Voluntourism: Ins and Outs of The Volunteer and Travel Abroad Opportunities Around the World

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Voluntourism: Ins and Outs of The Volunteer and Travel Abroad Opportunities Around the World

While we aim to make ourselvesmore competent and better, we live a hectic busy schedule full of deadlines and poor sleep. Every now and then, we plan to give ourselves a break and go for a vacation. While being better than one another, and thinking about ourselves, we have now stopped to think about others. We have becomevery self-content.

Voluntourism is the program where you go on vacation to your favorite destination to rejuvenate yourself and volunteer for their community. Voluntourism is widely accepted concept which gives you an opportunity to explore your destination in a deeper level, interact and build a bond with the local community, practice your profession or get an internship and academic credits. You can find the different option of voluntourism opportunities according to your time, qualification, and skills in any country you want.

What is Voluntourism?

Basically, Voluntourism is traveling with a purpose. It is the program where you will volunteer in an organization or a campaign according to your interest while also visiting the country. Voluntourism is the best way to make the most out of your vacation because you’re not only visiting the places surfacely but also being the part of the community to improve their conditions. You will be chilling, exploring, learning, helping and uplifting. Voluntourism has numerous types and varies according to the country’s situation and needs. But, you can find the perfect voluntourism opportunities in any country of your wish.

Types of voluntourism

Like you have an option for the different tourist destinations,you have many options to choose from different types of voluntourism. You can choose the country based on your interest, budget, and time frame, and then, go for different types of voluntourism based on your interest and qualification.

Here are some basic types of voluntourismprograms : (explain every 100 words)

Fundraising and Administration

Fundraising and Administration Volunteering is more than any other volunteering work because you not only volunteer but in fact, create more volunteer opportunities. As a fundraising and administration volunteer, you plan events, activities, deal with costumes and donors, and come up with the best strategy and presentations to raise the funds for your project or organization. Also, you will work to develop more humanity in the community by awaring the people about the unfortunate condition of the people.


If you are tired of your busy city life and want to take a break on the rainforest or in the lap of a mountain or you’re an environmental professional or a nature lover who wants to explore the nature more or conduct research, environmental voluntourism is for. You will be working directly with the local conservation bodies to preserve and promote a clean and healthy environment or conducting your own research.

Children and Young People

I personally love to spend time with children as they make me forget about everything and teach me to be happy on small things. And, among youths, I feel motivated, empowered, and responsible. If you are someone like me, who believes in Child’s and Youth’s rights advocacy, who also loves to travel, this is an amazing opportunity to travel with a purpose.  You can work in the childcare center, orphanages, schools, etc. with the children in need of help and care.

International Volunteer Programs

Now, traveling abroad is not only about sightseeing and Insta posts, but also about leaving an impact along with your footprints. You can choose from international voluntourism opportunities according to your interest, time frame, skills, preferred location,qualification, and enjoy your vacation with a noble work.


Research voluntourism would be the exact program I would ask for my university. In this type of voluntourism, I will be interacting with the local people and the ambience directly giving me a vivid experience, which I could never have as a tourist, while also getting my research paper done. You will be returning home with photos with your bucket list location, a new perspective of life, a vivid and rare experience, a rejuvenated and happy soul and a great research paper. Yay!!

Community Volunteer

Usually, for most of the tourist traveling to a new country is like visiting a human zoo where you see a human who wears different clothes than yours, lives a lifestyle different than yours. You capture them in your lens, learn their hellos, and return home. But this time, you won’t return just by learning their hellos, but with lots of grateful comments. As a community volunteer, you will live with the community and work for the community.

History of  voluntourism

Voluntourism is not a new topic; medical personnel, soldiers, missionaries, sailors, explorers, and many others have served people in conjunction with their travel. But, if, we follow the timeline Catalyst Marketing Inc. was the first company to work for the intersection of the tourism industry with the nonprofit industry in 2000. From 2000 to till now, American Association of Health Plans, CMI & Los Ninos, Inc Collaboration, The VolunTours Concept Paper & The George Wash University, and Travel Learning Connections have paved the long way of voluntourism.

At present, not only the organizations are working to promote voluntourism, but the tourist themselves are starting to look for opportunities to travel with purpose across the world. Volunteer FDIP believes in voluntourism and has been working sincerely to provide possibly the best opportunity to volunteer for all kinds of professionals in developing and underdeveloped country.

Some of The Best Destinations for Volunteer and Travel

Now, the concept of the voluntourism is among most of the agencies, organizations, and people. You won’t have any trouble finding voluntourism in many countries. Either you are a medical professional, a teacher, a counselor, a nature conservationist, a researcher, a student, or simply anyone, you can find any sort of volunteering opportunities in any of your destination country.

Here, we’ve listed some of the best destinations for voluntourism:

Voluntourism In Africa

You might have Africa on your bucket list for its savannah plains, stunning landscapes, breathtaking wildlife, pristine beaches, subtropical coast, intricate waterfalls, diverse culture, and unique cuisine. For sure, Africa offers you drive on safari to dive with white shark experience. But, have you ever thought of being more than just a tourist in Africa?

Africa despite being the richest on natural resources and diversity, is the most underdeveloped continents. It has 39 out of 49 poorest countries of the world. Because of their poor economy and underdeveloped status, people from these continents live the lowest standards of living with poverty, illiteracy, and diseases.According to the UN, more than 250,000 people, half of them being children, starved to death between 2010 and 2012 in Somalia. The rate of infant mortality in Nigeria is 72.5%, which ranked last based on HDI report 2013 and is twice the global average. Voluntourism in Africa won't only be a fulfilling experience for you, but, in fact, impact the lives of so many individuals on a bigger scale.

Voluntourism In Asia

Asia, with the largest area, has the most diverse geography, climate, culture, and people. Home to Nepal, Cambodia, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, India, and Indonesia, Asia is the country with the best places to visit. Either you want to climb the highest peak Mt. Everest, meditate at the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, chill at the Bali, or experience the colorful and spiritual side of India, Asia is for you!

And, even if you plan to do some volunteering then also Asia is the best for you! Asia offers a variety of Voluntourism including teaching monks in Nepal and Sri Lanka, Childcare volunteer in Nepal and Thailand, Volunteer in Orphanage in India, medical and health volunteering Nepal and Sri Lanka. Voluntourism in Asia has a lot to offer for both volunteers and its participating countries.

Voluntourism In Latin America

A journey through an incredible history of cultures, civilizations, and empires, Latin America offers nature and scenic beauty of high mountains of Andes, a different way of life, and cheap vibrant nightlife. With countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and many more, Latin America is the home to Atacama Desert, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Amazon Dessert, Iguaza Falls, Lake Atitlan, Macha Picchu, Galapagos Island, and many glaciers and beaches.

While their location in the tropical rain forest serves as the major source of resources, they also serve to be the main cause of many communicable diseases. Over 70% of Latin American suffer from malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and cholera due to its tropical location. In Latin America, you can explore as a health volunteer or even wildlife volunteer in Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, other many countries.

Conclusion: Voluntourism

Voluntourism is the best opportunity to explore a new place and learn new things while also giving back to the world. It is even a better option if you like to explore the place in more than a surface level because you will be living with them and working with them. Especially, in the Asian, African, and Latin American countries people are not as fortunate as you are, lacking the basic needs of life: proper food, health, education, and shelter. Hence, this might be a very good opportunity to give back to the world.

This will also be time will spend on yourself. Being in a new place, living a very different life, and forgetting all about yourself and focusing on serving others brings a lot of development to your personality. You will be more confident and resilient, but, more importantly, you will have more love and compassion for others. You will be leading a new life of living while uplifting.

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