Environmental Conservation: Everyone Talks About, But Few Make A Move

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We all stay very safely in our homes and apartments. We all keep it clean. Is the same condition ever possible if we have so many members in a family? In other word: can that beauty of our sweet home be maintained in a large family? We might come with both kinds of answers claiming “Oh, yes certainly it’s possible”. Whereas on other hand there may be people denying it.

I can suggest some ideas how both of these contradicts can go hand in hand. No doubt in large family size, there is

problem of proper management of wastes, household items, personal belongings and many more. However, if we all become responsible towards our duties and work together we can manage the things well. Anyways, here it’s not the topic of household management i want to discuss however a bigger problem to be concerned. It’s about environmental conservation.

As like previously i said how a large family can create problem within the home stay, likewise the population that is rapidly increasing day by day has caused many adverse effects in the environment. The world population is now over 7 billion and is increasing by 90 million a year. So with this increasing trend we can generalize what is required for this population?

  • Food
  • Settlement
  • Clothing

these are just the basic requirements and we surely know what more the population desires for? So one more question arises here. Is it that we just clap our hands once and our desires get fulfilled? So to whom are we depended?

It’s the environment we are depended to. Modernization, industrialization, nuclear power plan and many development projects are going on, fulfilling our desires but has caused environmental degradation and destroyed it’s other important components. Deforestation, urbanization, explosion, mixing of industrial waste and sewage to nearby water resource, radioactive scientific experiments etc. has affected the physiocultural scenario of the environment. We can see the change in climate pattern, melting of the polar caps, desertification, acid rain, outbreak of various epidemics, increase in mortality rate, extinction of species as it’s major consequences. If these go on, the human race will come to an end one day. However many nations have been conscious and showing their attention regarding this matter.

We have many international organizations, NGOS and INGOS working for environmental conservation. They are UNESCO, UNEP, WWF, WNO (World nature organization), GEF (Global environmental facility), EEA (European environment agency) and many more. They have their branches and headquarters communicating and working in various different countries. Moreover they have been conducting different environmental programs such as sustainable development environmental works, establishment of national parks and wildlife reserves, family planning, birth control, afforestation, awareness and many more.

IUCN Nepal, NEFEJ(Nepal forum of environment journalist), WCN (Wildlife conservation in Nepal) and many more organizations have been actively participating in environmental works conducted in our country. Mass awareness projects, use of sulabh chulo, afforestation in barren land, community forestry, conservation of water resources and water shed, cleanliness campaign around cultural and historical sites etc have been conducted by these organizations.

However, I have a question in my mind “will these attempts work to conserve our environment when there are many peoples equally destroying the resources in spite of awareness going on”. Some people are still unaware whereas some are in poverty for whom environment is the only source of income. Thus, there must be a sense of responsibly among every one of us for the preservation and promotion of the environment. Words don’t make works , but in sense it is our works that keeps our words. It’s seems like the days are calling everyone to be conscious regarding this matter and help, volunteer  and support for environmental conservation.

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