Headspace vs Insight Timer

Headspace vs Insight Timer

Last Updated: April 6, 2024

HeadSpace and Insight Timer are leading platforms for mental health, mindfulness and meditation. HeadSpace provides evidence-based tools like meditation, therapy, and coaching to enhance mental well-being. Their app offers a range of mindfulness resources for all backgrounds and experiences.

Insight Timer  seeks to grow its meditator community from 6 million to 50 million. Although only a small fraction of users pay for premium features, the platform aims for sustainability and supports its 3000 teachers. The remaining 48 million users can access free daily meditation practices on Insight Timer.

About Headspace

Headspace emphasizes its commitment to making mental health support accessible to all individuals, irrespective of their background or level of experience. Through its flagship app, Headspace offers a range of mindfulness tools designed for everyday life, such as meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement, and focus exercises.

The team at Headspace comprises a diverse group of experts, including mental health clinicians, Emmy award-winning producers, and data scientists. Working collaboratively, they aim to assist millions of people worldwide in achieving better mental and emotional well-being, ultimately fostering increased productivity and overall health.

Types of Services Offered by Headspace

HeadSpace offers diverse services for mental well-being and mindfulness, focusing on meditation for all levels. Their guided sessions and techniques help users grasp meditation's benefits and integrate it into daily life efficiently.

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Headspace  not only provides meditation but also addresses sleep-related concerns. It offers specialized sleep meditations, hacks, and strategies to enhance sleep quality. Additionally, Headspace supports stress and anxiety management through targeted sessions, promoting relaxation and overall well-being. Techniques for reducing worry, cultivating gratitude, and boosting self-esteem empower users to lead more mindful and fulfilling lives.

Features of Headspace

  1. 10 sessions of the Basics course, which introduces users to meditation and mindfulness.
  2. 3 sessions of Today's Meditation and Today's Headspace.
  3. Stress Release and Reframing Anxiety workouts.
  4. A popular sleep cast.
  5. Various Sleep Mode meditations.

User Experience in Headspace

HeadSpace's user experience includes the "Today" tab with daily activities and the "Meditation" tab with hundreds of options. Users can choose quick sessions or specific moods and beginners can start with a basics course for meditation practice.

In the "Sleep" tab, users find tools to unwind and prepare for restful nights. Wind-down exercises lead to soothing sleep casts and soundscape experiences, including "The Lighthouse Keeper." The "Focus" tab offers music genres for concentration. Headspace guides users from morning to night, providing support throughout the day. Explore the app's comprehensive features to find practices that resonate with you.

Costs of Headspace

Headspace offers a 7-day free trial period for users to explore its services. Upon completion of the trial, the annual subscription costs $69.99 USD and automatically renews each year.

Support Services of Headspace

  1. General health advice.
  2. Mental health advice and counselling.
  3. Education and employment services.
  4. Alcohol and drug support.

Ratings and Reviews of Headspace

Headspace has garnered significant reviews and positive feedback on both Google Play Store and the App Store. On Google Play Store, it boasts an impressive rating of 4.5 stars based on 304,000 reviews. Users have praised the app's various features, including meditations, ambient sounds, and motivational content, describing them as beautifully crafted and conducive to relaxation. Many users have reported improvements in sleep quality and stress management, attributing their success to sleepcasts and short meditation sessions offered by Headspace.

Similarly, on the App Store, Headspace maintains a high rating of 4.8 stars with an extensive review count of 950,518. Users commend the app for its user-friendly interface and diverse range of meditation teachers. They express appreciation for the app's efforts in promoting mindfulness, with some users noting its positive impact on families and children. However, some users have raised concerns about the app's pricing, suggesting that it may be relatively expensive compared to other meditation apps. Additionally, a few users have voiced desires for more free content within the app.

Contact Information of Headspace

Headspace United Kingdom
Headspace UK c/o LABS
90 High Holborn

Headspace HQ
2417 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica
Los Angeles
CA 90404

Headspace San Francisco
595 Market St.
7th Floor
San Francisco
CA 94105

  1. Technical questions — help@headspace.com
  2. Press & media — press@headspace.com
  3. Headspace For Work — Contact form
  4. Health partnerships — health@headspace.com
  5. Anything else — help@headspace.com

About Insight Timer

Insight Timer, an esteemed smartphone app and web portal, envisions expanding its community of 6 million meditators to a remarkable 50 million. Despite expecting only a fraction of its users to subscribe to premium features, this will suffice for Insight Timer and its extensive network of 3000 teachers to sustainably support their endeavors. Remarkably, 48 million individuals will continue to benefit from Insight Timer's vast collection of free daily meditation practices, affirming its commitment to accessible mental well-being resources.

Insight Timer is famous for its awards and vast, free library of guided meditations, music, and events. It addresses various needs like stress relief and sleep improvement, providing a comprehensive platform for well-being and personal growth.

Types of Services Offered by Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers a diverse range of services catering to various aspects of well-being. Under Sleep Health, individuals can find support for getting to sleep, staying asleep, and improving sleep quality, addressing essential aspects of restorative rest. Mental Health services encompass managing stress, burnout, anxiety, fear, sadness, loneliness, and boosting self-confidence, while also providing guidance on navigating relationships, breakups, pregnancy, and parenting challenges.
Additionally, Insight Timer offers resources to enhance Peak Productivity, promoting happiness, joy, gratitude, abundance, performance, focus, resilience, and spiritual well-being through meditation, mindfulness, music, sound meditation, chanting, mantras, breathwork, morning routines, yoga, and various spiritual and religious paths.

Features of Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers users the opportunity to connect with a vast network of 18,000 esteemed teachers globally, enabling individuals to find guidance and support tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Additionally, Insight Timer provides a unique feature for children, with access to over 10,000 free meditation and sleep tracks designed specifically for kids aged 0 to 13 years old. This extensive collection ensures that users of all ages can benefit from the platform's diverse resources and expertise, fostering well-being and mindfulness from childhood through adulthood.

Costs and pricing of Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers a significant amount of content in its free app, with users potentially spending months listening to free meditations. The premium plan from Insight Timer costs $9.99 monthly or $59.99 annually and includes a seven-day free trial.

Support Services of Insight Timer

Watch and engage with teachers in Live Meditations and Yoga Events every hour of the day. Stream over 190,000+ guided meditations and music tracks.

Contact Information for Insight Timer

Sydney, NSW HQ. Australia. 210 Clarence St.
San Francisco, CA. United States. 101 The Embarcadero #200, San Francisco.

User Experience of Insight Timer

Step 1: Download Insight Timer and create your account

The Insight Timer app is available on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Step 2: Register your  email

To access Insight Timer's Member Plus benefits, create an account and register your  email in the Circles tab by clicking "Add workplace". You'll then receive an automated email with a 4-digit code to verify your email and unlock the additional features.

Step 3: Join Circles

Select   Community Circle and other Circles created by the community and simply tap to join. Once you’re in a Circle, you can send a message to the group or recommend content – you can see all the recommended content in the recommended tab.

Step 4: Meditate together

If you create a Circle, you’re the Circle admin, which means you can create Group Meditations. Just select the Meditate tab, select your track and you’re ready to go.

Ratings and Reviews of Insight Timer

Insight Timer has received commendable ratings and reviews across various platforms, indicating its effectiveness and popularity among users. On Google Play, it boasts an impressive rating of 4.8 stars, based on feedback from 225,493 users. While some users express concerns about changes in the app's vibe and functionality, others appreciate the extensive content and resources available for both physical and mental well-being. Many users have recommended the app to others, citing its usefulness for meditation, stress relief, and participation in virtual yoga classes.

Similarly, on the App Store, Insight Timer maintains a high rating of 4.8 stars with 5,008 reviews. Users commend the app for its assistance during stressful times, praising its diverse array of teachers, music, and tools for silent practice. However, some users have encountered frustrations with recent updates, particularly regarding difficulties in filtering search results. Despite such challenges, Insight Timer continues to receive positive feedback for its role in calming anxiety and aiding in sleep improvement.

Comparison Chart : Headspace vs Insight Timer



Insight Timer

Known for

Mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement and focus exercises.

Repository of guided meditations, music tracks, and other recorded and live events for relieving stress, improving sleep, coping with challenges, and addressing many other facets of well-being and flourishing.


Google Play

Ratings: 4.5, Reviews: 304K

Rating: 4.8 Reviews:‎ 225,493

App Store

Rating: 4.8 Reviews:‎ 950,518

Rating: 4.8 Reviews:‎ 5,008

Average Cost

$69.99 USD

 $9.99 monthly or $59.99 annually

Founded Year



Contact location

Headspace United Kingdom
Headspace UK c/o LABS
90 High Holborn

Headspace HQ
2417 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica
Los Angeles
CA 90404

Headspace San Francisco
595 Market St.
7th Floor
San Francisco
CA 94105

Sydney, NSW HQ. Australia. 210 Clarence St.
San Francisco, CA. United States. 101 The Embarcadero #200, San Francisco.


Followers: 792k

Followers: 490k


Followers: 1.3M

Followers: 361k


Followers: 312.6K

Followers: 27.5k



Subscribers: 13.6K




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Insight Timer's premium plan cost?

The premium plan costs $9.99 monthly or $59.99 annually, with a seven-day free trial.

What support services does Headspace offer?

Headspace provides general health advice, mental health counselling, education and employment services, and support for alcohol and drug issues.

What features does Insight Timer offer for children?

Insight Timer offers over 10,000 free meditation and sleep tracks specifically designed for children aged 0 to 13 years old.

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