12 Best Volunteer and Travel Abroad Program Scholarship and Grants for 2023

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

12 Best Volunteer and Travel Abroad Program Scholarship and Grants for 2023

Volunteering abroad is a delightful experience of serving others. It is about liberating the discovery of human inside you. If you want to explore the threshold of real life, volunteering abroad can be your chance to truly know yourself.  Volunteering abroad can be a moment to empathize with human with the experiences that you have never shared. While joining such humanitarian program, you will venture a new world and explore your new potentials.

Knowing that volunteering abroad is an opportunity of a lifetime, it is also important to know how can you grab such opportunities in best possible ways. For many young enthusiasts, finance appears to be a major barrier for their volunteering abroad dreams. There are various factors that involves the considerable amount of money, such as, flight, accommodation, food, travel insurance, vaccination and other miscellaneous travel expenses while you volunteer and travel abroad.

It’s okay to be worried about the cost of volunteering abroad, because not every volunteer and travel abroad program is free, it requires the participants to pay every element of traveling and staying abroad. Fortunately, there are some scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad, that will cover the expenses hindering your plan of humanitarian moments. We have compiled the details of 11 best volunteer and travel abroad scholarships and grants that would reinforce your plan of joining a volunteer and travel abroad program.

GVI Trust Scholar

gvi volunteer and travel abroad scholarship

GVI’s volunteer and travel abroad scholarship program is for the altruist youths. This international scholarship program helps young people to have the International education experience. It provides the grant up to US$ 2500. This scholarship program is designed to provide the hands-on experience to the young enthusiasts so that they can help communities and gain some significant experience for their future.

Overseas Ambassador Program By Diversity Abroad

Diversity abroad overseas ambassador program provides the stipend of US$500 for volunteering and studying abroad. It is an initiative created for students or recent graduates who are aspiring to join some internship and volunteering program. This project is aimed to foster the skills of the applicants by enhancing personal growth.

(Volunteer HQ) IVHQ Scholarship

ivhq volunteer and travel abroad scholarship

International Volunteer HQ's Scholarship is for those who want to make a meaningful vacation with volunteering abroad or taking an internship. It provides the recipient 2 weeks of volunteer or intern abroad package, flight voucher of US$1000, travel insurance worth US$250.  With all these financial supports IVHQ Scholarship covers almost all the cost required for participating in a volunteer and travel abroad program.

Volunteer Forever Travel Scholarship

Volunteer Forever has been providing the travel scholarships since 2014, to all the passionate individuals looking forward to join a meaningful trip abroad. Participants will get the financial support for volunteering, studying, interning, teaching and working abroad. The stipend ranges for US$500 to US$1,000. This volunteer and travel abroad scholarship program is available to everyone searching for the meaningful trips abroad that doesn't cost you a fortune.

ScholarTrips International Travel Scholarships (USA)

Travel Insurance Company Allianz Global Assistance has been offering ScholarTrip International Scholarship to the people from US to join volunteering abroad program. They all together have forty-one grants available for the interested applicants.

Go Overseas Scholarships

go overseas volunteer and travel abroad scholarship

Go Overseas Scholarships provides $100,000 every year for those who wish to change lives. It offers the grants for the volunteers willing to travel abroad in spring and fall each year. Participants can choose any volunteer overseas program and organization best suited with their interest.

Volunteer Service Award: All People Be Happy

The AllPeopleBeHappy Volunteer Service Award underpins the volunteers to do the humanitarian works in the needy corners of the developing countries. It has been giving the award to the meaningful travel enthusiasts since 2010.

uVolunteer Travel Scholarship

uVolunteer Travel Scholarship is the financial support provided by the uVolunteer to the travel lovers who are looking for the meaningful volunteer trips abroad. With this scholarship, the participants can enjoy all the great moments of volunteering and humanitarian works overseas, while keeping them away from the stress of financial burden.

Sara's Wish Foundation Scholarship

Sara's Wish Foundation Scholarship was started with the mission of continuing the values set by Sara by providing financial support to the humanitarian and social workers around the world. It provides the people an ideal to strive towards, an opportunity to serve the world in need. You will join some of the like-minded people who have been supported by Sara’s Wish Foundation for doing the social service overseas.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program is a grant programs that offers the student limited award to study or intern abroad, so that they can enrich their academic years with some meaningful hands-on experiences.

This scholarship program is open to the U.S Citizen students who are looking forward to experience real time study and intern abroad opportunities.

The Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program has the multitudes of the grants and funding opportunities for those who want to teach and study abroad. Fulbright has been supporting all the enthusiasts and scholars to achieve the new height of education by experiencing different cultures in different corners of the world.

This exciting opportunity allows you to apply for the Teaching Assistantship, Research Grants and funds for teaching abroad. Being qualified for a Fulbright program is way more than just monetary values, this reputable program will underpin your resume with an unmatched qualification added to it.

Boren Awards

Boren Awards Program offers the scholarship and fellowship for the enthusiasts searching for new language, culture and service experience is different parts of the world. Awardees of this program get chance to teach, study and serve abroad with the fund provided by the program.

The Boren Awards are very competitive, applicants need to go through thorough research while applying for the award so that they can be sure that they meet the prerequisites for the scholarship. Boren awards usually amounts to $8,000 and deadline for the fellowship is normally till January 30 and for scholarship it is February 8.

In a Nutshell: 12 Best volunteer and travel abroad Program Scholarship and Grants

There is no reason to call of the good deeds just because of the financial hindrances. If you have true dedication and willingness to serve the people around the world by volunteering overseas, there are plenty of organizations and institutions supporting your cause. You can look out for these opportunities to get the scholarships and grants that would help to fulfill your volunteer and travel abroad dream.

Whether you are students looking forward to venture into a new world, or someone experienced waiting for a break from your busy work schedule. You might be waiting for that perfect moment to serve a cause and make a meaningful journey. Finding the best scholarship and grant can add up some momentum to your plan of serving the world.

The financial concern that comes along with the excitement of joining a trip abroad is always justified. Volunteering abroad comes with a monetary cost, as explained above, there are many elements of the volunteering overseas program that involves money.  In order to resolve the financial burden, you can reach out for these different scholarships and grant we have listed out for you.

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