Best Volunteering and Spiritual Trips for Women [March Special]

Best Volunteering and Spiritual Trips for Women [March Special]

Last Updated: March 20, 2024

In our 10 years of journey, we have enrolled hundreds of volunteers in different countries. We are proud to say that 55% of our participants were women. Incredible ladies whose efforts and skills have helped our each initiatives reach extra miles.

Today in the special edition, we would like to recommend you some of the best volunteering and spiritual trips in different destinations, based on our experiences and the experiences of all amazing women who participated in our programs. We hope this information will be helpful for you to decide about your next trip.

Buddhist Monastery Volunteer Program in Nepal

a volunteer taking photo with a girl in buddhist nunnery
This was one of the best experiences in my life. I had a true local experience. I made new friends and I spent so much time with the little nuns. Margarida Brazao

This is one of the most liked volunteer trip by the women. Staying in the monastery and teaching the monk kids have been the activities they have been looking forward from an spiritual trip. In their words, some of them had memorable moments while participating in this program.

Medical Volunteer Program in Kenya

Participating in a healthcare and medical program in Kenya, an African country filled with wild marvels and cultural diversities, has been very rewarding experience for our women volunteer and travelers.

Teaching Buddhist Monks in Sri Lanka

teaching to monks in sri lanka

A country with a delightful blend of natural beauty and cultural uniqueness, Sri Lanka has been an ideal destination for the women who want to embark into a journey of spiritual and social experience.

Thank you for showing me how lovely Galle is and for coming with me every morning to the Monastery. Marina Durán Parejo

Over the 10 years , our women volunteers in Sri Lanka had performed really well as a teacher to the Buddhist monks and experienced to fullest from this mindful journey. 

Psychology and Mental Health Volunteer Program in Nepal

This is definitely one of the most loved and fulfilling volunteer projects that we have. Psychologists and mental health students from around the world have been participating in this program and moving ahead in their mission of building better communities with better psychological and mental health.

It was inspiring to see the involvement of women for the well being of psychology and mental health, and their aspiration as a career in this field. It was really encouraging to see their participation in this program, and the number  is ever growing over the years.

I was having a wonderful time at the project in Nepal in general ,it was completely different from what I expected but more than I could have hoped for. Marlene Baumann

Wildlife Volunteer Program in Kenya

Involvement and excitement of women volunteers in our Kenya wildlife program has depicted that women are adventure seeking as much as they seek the spiritual experience in a journey.

Differently abled Children Volunteer Program in Ecuador

There has been significant enrollment of women volunteers in the program that has been initiated to help the differently abled children in Ecuador. Social work enthusiasts from across the world. They have been bringing joy and support those kids in need by assisting the caregivers, working with therapists and helping children with learning and other activities.

Community Stay and Wildlife Program in Nepal

Another enriching program in Nepal, Community Stay and Wildlife program is also very much admired by our women volunteers. Helping the community farmers, local school students while exploring the Asian wildlife has been a rewarding experience for those who are looking forward to assisting with wildlife research while working with the local communities to develop sustainable practices and eco friendly living. Living with the entirely new community will help you to embark into that spiritual journey of mindfulness.

Psychology Volunteer Program in Guatemala

One of the most appreciated program we have, working as a psychology and mental health volunteer in Guatemala, our women volunteers have enjoyed the life changing experience while exploring new dimension of either their career or the academics of psychology and mental health.

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I met calm, nice and good people.

Thank you for welcoming me into this program.

volunteer review marina

- Marina Parejo

Spain, Volunteered in Sri Lanka Monastery

I would recommend this as it is a very full immersive experience in the beautiful Kenyan culture and there is a lot to be learnt.

volunteer testimony Anna

- Anna Avataneo,

Italy, Volunteered in Kenya Medical Project

I was having a wonderful time, more than I could have hoped for.

volunteer testimony marlene

- Marlene Baumann

Switzerland, Psychology and Meditation Program

In our journey of more than 9 years, we hosted and enrolled hundreds of volunteers. All the good reviews from our previous participants say it all.

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