What are Some of the Best Psychology and Mental Health Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs for 2024?

Last Updated: January 1, 2024

Author: Puja Sharma

What are Some of the Best  Psychology and Mental Health volunteer and travel abroad Programs for 2024?

Mental health is a burning issue all around the world right now. Mental health problems are really fair and non-discriminatory that doesn’t discriminate between people on the basis of their age, gender, class, caste or any other such factors. In countries where basic needs goes unfulfilled for many citizens, mental well-being of the citizens is not the main priority for the government. In most of the countries, mental health problem goes undiagnosed resulting in more complex form. People with mental problems are judged and a lot of understanding is needed in this matter to overcome the stigma and negativity associated with mental problems.

There are many volunteering opportunities for mental health volunteers as this subject needs attention and there are many areas where volunteers can put their input. Any Volunteers interested to work on psychology and mental health should not necessarily have experience or academics related to it. They can work for mentally disabled people, orphan children, elderly people from old age homes by engaging them in different creative and recreational activities. They can work on research, fund-raising, renovation activities as well. Just spending time with people with mental problems can make them feel good in some cases. Volunteers with experience on this field can shadow mental health professionals in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes while they consult their patients and provide counseling and diagnosis.

Some of the best programs for psychology and mental health volunteer opportunities

Research has shown that fifty percent of mental problem starts before the age of 14 and seventy five percent starts at the age of 24. This shows how many young people are struggling with mental problems. This shows that this is a huge problem and where there are problems there are opportunities to solve the problems. Psychology and mental health volunteers has a lot of scope though out the world as this is a worldwide problem and a lot is yet to be known about this problem. Researches that are done in this topic are not enough as different methods work for different people. Psychology and mental health volunteers can work in organizations involved in mental health sector. They can also work in children homes, with children with learning disabilities, with elderly people, with people gone through traumatic incidents by providing them care and ear to listen.

Clinical Psychology Volunteering

Clinical psychology deals with identifying mental, emotional and behavioral problems of people and also in treating those problems. Clinical psychology volunteering usually requires idea among the volunteers about what clinical psychology is, for whom it works and in what context it works. It is better if they have experience in caring and supportive role with clients from different sector, or in other social work for children or disabled people. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to add depth to their experience, and also add value to their CV. They might also get psychology shadowing opportunities which will give them insights about how clinical psychology services works.

Undergraduate Psychology Volunteer Opportunities

We spend so much time knowing about things outside of us, but we rarely spend time knowing our self, our behavior and our mind, which is the basis of our existence. Undergraduate Psychology volunteering will give a chance to the volunteers to observe people, learn from them and in the process realize why they do things the way they do it. It is an exceptionally amazing opportunity to work in this field for undergraduates. This will help them have clear perspective about their career interest as well. Volunteering for people with mental health problems or at risk of having mental health problems will definitely do good for their own mental health too.

Psychology Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

High school is a confusing phase of life for most of the people. One struggles in understanding all the emotional and physical changes that is occurring. Struggles in understanding themselves and others. At this point of life if high school students decides to explore the area of psychology by volunteering in places to volunteer for mental health like orphanages, old age homes, disability center in a caring and supportive role, they will get to discover the deep emotional quotient within themselves. They can volunteer inside the country or go for abroad volunteering for even broader experience.

Psychology Shadowing Opportunities

For the people interested to make their career in psychology, experience in this field is very important. They can get first-hand experience by shadowing psychologist as they conduct their clients. Psychology Shadowing Opportunities is a great way to know more about the career one is going to enter in. They can observe how interviews are conducted, how tests are done, how the mental health problems are diagnosed, how counseling is given, how the clients react to the counseling and many such things that will enrich one’s experience.

Counseling Volunteer Opportunities

Professional counselor, psychology students, psychologist, psychiatrist who are willing to provide psychology counseling volunteering then they have a lot of work waiting for them. There are people who do not receive counseling due to lack of finances in developed countries while there are most of people who do not know that there is something like psychology counseling in under developed countries. Mental health is of least priority where other treatable health problems are taking lives of people due to illiteracy and poverty. Helping these people to overcome the psychological turmoil they are facing and letting them move ahead to pleasant and productive experience, counseling volunteering opportunities are hugely available.

Psychology Research Volunteer Opportunities

As it’s said knowing the problem is half solving it. Psychology research helps to get facts and figures about the existing problem in psychology field. Any Psychology students waiting to get their hand dirty in this field should have their facts correct first and for this they can volunteer as a research assistant, volunteer in university research committee. They can even travel abroad and do research to have a bigger picture of the problem and to deduce information through cross-country comparison. Psychology Research volunteer opportunities will allow people working in psychology field to interpret results and design effective intervention.

School Counseling Volunteer Opportunities

To the counseling students who want to gain experience in this field, boost their resume and work for a bigger cause selflessly, School counseling volunteer opportunities are best. As shown by many research 50% mental health problems starts below the age of 14, which is an important evidence that shows why school counseling is necessary. In developed countries, due to all the hustle and bustle parents are not able to spent as much time with their children as they need to. In developing countries, child labor, child marriage, child abuse is highly prevalent. As a counselor, one can work for the mental health of these children.

Mental Health Volunteer Opportunities

Mental health is as much important as our physical health but however, mental health and mental health problems are often neglected. Mental health volunteer opportunities are best for the individuals who are looking forward to do something for people who have anxiety, depression due to some deadly disease they are suffering from, faced disaster or loss of loved ones, have disability, loneliness. This is a problem that is growing rapidly among all groups of people, across all countries and needs a serious effort and attention to be solved. Interested people of related field can do volunteer work at mental hospitals can volunteer in outreach clinic for mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is psychology?

Psychology is a science of studying human behavior. Clinical psychology is the specific area of psychology that deals with the emotional state and mental health of a person. 

Is psychology a good career?

The answer to this question is very subjective. It depends on your interest and enthusiasm for this field which will decide your success in psychology. That being said, it has a potential of growing in the near future, as people are getting more aware of psychological health. It is a career with good income and also an opportunity to help others.

What are careers in psychology?

From clinical psychotherapist to a philanthropist, there are various options in a psychology career. You can be a psychologist or psychology counselor, or become a research worker or join psychology education jobs as well.

What do psychologists do?

Psychologists attempt to understand, predict, and control human behavior. Clinical Psychologists diagnose, treat, and monitor mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.

What is volunteerism in psychology?

Volunteerism in psychology is a process of sharing your skills and knowledge to serve the community while traveling abroad.

What do mental health volunteers do?

Mental health volunteers go across the places to help people alleviate their mental health issues.

How does volunteering relate to psychology?

Psychology is mostly about helping people to relieve them from their inner suffering. This profession itself involves the motives to help others. Volunteering is also about selfless work dedicated to helping the community, therefore psychology is directly related to volunteering.

Conclusion: Best Psychology and Mental Health volunteer and travel abroad Program

The prevalence of mental health problems as shown by many researches are just the tip of an iceberg, the submerged part is yet to be revealed. Until now we are working just for the cases that come forward. There are countries, communities, people where they are still unknown about mental health problems, how one can get better if given needed counseling and other services. Volunteering in this field is challenging but of utmost need. Mental health volunteers would be appreciated for their work anywhere they chose to do their work in this point of time. We are at the most technologically advanced era with all the facilities available but yet human beings are suffering the most at this point of time and this really indicates that physical infrastructures and luxurious facilities are not enough for humans to lead a productive and meaningful life.

We hope the list and details we provided will helpful for you to pick from some of the good psychology volunteer opportunities.

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