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2022 Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs For High School and College Students, Pick Best Projects

Last Updated: January 01, 2022

2022 volunteer and travel abroad Programs For High School Students, Pick Best Projects

Are you tired of typing “Free and Best volunteer and travel abroad Programs” in search fields and beating the bush to find one actually free volunteer and travel abroad program for you? Do your searches end up in a trumpery bunches of words just beating around the bush? If that is the situation of your glide so long, then don’t worry, you have landed to a perfect ground here to find the volunteer and travel abroad programs for college students.

You are here possibly because you have recently completed your high school or you are in a break of your school, and you want to use your free time doing something meaningful. In this guidebook, we will give you real insight of the free volunteer and travel abroad programs available for the high school students.

Before you look out for free volunteering abroad program, let’s get a close-up view of volunteering abroad and how and why it is important for the high school students.

What is Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is a humanitarian service, in which participations serve in any country of the world. The world has given much to us and we are always liable to return a favor. Volunteering abroad is that opportunity of return the favor to humanity.

Volunteering is all about participation, more participation from all group of people , from all ages of people is the source of progress of volunteering program. Volunteering is all about the attitude of never refusing to participate in the initiatives for the positive changes.

Everyday world is becoming interconnected, the people are converging and with globalization this one planet is becoming one home to every species. Volunteering abroad is symbol of such interconnectivity, it is one of those elements of humanity which is shaping the future of this world in positive way.

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How High School Students Can Play Their Role as volunteer and travel abroad

It is the spirit of the youth that makes students one of the key elements of the social development. High school students are future scholars, professors, doctors, lawyers, civil servers and so on. Who are in high school today will graduate from an university tomorrow and will somehow contribute to shape the destiny of future world. But what these students are learning and doing today will define their perspective and that perspective will be elemental to the social growth.

To make this world a better place for everyone in every manner, young generations has so much more works to do and so much more miles to travel.

Many countries are going through economic and development stagnation. The people are besieged with poverty, illiteracy, gender discrimination, healthcare scarcity and scarcity of basic needs of life. As a high school student, you can change this situation alone; you can be a part of the wave which would resonate that frequency of change.

As a youth you can be that indicator of positive change of attitude, a move one step closer to the humanity. If you are gifted with a privileged life and with a mind of discretion, it is your responsibility to use your conscience for the betterment of humans.

Inequality should not persist; there are people in the different corner of the world, deprived of opportunities, with achievement gaps, gender gaps, race gaps and geographical gaps. Young generations are bridges to eliminate that gap.

Why Youths Should volunteer and travel abroad

We have many challenges to solve in twenty first century. And you have got plenty of works to do, and youth generation is in a better position to meet those challenges. How would these youths meet these challenges and how would they bring those changes will ultimately be up to the path these youths pursue.

Young leaders and humanitarian workers can fulfill their destiny and shape the collective future of the world. Young generations are capable to embrace the diversity of the world, to work with people who talk different, dress different and eat different and to cross the oceans to help others.

In the future youths will be ceos, politicians or will start their own organization; they will need to have the confidence to garner that growth, to face every situation and to live fearlessly in every corner of the world.

It is energy of youths that can bring the new changes to society while embracing their unique and valid versions. Youths just have to develop that particular awareness about the global issues, about the inequalities and about the differences in living standards of species sharing this planet as a common home. There are people equally smart and talented but are grounded down by circumstances , there are other species having equal share of this planet as the humans do, but are being extinct from this planet, as a youth you can work against that and you can change that.

Where Does It Require To Pay Money To volunteer and travel abroad?

Volunteering abroad by its very definition requires the traveling overseas. When it comes to travel, there will always be some costs involved, here are some components of volunteering abroad with require monetary costs for volunteer and travel abroad programs for college students:


Depending on your nationality and the destination your planning to travel, there will be different application process and costs for getting tourist visas. It is advisable to ensure the visa procedures and visa cost at least couple of months before the estimated travel date. If you are planning to volunteer and travel abroad, make sure in advance if the volunteer program covers your visa process cost.

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Volunteer traveling may require you to reach some of the least developed and underdeveloped nations. While traveling to these countries it is very important to check the required vaccinations to keep you safe and healthy while you are traveling. Before signing up for any volunteer programs abroad it is recommended to check the list of vaccinations from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an insurance that covers the risks and losses of a traveler. It is a plan you acquire in advance to assure your recovery in certain financial risk and losses that occur in the process of traveling. Traveling abroad is a basic component of volunteering abroad; therefore it is highly advisable to get travel insurance before signing up for any volunteer overseas project.

Room , Food and Flight

Accommodation plays a vital role in your experience of volunteering abroad. If you are comfortable then only you can make the people around you feel comfortable. Therefore you have to make sure the project provider is well concerned about your comfort and safety in regards to the accommodation. Most of the volunteer and travel abroad program providers offer the accommodation either in their own hostel or with a host family or in hotels. It is up to you, what kind of accommodation you chose to stay in during your volunteer program. Some of the free volunteer programs can have the clause of not including the accommodation in their free package. So, it is important to make sure what kind of accommodation is included in their volunteer overseas offer.

To stay healthy, fresh and energetic is very important for you to be an efficient volunteer, and, food plays a good role for that. Make sure the free volunteer and travel abroad program you joined does not compromise with the quantity and quality of the food they serve for the participants. Most of the volunteer programs offer the local Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as the food provision. If you have any specific dietary requirement, it is advisable to inform about that to the service providers before you sign up for the program.

volunteer and travel abroad, by its very definition is about working in the country other than that you are residing in. Therefore, flight arrangement definitely comes as the first step of your journey. Very few of the volunteer programs providers offer the airfare cost for their participants, but in most of the cases volunteers will have to consider the airfare cost to be self finance.

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Other Expenditures

There will always be some attractive locations around your volunteer destination, which you might want to explore in your free time.  Also most of the volunteering programs offers weekend breaks. In such breaks volunteers might want to explore the beautiful places of new country. Your journey will run smooth if you research and estimate the possible cost of such internal transportation.

If you are traveling and volunteering abroad, away from your place, you might want to stay connected to your people back home. It is important to keep updating your hereabouts to those who care about you. With the exhaustive progress in global communication, even the remotest corner of the world has internet and telecommunications available. Therefore, it would be advisable to estimate the possible cost of using internet, mobile data and telecom cost before arriving to your destination country.

Besides everything listed above, there can be other costs associated too. You might make new friend during your stay, you might want to hang around with them. You might make some bonding with the host family and might want bring some gifts for them. You might want to buy some souvenirs for your people back home. Depending on what kind of person you are and what sort of choices you make, there can be some extra expenditure associated with your stay abroad.

Is it Possible to Actually Volunteer for Free as a High School Student?

High schooling is a golden phase of life. You grow, you make lifelong friends, you learn, you volunteer and intern and you prepare yourself for the challenges and responsibilities ahead of you. This is a phase of learning and shaping your future nature, therefore volunteering in high school can play an important role to decide what kind of man/woman you would grow up to be.

School is a place to pursue our individual and collective dreams, which makes school a perfect place to learn about our social responsibilities as well. There is high demand of energetic youths who are willing to lend their hand of support for humanitarian works. If you make incessant research and full dedication to make a good proposal and resume, then yes you have chance to enroll in a free volunteer and travel abroad program as a high school student.

How Can I find a Free volunteer and travel abroad Program For Me

Au Pair

Au Pair is an assistant from a foreign country, serving the host family and helping the host family member in their daily household works, in exchange of the free food and accommodation provided by the host family. If you want to volunteer for a family while living a local life with them as a family member, and of course without paying a dime, then Au Pair is something you might be looking for.


If you have intentions to do something good around the world, there are many Volunteering Abroad Scholarship and Financial Aid Programs that you can opt for. Search for such grants in the internet, with the fund provided something akin to scholarship for high school volunteers abroad; you can fulfill your dream of volunteering overseas without spending your fortune.

Fundraise and Crowdfunding

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If you want to serve a local organization with specific cause, you can initiate a fundraise campaign to fulfill that cause. Local organizations will be really appreciative to host people like you if they know you have organized a fund raiser campaign in your school to support that organization. You can also opt for the Crowdfunding by promoting the cause of that local organization.

What are some of the Popular Free volunteer and travel abroad Programs Available for High School Students?

You will be flooded with the options for volunteering abroad if you are willing to pay any amount. However, it will be a bit arduous to find the most affordable volunteering abroad programs. And finding FREE volunteer programs? Well, it can be trickier, but, if you can make that precise search, you will definitely find a way to volunteer and travel abroad for almost free of cost. Here are some of the popular free volunteer and travel abroad opportunities available for high school students:

UN Volunteers for High School Students

UN Volunteers for High School Students

UN Youth Volunteering is a concept designed for the encouragement and participation of young generation in the volunteerism. Volunteers will contribute their skills and knowledge to this intergovernmental organization to fulfill its mission.

Peace Corps Volunteer for Students

Peace corps volunteer programs for students  are volunteering overseas opportunities for students of all levels to get involved in serving the communities while pursuing their aim of education. Thousands of young volunteers join the Peace Corps volunteer program while continuing their academic pursuits.

Habitat For Humanity Youth Volunteer

Habitat For Humanity Youth Volunteer

Youth program of Habitat for Humanity offers various volunteering opportunity for the youth aged from five to forty. It has been motivating the younger generations for humanitarian works around the world Habitat For Humanity Youth Program is a crossroad for the youths to meet and work with those who are different than them.

Free volunteer and travel abroad Programs For High School Students in a Nutshell

It is essential for young generation to expand their moral imagination to understand and empathize all human and other species of this planet. As a high school volunteer and humanitarian worker you can play your role not just by awareness but also by action. Every change requires program, organization and participants, participants from all ages, from professionals to high school students like you.

Every development program runs with passion, strategies, technologies and tools. And youths are one of the elemental tools behind every development program. Participation of young generation is constituent of every structural and cultural change. We are always free to use the power that we have to serve those more vulnerable than we are.

We may not be accountable to everything that happens around us, but we are accountable to bring change on at least few of them. We can do good for the deprived communities by mobilizing those communities, and participation of young volunteers will be a catalyst to such mobilization.

So if you are a high school student, if you wish to change things, to work for the welfare of humanity and to make life better for everyone by joining best volunteer and travel abroad programs.  Then go out of your way to make that different, don’t be afraid to embark into a new world. Search, find and join volunteer and travel abroad programs for college students or a volunteer and travel abroad Program for High School Students and All the Youths who have the potential to bring that change.

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