to schedule your flight in advance with the airfare of your comfort level.

Visa and Passport

It is essential to keep the valid passport with, so that the date in the passport would not hinder your plan of traveling. Most of the travelers in Nepal, such as citizens from EU, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Korea and Japan etc get the visas on arrival in Nepal. You will have to pay in cash to the emigration counter at the arrival section of airport. To make your visa process quick and easy it is advisable to keep your passport and visa fees in the hand carry but not in the luggage.


Volunteering abroad is an aspect of traveling abroad. Therefore, to be an efficient volunteer, it is essential to put checkmark on all the list of a heedful traveler. Vaccination should not be missed out on that list. It is very important for the volunteers to get immunized before they travel to their respective destination. The lists of required vaccinations are listed in the website of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Airport Pickup and Reaching the Project Location

To make your arrival smooth and to avoid the hassle just in the beginning of your journey, it would be wise to confirm your airport pickup in advance. Most of the volunteer and travel abroad program providers in Nepal provide the free airport pickup to their participants, but it’s better if you make sure by asking them.

Monasteries of Nepal are normally located in the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley or pretty much away from the crowd of the center of the city to maintain the obvious peaceful essence of the institution. Therefore some of your project location can be far from the Airport or the hostel you will stay on your arrival day. It is advisable to make sure how the transportation to such project locations, in this case the monasteries, are arranged by the organization.

Monastery Volunteer Project and Impact

The schools run by the Buddhist foundations in Nepal are not like other regular schools. The courses and academic followed by such schools are different. As main purpose of the monasteries and nunneries are to prepare the compassionate monks and nuns, their academics are also mainly focused on the Buddhist religion, compassion and a good communication skills. So volunteers are expected to share their skills mainly in the discipline of Language and Communication. As English is second most used language in Nepal or any other region of South Asia and Asia Pacific, primary objective of the volunteers in the project would be teaching English to the monk and nuns. Mathematics is also a part of communication, so if you are interested in teaching mathematics, that is also appreciated. Besides that sharing your art and creativity also would be really helpful to build a better communication and bonding with the kids.

By Volunteer FDIP

January 05, 2018

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