Best Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Retreats in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Find the Top Meditation Retreats and Vacations of 2023 in Bordeaux, Limoges, Poitiers, Pau, La Rochelle and Other Cities in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Last Updated: August 3, 2023

Best Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Retreats in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

A southwestern region of France stretching from the Atlantic coast to the Pyrenees mountains Nouvelle-Aquitaine is famous for  diverse landscapes, including beautiful beaches, rolling countryside, and historic towns.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine can be an ideal place for meditation with its serene and picturesque environment. Offering diverse landscapes, including peaceful beaches, tranquil forests, and scenic countryside, the region provides ample opportunities to connect with nature and find inner peace.

Meditation and Spiritual Retreats in Bordeaux

A southwestern city popular for its exceptional wines, breathtaking architecture, and vibrant cultural scene Bordeaux is a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts. With its bustling markets, lively café culture, and a thriving arts scene.

For the meditation enthusiasts, Méditation MBSR Aquitaine, HAPPY MEDITATION BORDEAUX, Nuage et Eau, Centre de méditation zen, Village des Pruniers - Nouveau Hameau, Hameau du Bas – Village des Pruniers are some of the retreats that can offer great training experience in the practice of mindfulness meditation. You will find very professional therapists, who are very attentive and always in the exchange. There are excellent places to practice the way of Zen, A healing source, soft, calm and welcoming full of zen.

Meditation Vacations in Limoges

A city in central France, Limoges is loved for its rich history, cultural heritage with its medieval architecture and narrow cobblestone streets.

For those looking for meditation and yoga retreats, there are places like JOIE de VIVRE, Moulin de Chaves, SCI Bonnevaux., Oasis de l'Aube - Centre de Yoga & Thérapies Naturelles with very pleasant Ayurvedic massage by professionals. You will find caring and soothing, an ideal place for workshops, training and yoga retreats, meditations and natural therapies. It even has  places of peace offering a new monastic community life and a pattern of meditation in the Christian tradition with the quality, the welcome, the friendliness and the cuisine.

Meditation Retreats Near Me Poitiers

A city of central-western France Poitiers is blended in history and cultural significance. It can be an ideal destination for travelers with a rich cultural scene, delightful cuisine, and a warm ambiance.

For those who love mindful traveling , there are retreats like Centre de Méditation Kadampa France,  Orchard Retreat Hire , Retreat to the farm with a beautiful setting, forest pond nearby, everything there makes you  feel good , very relaxed. You will find friendly space, rustic in all the best ways, surrounded mostly by fields and wide open views of the sky and sunsets. The classes, accommodation and food are all good.

Best Spiritual Retreats in Pau

Pau southwestern city of France with  remarkable beauty and historical significance. Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes  appeals to nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and those seeking a relaxed yet culturally stimulating experience.

For meditation lovers, retreats like  Casa Cuadrau: Yoga, Art & Nature in the Pyrenees, Village des Pruniers - Hameau du Haut, Gaia House can be ideal places to relax and unwind. The landscape there is superb,  the retreats  are located in a beautiful location and are super welcoming,  with top quality food. The plane tree on the front lawn is also a sight to behold in some retreats.

Meditation Retreats Near You in La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a captivating seaside city with a rich maritime heritage. With its vibrant atmosphere, lively street markets, and a calendar full of festivals and events, La Rochelle attracts visitors to explore.

Also for those who are seeking for meditative moment, there are retreats like Méditation La Rochelle, Meditsens méditation de pleine conscience & MBSR, Zendo de La Rochelle with a space where you can meditate to find your mental calm and your serenity. Meditating with a mindfulness professional in a small group and in a reassuring setting. A simple and welcoming place, where you can practice sitting meditation .

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How Can I Find Best Meditation Retreats in Nouvelle-Aquitaine?

You can initiate the process by conducting online research and exploring dedicated meditation retreat directories or platforms. Also combine online search with local reviews and recommendations along with community engagement.

What happens at meditation retreats in Nouvelle-Aquitaine?

Meditation retreats in Nouvelle-Aquitaine have activities of meditation,  gentle yoga, nature walks, or mindful movement exercises .

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