Make Your Move to Stop Climate Change: Top 10 Conservation Volunteer and Internship Programs for 2023

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Stop Climate Change: Top 10 Conservation Volunteer and Internship Programs

World is on the brink of an environmental crisis. Our every small step to stop the climate change counts.Either being part of a long term environmental project, or just by spreading the ideas to address the climate change, or just by changing our daily habits, we can contribute to make some difference over the climate change situation.

As being one of the most intelligent living beings of the planet, it's over us now to preserve all the living and non living beings of Earth. We are accountable to the future of this planet, hence the conservation of nature and environment is our responsibility.

If you have some time to travel and make a real difference, you might want to consider joining some of the best conservation volunteer and internship programs abroad. Here we have enlisted top 10 conservation volunteer and internship abroad programs.

Marine Conservation project in Costa Rica

Any activity which is done to protect and preserve the ecosystem in oceans and seas is volunteering for marine conservation. 

Costa Rica was one of the first countries to open back up for tourism in the post COVID-19 time. One of the most visited countries in Central America, Costa Rica is blessed with amazing beaches.

The beaches and marine life is one of the major elements of Costa Rica, therefore, protecting marine life is very important for the country. Participating in marine conservation volunteer programs will provide the helping hands to local communities and organizations working for this global cause to prevent climate change.

Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica

There are 7 species of Marine (Sea) turtles. They are highly aquatic and they stay in coastal areas only for a short span of time just to lay eggs. Due to the increasing effect of climate change   and growing urbanization around the coastal beaches, the lives of  these marine turtles, especially the hatchlings, are in danger.

Joining sea turtle rescue volunteer and internship programs will give you a chance to preserve one of the most crucial elements of the marine ecosystem. Costa Rica volunteering programs for sea turtles will include the various activities to preserve the nest and protect the eggs and hatchlings of the sea turtle. Activities would also include cleaning the beach,  collecting data, and rehabilitating the stranded turtles.

Galapagos Conservation program in Ecuador

Galapagos conservation volunteering and internship program in Ecuador is focused to  protect the vulnerable ecosystems found on Galapagos by protecting species, restoring habitats and implementing sustainable solutions. The Galapagos is an Ecuadorian province formed by volcanic islands. This place is rich with marine life and oceanic biodiversity. Volunteering and interning in conservation initiatives in Galapagos can be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Cloud forest Conservation Program in Ecuador

In this project volunteers and interns can participate to protect a part of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest by helping  in reforestation, trail work, conservation research initiative, sustainable agriculture and local community programs. The cloud forest reserve is located 52 Km from Quito, and it is one of the most biodiverse regions of South America. Volunteering and interning in the cloud forest conservation program in Ecuador is an opportunity to make a difference to the environmental condition of the planet while making a move to stop climate change.

Amazon Conservation Program in Peru

Conservation volunteer and internship program in Peru Amazon area is a program to protect many endangered species in the rainforest of the Amazon region. The Amazon rainforest, also known as the Amazon jungle or Amazonia is a large tropical forest covering the Amazon basin in northern South America. 

Participating in conservation volunteer and internship programs in the Amazon region brings you the opportunity to do something meaningful for this planet and act against climate change.

Wildlife Conservation Program South Africa

Enrolling in the conservation activities in spectacular African National Parks can be one of the life changing experiences as a volunteer and intern abroad. Volunteering in South African grasslands to protect wild animals is a rewarding opportunity. South Africa, situated in the southernmost tip of the African continent is renowned for the big game and other wild lives. As a conservation volunteer and intern, you will be helping to preserve the habitat of magnificent african biodiversity.

Conservation Project in Nepal

Nepal is a country blessed with the magnificence of the himalayan mountains. Though not much industrialized and urbanized,  this primordial country is also not spared by the impacts of climate change. The himalayan mountains used to be white with the snow throughout the year. But now because of climate change, the snowfall is unpredictable. The river cycle and seasons are also changing unpredictably. The people of Nepal are facing some unprecedented natural disasters caused by climate change. Volunteering and interning in conservation projects in Nepal can make a difference to this scenario.

Elephant Care Program in Sri Lanka

The elephants are very smart creatures. These giant beasts are very peaceful and friendly. Working for the elephant care volunteering program can fill your heart with love and care.

The lifecycle of an Elephant impacts the life cycle of many other animal and plants. Therefore, volunteering for Elephant conservation will turn out to be the conservation volunteering for entire ecosystem.

Turtle Conservation in Guatemala

Guatemala, a nation in Central America, is enriched naturally by volcanoes, rainforests and pristine beaches in the coastal region. Volunteering for the sea turtle conservation project in Guatemala can be an experience of a lifetime for you.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Bali

Bali, one of the most pristine cities and a province of Indonesia, is a naturally blessed place on this planet. The unique and affordable sea turtle conservation volunteering  program in the breathtaking island of Bali will provide you the opportunity to get close with nature while making an impact against climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does climate change affect conservation?

Climate change is a major challenge for all the conservation initiatives around the world. As the scale of climate change rises, so the challenges to preserve biodiversity increases.

Can conservation help climate change?

It is now scientifically proven that excessive carbon emission is one of the major reasons behind climate change. With conservation efforts we can balance the ecosystem which will eventually reduce emission and mitigate climate change.

What is climate conservation?

All the conservation efforts to preserve the biodiversity and balance ecosystem, which eventually reduces excessive carbon emission and protect the environment of the planet is calle climate conservation.

How can we conserve and preserve the environment to address impacts of climate change on society?

We have to act against every activity we do that encourages carbon emission and we have to take part in every activity that preserves the biodiversity of the planet to address the impacts of climate change on society.

What are ways to mitigate climate change?

To mitigate climate change, greenhouse-gas emissions must be reduced to zero.Out habits should be changed so that we can tackle the climate emergency & build a sustainable world.

Why is climate change mitigation important?

Climate change mitigation is important because if it is not controlled very soon, many species will be extinct and survival of future human generation will also be at risk.

Conclusion: Make Your Move to Stop Climate Change with Conservation Volunteering

We all are wishing this climate change would stop. But global warming and climate change is a result of our own activities from a long run, and, to get it out of the planet we need to act. We need to participate in every climate change volunteer activity that is possible for us to join with regards to our resources and time.

Volunteering in any conservation program can be that one move ahead to stop climate change and ensure the bright future for the entire living and nonliving elements of this planet.

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