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Russia-Ukraine War and Its Global Humanitarian Effects

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

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The UN has just warned that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is going to cause a global food crisis. Effect of this war is now not limited to Ukraine, Russia or neighboring countries , but it is visible to almost every country of the world.

The effect of war was seen globally at first with the price of fuel and oil, now it is affecting the food supply and the inflation rate.

How the Ukraine-Russia War is Causing the Food Crisis?

The war has made the food security level critical and some of the countries in the world might reach the point of famine if the situation is not controlled. 

The increasing inflation rate across the world is making it difficult for the poorer countries in the world to maintain their food supplies. The people of developing countries are not getting easy access to the foods which eventually will lead to a food crisis.

Reduction in Development Aid and Supports

The European Union (EU) countries are the largest contributors of development aid in the world. With the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The economy of EU nations is also affected, the support is focused on Ukraine, as helping people of Ukraine is of the global priority right now.  But this crisis has overshadowed many of the developing countries that rely on the foreign aid. 

The effect is already visible in South Asian countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal.  Also the Sub-Saharan African countries are also at greatest risk of economic crisis.

The Solution: Stop the War in Ukraine

History has witnessed that every war leads to prolonged humanitarian crises. The length of war decides the size of the crisis.

Many countries across the world came together to help Ukraine. Many people volunteered to support the Ukrainian people and the refugees in every way possible. 

The ultimate solution to this situation however is stopping the war. All the responsible world leaders and countries in the world should take their initiative to stop the war to prevent this humanitarian crisis.

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