Climate Change, Global Warming and Role of Volunteers on Mitigating these Issues

Last Updated: November 28, 2023

Climate Change, Global Warming and Role of Volunteers on Mitigating these Issues

One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken. — Leo Tolstoy

Earth is not only what scientist says, "A round shape ball revolving around the sun." It is a bigger perspective of life and creation. Earth has everything, everything enough to be a planet with breath, mind, and heart. Earth in its original state is a spectacular creation of Mother Nature. On to its fullest; Heaven is a myth, Earth is real. It has a considerable role, even in making human civilization colorful. In the absence of Earth's well-being, the well-being of us and around us is somewhat like a story told by dumb and listened by the blind. Despite its immense contribution, the violent acts of human have degraded its environmental symphony and raise it to the verge of extinction. Climate change and global warming are like a big fat man sitting at the top of Earth's natural well-being.

It is dangerous. Mother Earth is waiting for our voice and action, which can eradicate the environmental illness that she is suffering. Environmental pollution has brought lots and lots of unprecedented problem in Nature. Climate change, Global warming, GHG effects, Ozone depletion, Nuclear winter, Snow melting, rising sea levels, etc. are the major environmental problem the World is facing right now. To tackle these problems, the World must unite together and make a single concept. The conservation volunteer programs are the best way to serve for the longevity of Nature. It includes the best conservation volunteer programs that are action, plan, procedure, and enactment to fight against environmental degraders. And as we know, being a sensible creature, the problems of ecological degradation and climate change are not threats to earth at large. They are a challenge to human survival, challenge to you and us.

Climate Change Facts

Climate change is an undesirable climatic condition that prevails for an extended period i.e., a few decades to as long as millions of years. History is evident from past to present, from origin to ice-age, from ice-age to now; the climate of the earth has changed over time. World Meteorological Organization (WMO) first put forward the term, "climatic change" in 1966. The name was limited to the climate variability of more than decades. The main default of the word was it disregarded the cause of climate change. During the 1970s, climatic change was replaced by climate change. It was coined to address the anthropogenic causes of climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has incorporated the term climate change. The united nation summit like earth summit and various COP summit has contributed to make the term global.

Let's explore some of the 'need to know' facts about climate change

  • Global Temperature has risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit with the five warmest years on record taking place since 2010. 2014 was the world’s hottest year on record.
  • It's the oceans observing heat at most.
  • Greenland and Antarctica have lost 286 billion tons and 127 billion tons of ice respectively per year on an average during 1993 to 2016.
  • The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a leading body fighting against climate change.
  • Snow capped mountains are becoming capped less. The Himalayas, Alps, Andes, Rockies, Alaska and Africa everywhere the glaciers are retreating.
  • In comparison to the last century sea level has nearly risen to double during last two decades. The rate is accelerating slightly every year. It is estimated that sea level has rose to 8 inches in the last century.
  • US$ 40 million has been allotted for climate change research since 1990.
  • 2 billion tons of Carbon-dioxide is observed by ocean every year.
  • Above 600000 people die every year due to climate change. 95% of these deaths take place in developing countries.
  • United States alone contributes 22% of world's carbon emission. 20% of it is constituted by vehicle.
  • Misuse of land and deforestation are also the major contributor of carbon emission. It counts to around 15% every year.
  • We lost a creature name Golden Toad first from the earth due to climate change.

Global Warming 101: Everything You Need To Know

Sea is rising, and ice is melting, somewhere drought, somewhere over rain, Flora, and Fauna are on the verge of extinct, the disease is spreading, food is on scarce. Do you know the earth is suffering from all these and other environmental illness? Yes, it is global warming heating earth in a fast mode. It is hammering the door of nature to sabotage its creation. The urgent global action has become necessary to cope with it. The various activities like wildlife conservation volunteering, conservation volunteering abroad, conservation volunteer programs, marine conservation volunteer, and other best conservation volunteer programs has become inevitable to reduce the impact of global warming.

"War contributes greatly to global warming, which shouldn’t surprise us. All those bombs going off, all those rockets, all those planes and helicopters. All that fuel of various kinds being used. It pollutes the air and water of this very fragile and interconnected planet." - ALICE WALKER

Do you know the following things about global warming???

  • The alter effect of global warming is making Amazon desert and Sahara green.
  • Increase of 1 or more degrees Celsius in a period of one hundred to two hundred years is considered global warming.
  • Human Activities are the prominent causes of the Global warming since the mid-20th century. 
  • According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007 report sea levels will rise by 7-23 inches by the end of this century due to global warming.
  • Arctic is the most affected region by global warming.
  • World Wildlife Federation (WWF) claims that the polar bear will get extinct within next 20 years if this surge of global warming is not stopped.
  • New weather implication like forest firesheat waves, wild weathers and severe tropical storms has become rampant throughout the world.
  • Climate change has become inevitable due to global warming.
  • Coral reefs suffered highest death of creature due to global warming, pollution and climate change.
  • More than 1 million species have become extinct due to disappearing habitats, ecosystems and acidic oceans.
  • The carbon dioxide level is about 40% now, which is highest in 650,000 years.
  • Between 2000-2100, the heat-related deaths will rise by 150,000.
  • Groups of giant mosquitoes in the Arctic are breeding because of global warming.
  • Around 30% of white American, 11% Hispanic and 17% blacks says global warming fake and claim that there is no evidence that the earth is warming.

What's Next for Climate Change?

Action! Action! Action! The urgent proper action globally is the foremost requirement to tackle the present climate change problem of the world. The policymakers, scientist, conservation volunteering abroad, media, civil society, the international organization must get together to overcome from this unprecedented challenge that is destroying nature. Global concern is indispensable. It is an urgency to implement the report and interest made by the UN summit, environment-related agencies, and conservationist. Earth is what we have in common. Together we can change the episode of this global crisis and chaos.

Some ideas to save planet from climate change

  • Stop subsiding fossil fuels.
  • Enrich worldwide commitment for green economy.
  • Increase taxes for CO2 emission.
  • Polluters pay principle must be made obligatory to government of all nations.
  • Not only for nuclear makers but also environment degrader nations must also be imposed sanctions by United Nation.
  • Implement various international reports on climate change.
  • Global pressure on the world’s top 20 countries who contribute 80% of the world’s emissions.
  • Disarmament and reduce the misuse of nuclear energy.
  • Acknowledge people about population control, plantation program, electric energy etc.
  • Focus on renewal energy and control co2 emission.
  • Put industries on pressure to realize their CSR on environment protection.

Where do the Developed Countries stand to address Climate Change Issues?

Developed countries are the major contributor to climate change. On the other hand, they are also a significant contributor to managing climate change too. Climate change is a severe threat and stress of the modern-day world. The contributions of some of the developed countries are given below:-

United States:

President Donald Trump has announced recently that the US is backing from the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change. This leads the US on the couch of Nicaragua and Syria, who are the only other countries not a part of the Paris Agreement. The US ranks high on contributing to climate change. Despite the president withdraw from the Paris agreement; mayor of more than 80 cities has reaffirmed their commitment to the contract. Once the significant talker of climate change initiatives, the US stance has somewhat become volatile due to this. Other this remaining US is still holding a large budget and working in the sector of environment protection.


Denmark always has a proactive stance on climate change. Apart from a low slip in the index, Denmark ranked at the top of the list for five consecutive years. The slide was due to the change in various environmental-friendly policies. The policies like investing in highways have little grounded it but still it one of the better-performing nations. The pressure created by an environment-conscious citizen is putting pressure to amend the policy to suit it to better for the environment. Various conservation volunteer programs are still working to make better News for Denmark on climate change.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is working on standing at front to eradicate Climate change and global warming problems. After the Industrial Revolution, the UK has recently celebrated its first 24-hours period without coal. Isn't it wow! Government of the UK has committed to close by 2025 all the coal-fueled plant from the country. This has a positive sign on climate change issue for a country whose capital once used to be called "THE BIG SMOKE."


Germany has always taken a proactive stance on international climate change agreements:

  • Bonn 1995
  • Hosting the UNFCCC Secretariat
  • Translates into a package of 14 acts and ordinances
  • CO2 emission savings of about 220 million tons in 2020 or 36% vs. 1990 levels
  • Annually saved energy costs of about 36 billion Euro Net economic benefit of about 5 billion Euros per year.
  • Program of 29 key elements is without precedent both in the history of Germany and internationally.
  • Commitments of the government
    • EU: 20 % emissions reductions by 2020;
    • 20 % renewable, 20 % energy efficiency.
    • In case of new climate agreement: 30 % reduction.


If you are environment-friendly Belgium is the right place for you to settle down. It is headquartered of the EU and has placed an example in front of others as a better doer in the climate change issue. The country is committed to the cut 1990 carbon emission levels by 20 percent by 2020. It has started by shutting down the last of its coal-powered power plants.


The following steps of Canada make it stance at top on undertaking action to reduce the problem of climate change:

Action to reduce emission: Carbon pricing, clean electricity, transportation, buildings, innovation, Pan-Canadian Framework. Funding for reducing emissions: Low carbon economy fund allocated to provinces and territories, Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

Putting a price on pollution : Guidance on carbon pollution pricing benchmark, federal carbon pricing backstop.

Parks and protected areas : Canada's national parks and national marine conservation areas, protecting our lands and waters.

Climate Action Fund : Support for projects that raise awareness of climate change.

Organizing of best conservation volunteer Programs: wildlife conservation volunteering, conservation volunteering abroad, conservation volunteer programs, marine conservation volunteer programs and many other international volunteering program abroad


As a member of the EU and support of Paris climate agreement, Spain is aware of the need to eliminate the fossil fuels responsible for greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining economic growth. But still far from emission reduction, Spain is on course to increase them over the next 20 years. The country will emit 353.7 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere within 2040, which will be 18 million tons more than in 2015. The new government has somewhat changed the Spain stance on climate change and announce to be sincerer in the matter.

What is environmental volunteer and travel abroad?

Environmental volunteer and travel abroad is among the most well known international volunteer program available abroad. It is about going to the country other than your native country for working in the environmental-related issue. It is also sometimes called as conservation volunteering abroad. There is no option of an environment, and it is what we have in common. Environment volunteer and travel abroad is the best way to fulfill those obligations towards Mother Earth and its creation. As you work in environmental volunteer and travel abroad program, you will go to the place other than your home country. Collaborating with people, you will conduct research, take steps that are needed to tackle the environmental challenges.

The world is talking about sustainable development. The various environmental problems like GHG effects, ozone layer depletion, nuclear winter, acid rain, pollution, and climate change, etc. has challenged the existence. For protecting Mother Nature from all this anti-environmental effect, some useful step must be taken. Some well-known conservation volunteer programs include planting trees, giving pressure on reduction of co2, organizing awareness program, carbon trade, workshop and seminar, research on ecological balance, etc. It is all about the protection environment going abroad that has scope form air, water, and land. In this perspective, environmental volunteer and travel abroad is the best conservation volunteer programs available overseas.

What Impact Volunteers Can Make as an Individual Against Climate Change?

Volunteers always had a significant contribution against. They are independent and enthusiastic people. They don't work as a professional who works to accomplish their assigned job. Volunteers are self-committed to their work and mostly honorary. Their self-motivation and love for the mother earth push them to work against climate change. Climate change is a severe threat of world. The world needs to develop a critical concern and take action to eliminate the factors of climate change. In the absence of volunteers, it is tough for the world to realize the result in this matter. Volunteers must deploy themselves for achieving the goal led by sustainable development.

Here are some impacts that volunteers individually can make against climate change

  • Arouse awareness among locals on climate change.
  • Make research on climate change and provide pragmatic solution to eradicate it.
  • Assist policy maker in drafting policy against climate change.
  • Join hands with organization working against climate change.
  • Organize people to put pressure on government to implement climate change reduction initiatives.
  • Help the victim of climate change problems.
  • Advocate on implementation of rules and regulation on climate change.
  • Teach people about sanitation, plantation, clean water, reduction of household emission of co2 and methane, hazards of pollution etc.
  • Listen to the problem people are facing form climate change and bring it in front of policy maker, environmentalist, politicians, organization and other related stakeholders.

Some Awesome Ways You Can Volunteer to Mitigate Climate Change Issue

Nature Conservation Volunteering:

Nature Conservation Volunteering is about working in the field of protecting nature from undesirable abnormalities. The environment includes air, water, land, forest, living things, non-living things, flora, fauna, ocean, mountains, human being, birds, animals, and many others. Nature conservation volunteering is doing volunteer to conserve these aspects of nature to realize the original state of life. The initial state of nature is vulnerable to pollution. Climate change has severe effects on the environment. The natural phenomenon and creation are in real danger from it. Becoming a Nature conservation volunteering, you can initiate activities that are friendly to nature and helps in lowering/eliminating climate change. It is one of the best conservation volunteer programs to add value in securing the positivity of nature.

Environmental Conservation volunteering:

Environmental Conservation volunteering is among the most well known international volunteer program available abroad. It is about working in the related ecological issue. Environmental Conservation volunteering is the best way to fulfill your obligations towards Mother Earth and its creation. In this, you will collaborate with people, conduct research, and take steps that are needed to tackle the environmental challenges. The various environmental problems like GHG effects, Ozone layer depletion, Nuclear winter, Acid rain, pollution, climate change, etc. has challenged the existence. To protect Mother Nature from all this anti-environmental effect, some useful step must be taken. In this perspective, Environmental Conservation volunteering is the best conservation volunteer programs for you to undertake.

Marine conservation volunteer

Marine is the most affected by global warming and climate change. Overheat produced by global warming is mostly observed by the ocean. Sea and its aura are in urgent need of conservation from environmental problems. The significant effects on marine due to climate change are a rise in sea level, wilder weather, spread of disease, loss of habitat for the marine creature, depletion of marine ecology, etc. This has aroused a question on the longevity of existence. Therefore if you are aware of this situation, then you can help in solving this problem. For that, working as a Marine conservation volunteer is the best conservation volunteer program for you to mingle.

Forest Conservation Volunteer:

Nature made us a creature of the forest. Our physical being is mostly adapted to the forest, but the climate change is changing the forest into desert. Deforestation, unmanaged utilization of forest resources, urbanization is making a worst-case scenario. And we are in scarce of our oxygen. Many of flora and fauna has become instinct, and many are already listed as rare. The international report is showing a severe alarm of ecological hazards and needs for urgent action. In this situation, you can help to overcome this stressful problem by working as a forest conservation volunteer. This also includes wildlife conservation volunteering. Many animals like elephants, tiger, red panda, Todd, etc. is losing their habitat and need protection. As a wildlife conservation volunteer, you can work to protect the endangered animals and help other animals to secure them from becoming extinct and rare.

Soil conservation volunteer:

Soil is the foremost requirement of existence. From the forest to the sea, from Himalaya to valley, everything is based on soil. The land is an essential element of earth, but due to misuse of soil, the fertility of the soil is depleting at a fast pace. The degradation of soil is not only affecting the production but also killing the animal's habitat in and on the soil. The various problems arising due to soil pollution are a reduction in fertility, death of insects and animals that survive in soil, hunger, disease, epidemic, natural calamities, etc. Therefore there is a severe need for taking action to save soil. The soil conservation volunteer can make a positive difference and add value to reduce the vulnerability of the soil. Soil conservation volunteering is best for you to save the land in which you live.

Mountain conservation volunteering

Mountains are tall, but the climate change is making Mountain weak and vulnerable. Both the snow-capped and other peaks are suffering much by global warming. Ice, vegetation, minerals, and ecology of mountains are depleting. Human activities like industrialization, urbanization, use of nuclear energy, overuse of chemical, misuse of mountain resource are the major contributor to the unfortunate situation of Mountain. If you want to protect earth then without preserving Mountain, it is impossible. The mountain conservation volunteering is a program designated to protect Mountain from human and non-human activities. You need to join this program to reduce vulnerability. This will help Mountain to revive in its original state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the causes of climate change?

Many excessive human activities such as combustion of fossil fuels, exploitation of natural resources, deforestation and messing with the ecosystem are major reasons for climate change.

What is climate change in simple words?

The alteration of the weather pattern and temperature of the planet earth is climate change in simple words.

What are 3 facts about climate change?

First fact is it is real, second fact is future generations are at risk and third fact is it is prominent from sea level to the high himalayan mountains .

How can global warming be reduced in 2023?

Analyzing  the human activities trend so far and stopping all those activities that require unnecessary exploitation of natural resources would be the first step to reduce global warming. 

What are nations doing to solve global warming?

The United Nations Climate Change Conference happens yearly, in which different nations from around the world participate to address and solve the issue of global warming.

How can we stop climate change in 2023?

By reducing the carbon emission and preventing the further exploitation of natural resources we can stop climate change in future.

How does climate change affect conservation?

Climate change is bringing many plant and animal species on the brink of extinction. It is altering the entire cycle of the ecosystem.

Can conservation help climate change?

Yes, preserving all our natural resources and conserving biological diversity is the only way out of climate change.

How can we conserve the climate?

To conserve the climate we have to preserve our natural resources and stop all the activities that are altering the ecosystem.

How does land conservation help climate change?

Land conservation will preserve all the biological systems of the land which inturn will keep the balance of the entire ecosystem and stop the climate change.

How does marine conservation help climate change?

Marine conservation or ocean conservation will preserve all the living and nonliving elements of the ocean. 70% of the earth’s surface is water, preserving this portion will definitely make a major impact against climate change.

In a Nutshell: Climate Change, Global Warming and Role of Volunteers on Mitigating these Issues

Degradation of ecology has hampered every aspect of the world. Mostly human activities are responsible for the deterioration of natural aura. The emission of C02, methane, chlorofluorocarbon, and other harmful gases from industries, the household has rampantly increased in comparison to the previous century. Our air, water, land, and different natural origin are in the severe threat of climate change and global warming. The international community is trying to grab the eyes of policymaker, politicians, and civil society in this matter to take urgent action. Recent COP summit of UN has also marked the international solidarity on tackling the risk-on environment. This has concluded that climate change is a serious threat to humankind and other creature in the world.

If you think that you need to hold hands to recover this situation of environmental crisis or if you love mother earth and believe that you have a responsibility towards it, then it is evident for you to take some decisive action for this. The best conservation volunteer programs available can be the best way for you to foster your love for nature. The conservation volunteering abroad programs are designated to make a common ground for people who want to work for the betterment of the world. Scope of these international volunteering ranges from east to west, north to south, air to water, water to land, awareness to action, lobbing to organizing. The wildlife conservation volunteering, marine conservation volunteering, forest conservation volunteering, Mountain conservation volunteering, soil conservation volunteering, etc. are some examples of best conservation volunteer programs in which you can excel your action.

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