Best Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs in 2019, Make Best Out of This Summer Vacation

Best Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs in 2019

Summer is perfect time to travel. The summer is way too nice to stick inside, and it enforces us to embark into new places. Atmosphere is vibrant and the time is suitable for great outdoors. In the meantime if you want to do something for the community and want to explore that wonderful, loving, kind and responsible person inside you, then, volunteering abroad in summer programs can be the best way to explore the best of this world and best of yourself.

If you want to be the part of this awesome trend of helping, if you want to rejoice your vigor while encouraging the communities for developments while soaking in all of the natural beauties, then wait no further and sign up for some of the best summer volunteer abroad programs of 2019.

What is Summer Volunteer Abroad?

Volunteering abroad is traveling to a new place while serving the communities by participating in different humanitarian works. And if this volunteer abroad experience is carried out in summer breaks or vacations it is called Summer Volunteer Abroad.

Soothing and calm weather with phenomenal sunshine, summer always comes with all the energy and vigor necessary to make a meaningful journey. For all those philanthropist and enthusiasts out there summer is best time to travel and volunteer abroad.

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How Can I join Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs?

The process of joining a summer volunteer abroad program is similar like joining any other volunteer overseas programs. It just that in this case you will be more specific in choosing the projects which can offer you some free times to enjoy your summer break.

Just browse the internet and search for “Best Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs” you will be suggested handful of options. Out of these options select the organizations that offer you best price summer volunteering package. Correspond with the communication team of the organization, do thorough investigation of the experiences they are offering you in their summer volunteering package. Read the reviews and feedbacks of the programs. And if you find yourself satisfied with everything you can make that decision of joining your best summer volunteer abroad program of this 2019.

What are the Activities and Programs I Can Get Enrolled As Summer Volunteer?

Activities  and Programs As Summer Volunteer

There are myriads of activities across the world that you can join as a summer volunteer. From teaching English to Buddhist Monks of Himalayan country Nepal to coaching footballs to the Kids of African gem Ghana, from working in Hospitals of India to joining conservations Campaigns of Ecuador, multitudes of summer volunteer programs are on your way to participate. All you have to do is manage your free time in this summer, sign up for a program and embark into that life changing journey.

What are the benefits of summer volunteer abroad?

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Like any volunteer abroad programs, summer volunteering in also packed with positive impacts for the community and some indirect benefits for the volunteers too:

Best Use of Summer Break

Summer time is too nice for someone to just get stuck in a confined space. It is a time when nature is flourishing, and the climate is at its best for the explorers. So if you join for a summer volunteer abroad program, you will make the best use of your free time while enjoying this magnificent time of the year while doing something remarkable for the community.

Vacation with Passion

Yes using a summer vacation for volunteering abroad can be a medium to follow your passion. As a summer volunteer you will work in the field which is of your utmost interest at the same time enjoying your free times in some incredible places.

Hone Your Creativity

For some obvious reasons, we are more active and more creative in the summer as compared to any seasons of the year. Participating in some volunteer abroad program is a way to use your creativity and develop it yet further. If you are a good footballer you can volunteer as a football coach, if you are artist you can share your art skills with the kids of schools and if you are good with writing you can volunteer with some local NGOs to support in their promotion campaigns. Using your creativity for the welfare of the others can be the best use of your summer break.

Boost Your Confidence

If you join a volunteer overseas program in your summer break and face all those challenges to serve the communities in remote areas of world, when you are back by the end of your summer vacation, you will find a complete new you. You will find yourself recharged, filled with energy and spirits, more courageous and more confident. And all the positive energy that you have acquired is the result of the dedication and efforts you have put for that volunteering abroad program.

Are There Any Summer Volunteer Programs For High School Students?

Summer volunteer abroad programs for high school students are a chance to learn about the team work while participating with their schoolfellows in meaningful activities. There are renowned non profits, and community development projects run by small institutions where highschoolers can join and contribute their effort as a volunteer. Whether you are joining the project as group of students in a program organized abroad by the support of your school, or you want to join volunteer overseas program for high school students as an individual, there is always volunteering abroad opportunities waiting for your arrival.

How College and University Students Can Sign Up for Summer Volunteer Programs?

College and University  Students Summer Volunteer Programs

If you are a college or university student, and you are planning to best utilize your summer break. You can definitely opt for some suitable summer volunteer abroad program. There are various ways to enroll into a summer volunteer program for college and university students.

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If you wish to join the program individually, you can approach the volunteer overseas service providers directly and you can take part in their projects. If you are planning to enroll with a group of college students, you can initiate a campaign for volunteering abroad with groups. Such campaigns can be funded by crowdfunding or also by the grants from university.

Is Summer Volunteer Program Only for the Groups?

Volunteering abroad is a worthwhile experience to share with bunch of likeminded people. If you are planning to join a summer camp with the cause of humanitarian work, it can be a remarkable journey. So, group summer volunteer abroad program is an opportunity to create the moment of lifetime.

But summer volunteering is not only for groups, if you are more into solo traveling or you wish to  make a meaningfulĀ  journey individually, then, you can approach for the summer volunteer program available for individuals.

Where Are Some Of The Best Summer Volunteer Destinations?

From African grasslands to the South American beaches to Asian Himalayan Ranges, there are multitudes of volunteering abroad opportunities in summer 2019.

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Summer Volunteer in Nepal

On the foothill of Himalayan Mountains, a country shines with vivid chroma in summer. Enjoyed by its lovely people, summer comes with happiness and celebrations for the people of Nepal. Naturally and culturally diverse, this country is one of the best destinations to be explored in the summer time. The mountains are not so ruthless in summer and the valleys and plain are vibrant. So, if you are looking for a meaningful stay in this South Asian Emerald for a cause, don’t miss out to sign up for summer 2019 volunteer opportunities available in Nepal.  

Volunteering in India in Summer Break

In this prismatic land of religious and cultural spirits, summer always arrives with vibrancy. Celebrated with colors and festivals India welcomes this season and summer tourists with open heart. If you want to enjoy the epitome of this Indian Asian Culture while making some meaningful difference, then summer volunteer abroad program in India would be one of your best picks.

Enjoy this summer 2019 in Thailand

Comprised of beautiful beaches, amazing islands and cultural cities, Thailand is full of majestic landmarks and very hospitable people. Welcoming millions of tourists every year, Thailand is at the pinnacle of its charm in summer. Every summer, people from around the globe soar into this land to enjoy the stunning stretches of beaches. Thailand is a good place to enjoy your summer 2019 while being engaged in some meaningful volunteer works.

Volunteer summer 2019 in Sri Lanka

A pristine island at the coast of Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an unparalleled beauty of South Asia. Adored for its coastal beauty and eight UNESCO Heritage sites, Sri Lanka is definitely a perfect place to spend this summer vacation 2019. In a summer volunteering in Sri Lanka you can responsibly enjoy your break while being engaged in meaningful activities such Teaching English to Buddhist Monks, Teaching in Schools and Taking Care of Asian Elephants.

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Explore Ancient Cambodia in Summer Vacation 2019

A blend of ancient and modern world, Cambodia is an enigmatic kingdom of Asia Pacific. Cambodia had suffered with many unfortunate incidents in its past. Cambodian people are working hard to lead this country towards a better future. This summer, volunteering in Cambodia, you can lend your hand of support to help them to attain that dream of social and economic development.

Volunteer Abroad Summer in Tanzania

Summer is the best time to catch the spectacular wildebeest migration in Serengeti. Tanzania is the natural paradise of East Africa blessed with breathtaking view of the grassland and wild lives inhabiting there. In summer the wildlife activity is more active and prominent. Joining summer volunteer program can provide you the opportunity to work with Tanzanian communities while enjoying the overwhelming natural wonders of this African gem.  

Summer Volunteer Programs in Kenya

This magnificent country of East Africa is known for the wildlife and national parks. Adorned with the natural diversity, this place is inhabited by wild lives of all shapes and sizes. In the summer, Kenya is blossomed with natural enrichments. Volunteering and traveling in Kenyan summers can be an unforgettable experience of lifetime.

Volunteer Summer Opportunities in Ghana

Summer in Ghana shines with its golden beaches and green coastlines. Despite of the primordial natural beauty, the people of Ghana are still suffering with economic deprivation and social inequality. Volunteering in Ghana in summer 2019 can be an opportunity to discover this facet of Africa while serving its people.

Summer Volunteer in South Africa

South Africa is an exotic country featuring everything that travelers look in for their summer vacations. Fine weather, spectacular scenery, wildlife, beaches abd subtropical coasts. Volunteering and traveling to this Southern tip of Africa can make this summer truly to remember.

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Volunteer work in Uganda in summer 2019

Uganda is an original African gem with pure natural beauty. Described as pearl of Africa, this country is a perfect gateway for the travelers and enthusiasts. This country is origin of mighty river Nile and home to the largest population of primates. Volunteering and traveling in Uganda will fulfill your summer with the remarkable moments of building bonds with the Ugandan nature and Ugandan people.

Explore Peru in Summer Vacation

A land of contrasts, a country where natural and cultural ethos are intertwined, Peru can be a crowning destination for every traveler of summer 2019. Volunteering in this mystic land of blended modern and ancient lifestyles can be a lifetime opportunity to live in incredible places and with lovely people.

Summer Break 2019 in Costa Rica

A pure natural paradise between Caribbean and Pacific, blessed with different flora and fauna, Costa Rica is a tropical dreamland and a perfect summer destination. Volunteering this summer in Costa Rica can overwhelm you with breathtaking views of natural speculations. If you are looking for a good place to enjoy your summer meanwhile serving some of your time for the welfare of humans and some marine animals, then Costa Rica can be your best summer volunteer abroad destination.

Guatemala Summer Vacation Volunteer Programs

A country rich in histories and mysteries, a remnant of Mayan civilization Guatemala is heart of Central America blessed with natural wonders and historical heritages. Still majority of Guatemalan people are living indigenous lifestyle and many of them are under poverty line. Volunteering this summer in Guatemala can be a moment to explore this unparalleled pristine beauty while serving its warm hearted people.

Argentina Summer Volunteer

Birthplace of great footballers like Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona, a country rich with natural heterogeneity, from rich plains to thick jungles to majestic mountains, Argentina is real emerald of South America. For the summer travelers, this country stretched from tropic of Capricorn to the tip of Antarctica, can offer the boundless moments to get astonished by the charisma of Mother Nature.

Summer Volunteer Abroad in Brazil

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Home of soccer legends Pele and Neymar, the crown jewel of the South America, famous for the carnivals and blessed with the natural diversity of Amazon forest, Brazil has it all to offer the volunteers and travelers who want to make a meaningful trip this summer 2019 in a magnificent part of the world.

Volunteer Summer 2019 in Ecuador

One of the most diverse countries in equatorial region, Ecuador can mesmerize you with world famous Galapagos Island and mighty Amazon Forest. From stunning stretches of beaches to the soaring peaks of the Andes, Ecuador has everything you might be seeking from a summer volunteer travel moment.

In a Nutshell: Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs

So far, we uncovered the awesomeness of summer and the vibrancy it holds within. We discovered how summer can offer the stunning and spectacular moments of the year for every traveler around the world, and we could not agree more to the fact that summer is perfect time to volunteer and travel overseas.

It is time of the year which provides us that break from the regular life, the break which we can use for a meaningful vacation full of opportunities to give back to communities. It is a time to boost our passion of being human, to make people come together for helping each other, to create and live some inspiring stories, to move forward and reach that extra miles of our understandings of this world.

Summer volunteer is suitable for everyone. It can be best experience for the group of University and College students to join a summer volunteering camp. Or, it can be a family summer trip, to enjoy good times with family members, meanwhile inspiring each other to make a move for some good cause. It can also be the choice of solo and individual travelers. There is no boundary and constraints to make your summer break significant by joining a meaningful volunteer abroad program.

So, if you are planning to use your summer vacation for something worthwhile, in a journey that will not only leave some positive footprints in some remote corner of the world but also in your mind and spirits, then wait no more and sign up for some of your best summer volunteer abroad programs in this year 2019.

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