Earth Day 2024: Volunteer FDIP’s Honorable Mentions to All Planet Lovers

Last Updated: April 22, 2024

Earth Day 2024:  Volunteer FDIP’s Honorable Mentions to All Planet Lovers

On this earth day, we want to send a reminder to the people of the world that Earth is not just a name of a planet, it is a shared home for 8.7 million species.

This day should not be limited to few rallies and seminars addressing the issues of pollution, climate change and global warming. This day should bring the feeling of ownership for this planet Earth in the mind of every individual.

On this Earth Day 2024, we would like to remember all our participants who have contributed their time and effort for the welfare of this planet.


The planet enthusiast Jo from Belgium would be definitely the first in our list. From African grassland to Amazon Rainforest, from Peruvian Mountains to the Asian Wildlife of Nepal. Throughout his life, Jo has participated in different programs to make his contribution for the protection of the environment and wildlife of this planet Earth.


Another planet earth lover from Belgium, April’s contribution with wildlife program and sustainable farming project will always be remembered. Her compassionate nature and admiration for the species of the planet inspired us to do more for our Earth.


andrew working in himalayan regions

A good heart from the USA, Andrew, also an avid writer, depicted his immense love for this planet, his participation for wildlife and sustainable farming program was filled with love and appreciation for everyone he met in the journey.


Our volunteer Danielle’s participation in Kenya was a memorable one. Her enthusiasm and sense of care for the planet earth gives a message to the world that if everyone cares for our planet and her belongings, then no one will suffer with current looming issues such as climate change and global warming.


A compassionate soul, Matt arrived all the way from London and participated in wildlife and sustainable farming program. He inspired everyone he met in Himalayan regions to make this planet a better home for everyone.

Lastly: We Would Like to Thank Everyone

Overall, in our journey of the last 10 years , we have met the people from around the world, mostly concerned with sustainable practices. Many of them are practicing vegetarianism, many abolishing plastic products, many trying to use sustainable travel means as far as possible and many giving their time to different awareness programs for the welfare of the planet Earth and save her from dire consequences of climate change.

We would like to say thanks to all these lovely people who are taking steps to protect this planet, and contribute anything possible from their ends.

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