How to Help Stop Famine and Hunger in 2023

Find out the cause, consequences of famine and hunger in the world. Know how we can stop it and where you can help people suffering with hunger and famine.

Last Updated: August 4, 2023

How to Help Stop Famine and Hunger in 2023

As per UN Report, the number of people affected by hunger globally rose to as many as 828 million in 2021. The number is expected to increase due to recent events of the Russia- Ukraine war, Turkey- Syria earthquake, continued ordeals in African regions and the Post Pandemic effect of COVID-19.

Young children account for 80% of hunger deaths. This disaster impacts the most defenseless people in regions that are deprived of food, water, healthcare and other basic services. The loss of a child under 5 reveals the anguish of affected families. Hunger jeopardizes people of all ages in vulnerable areas.

Access to adequate food is a human right in global laws, beyond nutrients to allow getting and buying food. Children's rights also mandate sufficient, lasting, nutritious food.

While many have plenty, millions suffer from hunger. Global hunger has grave effects that need our collective action. However, acting and reversing this situation is in our hands. There are many actions that we can carry out in our day to day.

Causes of Hunger and Famine

Hunger and famine results from several interrelated factors:

Poverty and Exclusion: About one billion people live on less than $1.25 per day, so poverty prevents them from getting food, shelter, and services while isolating them from society.

Environmental Change: Climate issues like water shortage, desertification, and severe weather force millions to flee as "climate refugees," worsening hunger.

Pests and Diseases: Crop-destroying pests and current outbreaks like COVID-19 cause famines, increasing global hunger.

War and Displacement: Conflict-induced displacement makes people escape violence and resource scarcity as refugees without basic rights.

Consequences of Hunger and Famine

Global hunger and famine affect people and progress in various ways, such as:

Instability and Food Crises: Conflict-ridden countries face reduced food production and increased prices due to violence, leading to more food insecurity.

Malnutrition Effects: Limited access to nutritious food causes malnutrition, mainly in children, leading to severe development-related issues.

Health Concerns: Poor diet increases vulnerability to disease, worsened by limited healthcare access and hindered recovery due to poor public services.

How Can We Help Stop Famine and Hunger

Some key strategies to fight hunger and improve food security are:

Reduce Food Wastage: In areas like southern Africa, efficient harvesting, storage, and preservation methods, such as drying produce with dryers, can extend food shelf life from months to years.

Enhance Soil Fertility: Even fertile regions like much of Africa need regular fertilizer use and cover crops to sustain food production, avoiding major output drops.

Empower Women: Combining feminism with hunger reduction is vital, especially in male-dominated societies. Empowering women in these cultures can increase the agricultural workforce and enhance a country's productivity.

Prioritize Rural Areas: While urban centers ease aid delivery, about 80% of those at risk of hunger live rurally. Focusing on rural development matches sustainable goals, reducing migration and increasing investments in food security.

Take care of the environment: The impacts of climate change, including rising temperatures and extreme weather patterns, are detrimental to agriculture and livestock, resulting in hunger and famine. We can combat this by adopting eco-friendly practices - opting for cleaner modes of transport and decreasing energy consumption - to preserve our environment.

Where to Donate to Help the People Affected by Famine and Hunger

If you are thinking where can you make donations and contributions to the people suffering with hunger and famine, here we have enlisted some of the organizations that have helping in this cause:

We Hope

We must admit that the team of  Volunteer FDIP was also overwhelmed with the facts of hunger and famine of this scale. We hope this story will resonate the mind and soul of the people around the world and unite everyone together to help all the people suffering with the ordeals of hunger and famine.

We hope you found our information helpful. Please share it with your friends and families:

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