Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs 2024

Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs 2024: What Fee Covers among Flight, Accommodation, Food and Other Expenses

Last Updated: December 01, 2023

Do you want to be part of a meaningful activity? Are you planning to join the community of the altruists but pondering about the cost? If you are able to share your skills and enthusiasm but not your fortune, then this Free volunteer and travel abroad Guide will lead you through the ins and outs of the free volunteering opportunities around the world.

Many of us love to travel and of course, adding some meaningful causes to our journey would make it an experience of a lifetime. If you want to be part of such journey, but at the same time feel reluctant or unable to pay beyond your means to serve people abroad, then you are at the right place. Here we provide you a breakdown of free volunteering abroad. We will guide you in selecting the most suitable program for you at the minimum cost possible. Embark into this 101 to the volunteer and travel abroad Free Flights and Accommodation.

Meaning of Abroad Volunteer

volunteer and travel abroad is any humanitarian activity where you serve in unknown territory, for unknown people and for a meaningful reason. Yes, it is a completely selfless act that you choose to do without any expectation of return; however the gifts of this gesture are invaluable.

Volunteering abroad is a chance to live in a new Country, experience a new Culture, meet new People and make new Friends. You will delve into deep and discover different things about yourself whilst making a meaningful contribution to needy communities.

There are 3 major elements in every volunteer and travel abroad program.


volunteer and travel abroad is a purely selfless act. A person enrolled to volunteer and travel abroad dedicates his/her time for the welfare of the community. It is modern chapter of humanitarian work in which an individual can reach different corners of the world to share knowledge, skills and labor.


By its name, volunteer and travel abroad, it is clear that this process includes a journey abroad. Therefore, traveling is an intrinsic part of the experience. Anyone willing to join a volunteer and travel abroad program should consider this entire planet as one home, and needs to be ready to adjust to a completely different culture and part of the world..

Impact and Knowledge

The main essence of volunteering abroad lies in the impact it leaves on both the participants and the communities. What lesson about life the can the volunteers learn and what message of contribution and generosity they can spread to the world? This is the foundation of every volunteering abroad program.

Where You Will Have to Pay For a Volunteering Abroad Program?

As we have discussed above, volunteering abroad is an altruistic activity which is carried out abroad to serve a host community. Whenever there is traveling and a service attached, there will be the need for funds to finance the concept. So definitely, every volunteering programs run with some expenses.

Here is the breakdown of costs for a volunteer joining a program.

Organization Expenses:

Most of the volunteer abroad programs are offered by the Non Governmental (NGO) and Non Profit (NFP) organizations operating around the world. These organizations need funds to operate, for the promotion of their campaigns and to manage their human resources. These organizations also need some funding for the proper management of the volunteers they accept. Some organizations are funded by government aid and INGO donations, whereas others may have to request volunteers for the program fees which would be used for the management of the program.

Flight Costs

volunteer and travel abroad is ideally about working in a country other than your country of residence. Therefore, flight arrangements is definitely the first step of your journey. Very few of the volunteer opportunity providers offer the airfare cost for their participants, in most of the cases, volunteers will have to self finance the airfares.


Travel insurance provides you with cover for financial losses that may be incurred in events like travel changes, cancellation or interruptions, medical expenses, baggage damage or theft, and more whether they occur before, during or after your trip. It is highly advisable to get travel insurance before signing up for any volunteer abroad program.


Most of the volunteering abroad programs require travel to developing countries. It is essential to check the vaccinations required for each country, to keep you safe and healthy while you are traveling. Before signing up for any volunteer programs abroad it is recommended to check the list of vaccinations from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


The application process for getting a tourist visas depends on the nationality of traveler and the destination s/he is planning to travel. Travelers will have to pay a specific visa fee to enter the country as a tourist. The cost varies depending on the destination.. It is advisable to ensure the visa procedures and visa costs a couple of months before the estimated travel date.

Internal Transportation

Depending on the location you are volunteering in and the nature of your program, you might have to travel to different locations inside the city or country. Also, most of the volunteering programs offer weekend breaks when volunteers might want to explore the beautiful places of new country. Research and estimates of prices for extra transportation will mean you are prepared for additional costs.

Communication, Internet

If you are traveling and volunteering abroad, you may want to stay connected to people back in your home country. It is important to keep updating your whereabouts to those who care about you. In this modern world of digitization, even the remotest corner of the world has internet and telecommunication available. Therefore, it would be advisable to research and estimate the possible costs of using internet, mobile data and telecom before arriving in your destination country.


Accommodation is one of the most crucial aspects of volunteering abroad. If you are comfortable, only then you can make the people around you feel comfortable. Therefore, you have to make sure the project provider ensures your comfort and safety in regards to accommodation. It is important to make sure you understand the kind of accommodation included in the volunteer and travel abroad package.

Most volunteer and travel abroad program providers offer accommodation either in their own hostel, with a host family or in hotels. Some of the free volunteer programs do not include the accommodation in their free package; so again, make sure you are thorough in your research about what is included.


Food is as important a part of your stay as accommodation. Make sure the program does not compromise on the quantity and quality of the food they serve the participants. Most of the volunteer programs offer the local breakfast, lunch and dinner as the food provision. If you have any specific dietary requirements, it would be better to inform the service provider before you sign up for the program.

Incidental costs

Besides everything listed above, there may be extra personal costs attached to your trip. You might make new friends during your stay with whom you want to spend time with which may include outings, drinks and meals. You may want to give a gift to your host family, or you might want souvenirs to take home. Depending on what kind of person you are and what sort of choices you make, there can be extra expenses attached to your stay abroad.

Why Organizations ask Fees for Volunteering Abroad? Is it Always Absolutely Free?

where you have to pay to volunteer and travel abroad

As we have seen from the list above, volunteering abroad has some considerable expenses. Therefore it is normal for some volunteer organization to ask for justified amount of fees from the participants to help cover costs and enable the organization to flourish.

There are however, some externally funded organizations who offer their programs absolutely free,

but there are only handfuls of these.

However realistically, travelling abroad with zero costs is somewhat unrealistic because there will always be some indirect cost involved, for instance the time you spend involved in the project also has a cost.

Despite this, it is very important to examine if the program fee asked by the organization is ethical and reasonable. If the organization is offering you the project absolutely free, then it is essential to check the basic arrangements they make for their participants. If the organization is asking large amounts to secure you a place…be double wary!

How to Find Free Volunteer Abroad Programs

There are numerous volunteer service providers offering different volunteer programs in different corners of the world, with a wide range of options, costs and interests. Finding the right volunteering project can be daunting with so many choices.

Be specific with your volunteering objectives and follow these steps which will help you choose the volunteering opportunity you are looking for.

Search and Search More

In this digital age, searching almost anything is at our fingertips. There are many different search engines where you can submit your queries to get the desired information.. Just type, “Free volunteer and travel abroad” into the search field and press enter. Yes, we know you will be flooded by the search results, but if you are discerning, focused and dig deep into the search results, you will find out the desirable program offers from appropriate volunteer service provider organizations.

Besides  the internet, social media is a powerful platform for searching updates and hash tags (#)with queries like Free volunteer and travel abroad or Volunteering Abroad Free on the social networking sites like twitter, facebook and pinterest. This approach may lead you to the specific organization page that you have been looking for.

Try to Make Direct Approach to the Local Organizations

You will find many US Based, UK Based, European and Australian based companies offering volunteer abroad programs. In most cases their role is as the third party or agent to connect you with the local providers. This adds extra costs to the program fee to compensate their investment in marketing. Often the actual provider misses out on much of the funding. Therefore it is wise to try to make direct contact with the local organizations if the destination you are planning to volunteer abroad. Many such local organizations are in real need of volunteers and they would be glad to offer you to join their program for minimal cost or free..

Consult with Acquaintances Who Have Recently Volunteered Abroad

You may have friends or know of people who have recently returned from a volunteer overseas program. It is always a good idea to consult with them about their experience and to get advice about their volunteer organization, experiences, the cost and the impacts of program, both positive and negative. Smart people learn from their mistakes, but smarter people learn from others. There is always something to learn and a chance to improve your experience of volunteering abroad if you hear the stories from another who has already been through that journey.

Follow the organization on Social media

If you are planning to volunteer and travel abroad in the near future, it is advisable to follow the social media accounts of the organizations which provide the volunteer overseas opportunities. Social media accounts of an organization tell a lot about their brand values, the nature of their team and and the very essence of the organization. Most organizations keep their social media accounts like facebook, twitter and instagram updated of you follow them, you will keep yourself updated with their recent offers and announcements. Some of these might include  free volunteer and travel abroad programs as well.

Important Questions for a Free volunteer and travel abroad Program

Questions for a  Free volunteer and travel abroad Program

FREE is a word which can easily lure people. Like every other product, you will have to check carefully, twice, the reality behind every free volunteer and travel abroad program proposed to you.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask before you sign up for any ‘free’ volunteer abroad program that comes your way.

Why is the organization offering a volunteer and travel abroad program for free?

As discussed earlier, every organization requires money to sustain and flourish including the proper management and mobilization of volunteers, human resources, administration and other related costs.  . Therefore, it is very important to check the background of the organization, the source of their financial support if they are offering you a overseas volunteer program for free.

How authentic is the organization?

Sometimes free can be the bait to loop you into something more costly. So, if you are preparing for a free volunteer and travel abroad project, it is recommended to validate the authenticity of the organization offering such free programs. If the history and profile of the organization depicts an authentic ethos, then you can feel safe accepting the offer they are making.

How comprehensive and transparent are the details on the organization’s website?

Every volunteer and travel abroad organization puts their details on their website.  To make a wise selection, be prepared to read a selection thoroughly and decide which one seems more authentic, genuine and honest with their digital details. The website of the organization has to be as organized, disciplined, honest and updated as the organization is.

Though it is said, don’t judge a book by its cover, but a cover also should be efficient to depict the quality of the content inside the book. Likewise a website of the organization also has to be as organized, disciplined, honest and updated as the organization is.

What is the history of the organization?

As the Batman once said, “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.”The same theory applies when evaluating a volunteer and travel abroad organization. How has the organization performed over the past few years? What is the history of the organization? What are their longer term strategies? Answers to these questions will be really helpful for you to choose the organization that is best for you.

Look for the timeline of the organization’s history and measure the impact it has made to the community and the volunteers it works with. Based on those facts, you can decide if it is a good choice to join that organization for your experience.

How are the free volunteer programs of each organization are reviewed by  past participants?

The most reliable evaluation of a service is word of mouth. Although there has been much development in the marketing and promotion of organizations and businesses, word of mouth still is the best when it comes to deciding on a product or service.

There are many forums and platforms that share the experience of volunteering abroad. The websites like abroadreviews.com allows volunteers from around the world to publish their review on the services they have been provided with, by the organizations they have signed up for. It is really useful to your volunteering selection process if you go through these reviews to evaluate and compare the organizations based on the volunteer’s feedback, stories of experiences.

How relevant is the word FREE associated with a volunteer program?

In many cases the word FREE comes with an * asterisk, with many clauses added to the term FREE. It is very important to scrutinize the free offers that knock on your door. Before you sign up for a volunteer and travel abroad ‘free flights and accommodation program’, you need to completely understand on what grounds the organization is offering you such an irresistible offer.

Watch out for every minute details of the organization history, profile and review from the past volunteers before you decide to accept such free volunteering overseas offers.

How fresh and updated is the media brand of the organization?

Even for the nonprofit organizations, the brand value matters. Examining how responsible and concerned  an organization is in maintaining their brand  and honor, can give you some insight into how responsible  the organization is to its stakeholders. As a volunteer, you are a stakeholder in the organization, so examining the different organizations and their digital signatures on websites and social networking sites will also provide you with a valuable tool to analyze the quality of the program being offered.

Is the organization good at communication?

In most of the cases you can analyze the character of a person with the gesture he shows from the moment of the first handshake. Similarly, the responsible nature of a volunteer abroad organization can be analyzed based on the communication from the organization.

Once you have made a decision to sign up for a specific project with a specific organization, you might need  more details on the volunteer work abroad placement. The attitude and response from the organization to your questions will reflect the nature of the group.. The response should be in a timely manner and be honest, genuine and transparent.. If the communication of the organization is all of the above, then you can be confident to move forward in your selection process.

10 Globally Acclaimed Abroad Volunteer Programs for Free

If you search for volunteer and travel abroad programs around the world, you will be inundated with the options; however, finding free volunteer and travel abroad program is a little trickier. There are only a handful of options for you to enroll absolutely free as a volunteer and travel abroad.

Here are just some of the volunteer and travel abroad opportunity providers that offer free programs worldwide, and few of them at almost no cost.

Peace Corps

Peace Corps Volunteer

Lead by the US government itself, the Peace Corps is a volunteering program initiated to motivate the participants to serve the community abroad. Established in 1961, Peace Corps has been contributing to different communities for five decades with the active participation of the change makers around the world.

To date, Peace Corps Volunteers serve in the fields of Agriculture, Environment, Community and Economic Development, Health, Education and Youth in Development in many countries including Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, South America and Mexico, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East and the Pacific Islands.

Voluntary Service Oversea (VSO)

vso free volunteer and travel abroad

Founded in 1958, Volunteer Service Overseas hasa mission to fight poverty. For the last seven decades, VSO has worked with almost seven thousand volunteers and served almost a million people.

VSO is mainly supported by UK Aid, by government support and grants and individual and corporate donations,.  VSO has been mobilizing volunteers in the areas of Medical and Healthcare, Teaching and Education, Business Management and IT, Engineering and Technical, Community and Social Work, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Communication and Fundraising, Advocacy, Policy and Research. They have been providing their services to the countries around Asia and Africa such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

United Nations (UN) Volunteers

United  Nations (UN) Volunteers

Established in 1970 by UN General Assembly, United Nations Volunteers (UNV) is an organization operated and administered by United Nations Development Program, which has the mission of mobilizing volunteers globally to serve UN agencies in peacekeeping operations and development programs.

Operating in different locations around the world, UNV provides volunteerism service in areas like Community Development, Environment, Disaster Preparedness, Human Rights, Child Protection, Civil and Political Affairs, Media and Communications, Engineering and IT and Medical and Healthcare.

Volunteer FDIP

free volunteer teaching fdip

Established in 2014, based in Nepal, Volunteer FDIP has been providing support to various locations within the developing South Asian country of Nepal. With the participation of many enthusiastic and motivated volunteers from around the world, FDIP has been serving many communities in need of support.

With the motives of sharing is caring, volunteer FDIP’s main mission is to encourage youth around the world to share their knowledge and skills to the people who need it the most but are unfortunately deprived from it. For all those enthusiasts who have been searching for a Free volunteer and travel abroad Opportunity in Nepal, FDIP offers the Free Teaching Abroad Program for the year 2024.

Moving Worlds

With the mission of mobilizing the talents to the neediest corners of the world, Moving World has been encouraging people to share their skills for Sustainable Development.

Moving World has provided 600 skill based projects in 60 countries of the world. They enroll volunteers with expertise in multiple sectors like Community Development, Communications and IT, Gender Equality, Agriculture, Public Relations, Business and Management, Social Enterprise, Education, Skill Development and Empowerment.


Willing Workerson Organic Farms (WWOOF) is an exchange network working in across the globe where accommodation, food and knowledge are provided in return of the support as volunteer to the hosts.

With the mission of connecting the guests with the organic farmers to teach the farming methods in exchange for valuable labor help, WWOOF is building significant networks of sustainable global communities in various locations of Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. WOOFERS are not always in developing countries and is often a meaningful way to travel and learn on a budget.

Help Stay

Help Stay is a skill based volunteer and travel abroad opportunity that links the travelers with the hosts of awesome placesin the different parts of the world. This concept allows the travelers around the world to exchange their skills in exchange of the accommodation from the host, from Farms, House Holders, Art Retreat Centres, Eco- villages, Backpacker Hostels, Surf Lodges, Vineyards, Ranches and Schools, all who are looking for a few hours of honest help and offering accommodation and food in exchange.

Appealing to people who like to visit the world and travel with a cause and purpose. Help Stay has network of almost thousand plus free volunteer and travel abroad opportunities in over 100 locations around the world.

Free Volunteer WorkAbroad

Free Volunteer Work Abroad is the platform where free volunteering abroad providers can promote their volunteering programs and the interested prospects can choose from the array of the projects.

They have been providing the information about free volunteer and travel abroad opportunities available throughout Europe, Africa, Asia & Pacific, North America and South America.

Habitat for Humanity

volunteer with habitat for humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization founded in 1976 with the vision of providing a decent habitat for everyone. Habitat for Humanity has been providing shelters for communities of appromimately70 countries. The organization operates with a community level approach.

Habitat for Humanity is well known for using and managing the skills and labor of volunteers for home building and construction projects. The organization has been making incredible impacts through building Healthy Homes, Post Disaster Rebuilds, Community Unification and Youth Participation in Volunteering.

Restless Development

Since 1985, Restless Development has been working with young people to encourage them to be leaders in solving the challenges around them. The organization has been working in 10 countries across Africa, Asia and UK and USA.

Restless Development executes its programs in collaboration with local NGOs, government funded and private-sector skills-training centers to underpin and motivate young people to reach a decent life standard.

There are more to this list, expand your search horizon to find some more incredible volunteer and travel abroad free flights and accommodation 2024.

How Likely It is to Travel Abroad for Free?

Traveling for free is an ironic statement in itself because every traveler is already investing the most valuable assets of his/her lifetime, their time. Therefore if you are planning to travel for some meaningful reason, you should not only look upon the monetary cost of that journey, it is also equally important to evaluate the time and effort you will be spending in the process. So realistically, no travel journey comes for free. It always requires direct and indirect investments.

However, if you wish to take only money into account as the expenditure of your travel abroad process, then yes, there are numerous ways to travel abroad for free. You need to make full use of your resources to search, select and finalize the free volunteering and traveling abroad opportunity that is right for you.  

If you wish to fly, it is always possible if you are capable of spreading your wings and have the strength to flap incessantly. Likewise, if you are trying to find a travel abroad program in minimum cost or free per se, then you will also need a incessant effort to search and find such free abroad programs.

Pathway to Free volunteer and travel abroad: Try Scholarship and. Grants offered in Volunteering Abroad

If you are not completely able to cover the expenses for your volunteer and travel abroad program, you can opt for some of the volunteer and travel abroad programs that offer scholarship and grants for the participants. If you are successful in being selected for a scholarship or grant, you can enjoy the life-changing experience of volunteering abroad for free.

With Worldteach Scholarships volunteers are supported financially. Worldteach’s objective is to prepare and support effective teachers for classrooms in different parts of the globe.

Another scholarship for the travelers, The Omprakash Ambassador Travel Grant  is developed to support those who travel to support the education of a specific community.

Another grant is, Travel for Good Grant Program for "Voluntourist"  is a contest designed by Travelocity. The winner gets a scholarship to fulfill their volunteering dream.

Another is the Go Overseas Volunteer/Intern Abroad Scholarship which offers an award of $500 towards the volunteer and travel abroad cost of the participant.

Likewise, a non profit 501 c3 charity of the name Youth Foundation Scholarship has been supporting the enthusiasts for their journey since 1940.

There are plenty of other organizations and foundations who are providing grants and scholarships for the volunteering enthusiast who want to contribute their skills to a less fortunate community and in exchange, receive a memorable journey of learning, of witnessing real life in other cultures and f being part of the positive impact in the lives of others.

Fundraising for volunteer work abroad

If you have a meaningful reason for volunteering abroad; if you wish to travel to another corner of the world to serve a community in need, to be a part of a journey in which to serve humanity, then people will appreciate your effort and support your journey. Crowdfunding is one way to collect such support from people around the world. There are people who want to help a meaningful cause, but don’t have the time or ability to travel to the required locations. If you can showcase the purpose and positive impact of your volunteering project, you will get support for your journey abroad via Crowd funding or similar fundraising platforms. In addition, any excess funds raised from your campaign will be able to go towards the community in which you volunteering.

If you have experience with fundraising campaigns, this is another wonderful way to volunteer. Many local NGOs in underdeveloped countries are not aware of these fundraising platforms. They lack the staff or expertise to prepare winning proposals to secure funds for their organizations. In such cases, if you are proficient in communication and writing, you can offer these organizations your skills and in return they may be able to offer you a  free/cheaper traveling opportunity and perhaps provide you a host for your stay in that country.

To pursue this avenue, you need to be able to tell a Great Story, Share It to to an appropriate and wide audience and build networks for donations.

Free volunteer and travel abroad Programs: Pros and Cons

free volunteer and travel abroad programs

If you follow the law of economics, then in this world, nothing is free. Any goods or service you are consuming, you will be spending something but not necessarily a monetary cost. Therefore, important to look at the both pros and cons of any free volunteering abroad opportunities offered to you.

By definition, volunteering work is unpaid. The reward we receive for these humanitarian works are more emotional and spiritual than financial. To be more precise, volunteering is an altruist and selfless act normally done without expectation of any returns. Therefore, we have already invested our emotional values at the moment we decide to join any volunteer and travel abroad program.

Also, literally, Volunteer Abroad means, volunteering in a place other than the one you are residing in. Traveling is essential in any volunteer and travel abroad program. And every travel journey requires one of our most valuable assets, time. By signing up for any volunteer overseas program, we are committing to contribute our precious time that we could have used otherwise in something financially productive.

Here are some of the pros and cons of free volunteering abroad programs:


It Costs You Less

Volunteering is a way to cut your costs and whilst it may not mean free, it is certainly a way to reduce costs and have a deeply immersive experience. A rule of thumb…if it is expensive, then there is a middle man making a lot of money at the providers expense, so do the research and go direct to the source. That is how to make a difference and keep the costs down.

Reputable NGOs and INGOs -Free Volunteering Programs

If we omit some of the exchange programs from the list who offer international volunteers free accommodation and food in exchange for their services, most of the free volunteer and travel abroad program providers are renowned NGOs and INGOs like UN Volunteers, Peace Corps, VSO and Habitat For Humanity. If you qualify for their selection process and get the opportunity to enroll with their team, it will be opportunity of lifetime.

Boost Your CV with Renowned Names

Being selected for a free volunteer overseas program with well known companies and organizations can be a welcome addition to your resume. Your experience working for humanitarian causes with these organizations will be well recognized by your future employers and peers.


Less cost may not always be Zero cost

Not every volunteering program pitched as a free volunteer and travel abroad program is100% cost free. There are many volunteer programs offered as free that have a few clauses. There might be some costs involved like flights, travel insurance, vaccines and even accommodation and food. It is advisable to research the inclusions, or perhaps more importantly, what is not included, in the FREE program.

Waiting List

Some of the reputed free volunteer programs like UN Volunteers, Peace Corps and VSO are definitely magnets for those who are looking to do humanitarian work abroad. Because of their high profile, their programs attract many applicants from across the world. With this high demand the selection process may take time, so if you are planning to volunteer in such programs , prepare yourself to wait to be selected from the waiting list.

Commitment and Selection Process

Many of the free volunteer abroad providers ask for a long-term commitment, sometimes a couple of years. So if you are just looking for few weeks of traveling and volunteering opportunities, then you might want to sign up for some more flexible programs.

Not Guaranteed Satisfactory Accommodation and Foods

As discussed earlier there are also some free programs that include food and accommodation in exchange of their services. Before signing up for such project it is advisable to check what kind of food and accommodation is included.

How It's Like To Volunteer Work Abroad With Free Travel And Accommodation

If we make full effort to find a free volunteer abroad opportunity, we might be lucky enough to enjoy it. No matter if it is long term volunteer and travel abroad or a short term program, the cost associated with the program often adds some constraints to the real experience of volunteering.

If you are volunteering with most affordable cost, or let’s say, for absolutely free. You will be freely experiencing the real essence of volunteering overseas. Here are some of the remarkable ethos of volunteering you can enjoy freely by joining an affordable program:

Volunteering Can Change Your Perspective.

Volunteering is about advancing yourself; it is about expanding the scale and scope of consciousness and become more enlightened. Therefore joining a volunteer and travel abroad program can add up new dimensions to your perspective towards the world. You will find out more about how world works, how world civilization, society and economy work. And based on that conscience you have achieved, you can develop better perspective of humanity.

Volunteering Abroad Is An Opportunity To Make New Friends

What is it in the volunteering overseas that people dedicate their time and effort, without expecting anything in return? Why volunteerism culture is in the rise every day?
It may be because of the fact that as quick as the world is advancing towards the modernization, the culture of isolation is also protruding. In our busy schedules we don’t have time talk with each other, time to make new friends and time to keep up the relationship with the old one. That’s why joining a volunteer and travel abroad program can provide that break we seek from our busy schedules, that chance of responding like humans and building bonds with other humans and that opportunity to build friendship with the people who might have different ethnicity, different race and culture but the same motives of life.

Become Member Of New Community

Abroad volunteers around the world dedicate weeks and months of their lives with the hope that their efforts would leave some footprints of positive change for the community they are serving. The hearts of the people of those communities definitely resonates with the admiration volunteers have been throwing upon them. In a matter of time volunteers become part of those community, an unforgettable string is attached, a string of love, care and compassion.

Volunteers face the challenging situations along with the people of the community; they learn how people deal with stressful situations. And ultimately together they gather the strength to overcome any challenges ahead of them, this attitude of togetherness and unity makes a volunteer a family member of community.

See The World, In Most Affordable Way

If there is any cause that encourages you, that fills the passion in you then don’t wait till that passion fades away. Take the initiative and make that move. Take part into any volunteer and travel abroad program which meets your interest and delve into the new world of remarkable experiences. It is thoroughfare to embark into a new domain. By volunteering abroad you will have chance to explore any corner of the world, with closest acquaintance of the people there and as you will have a local host in the process, it will always be very affordable for you as compared to any other travel abroad experiences.

Not To Mention! Do All Of Them For Free

As our story is tethered with the possibilities of finding volunteer and travel abroad work with free travel and accommodation, you will enjoy all of the delicacies of volunteering programs explained above, and you will enjoy them for free, if you can find a free and best volunteer and travel abroad program for you.

In a Nutshell: Free volunteer and travel abroad with Free Flight, Free Accommodation, Free Traveling and Living

We all have that enthusiast inside us who wants to travel the world, who wants to make a meaningful difference in life, who saves their money to make such trip; for change, for purpose, for inspiration. But the costs of such a trip leave us pondering several questions. How would feel if we could travel for free, if we could volunteer and travel abroad for free., with free flights, free accommodation, free meals, a host like a family and unforgettable memories.

Yes, it is possible; there are several free volunteer and travel abroad programs for college students or free volunteer and travel abroad programs for high school students. If you can exchange your skills and knowledge, then there is such opportunity for everyone in this planet. All you will need is a determination to find and join such program.

If you have come this far with free volunteer and travel abroad, free flight and accommodation, then it is obvious that you have vested interest in joining such a volunteering program. Then wait no more, do your research, make your arrangements, prepare your harness and climb up your mountain of dreams. Dream of serving the people around you, dream of being a positive change, dream of making difference, the dream of volunteering abroad to make a meaningful difference.

"We would like to thank Peta Burchell from Australia, for the voluntary contribution in editing."

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