What jobs can you get in 2024 with a psychology degree in UK?

Last Updated: January 9, 2024

What jobs can you get in 2024 with a psychology degree in UK?

Psychology degree is one of the fast growing degree among the students in UK as the government is investing economic funds to psychological therapies in UK. It is the fourth most popular college degree among the students.

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With the increasing demand of psychologists position in different field, we can expect their salary is quite well in the upcoming years. Following are some of the jobs you can get with a psychology degree in UK.

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologist is one of the rewarding career in UK. They basically work with the aim of reducing the psychological stress of the people and diagnosis and treat the mental issues of the people.

The field of clinical psychology employs the highest number of people than any other field of psychology and their salary tends to be around  £60,000 which increases along with their experience.

Industrial- Organizational Psychologist

Like USA, Industrial- Organizational psychologist is one of highest paid career path in psychology in United kingdom. They help to enhance and improve the work efficacy, communication and work towards betterment of workplace in the organization.

Their pay scale varies according to their work experience and at higher-ranking level, it can reach more than £80,000.

Military Psychologist

Military psychologist are employed in order to help the military people and veterans with the counselling and support for their mental well-being. The Post- traumatic stress disorder is one of the major issue underlying among the military personnel due to active and post war.

Thus, in order to support their betterment and give them counselling and treatment, military psychologists are employed as service members in the military.

Sports Psychologist

Sports Psychologist basically work with the athletes and performers in order to motivate and enhance their performance, help in their personal development, sports performance and also recover them from various injury.

Sports psychologist is increasing in demand in order to address the physical and mental wellness of the athletes that reflects their better sports performance. In average, their salaries ranges from £27,000 to £37,000

Educational Psychologist

The major role of educational psychologist is to observe and counsel students and help them overcome their academic, social, behavioral complication along with their parents and teachers.

As an educational psychologist, there are varieties of pleasing career like in schools, university, organizations etc. While the starting salary of educational salaries ranges from £25,000 to £ 35,000 and increases along with the experience to about £50,000 to £60,000

Neuro Psychologist

A career as a neuro-psychologist is one of well-respected and rewarding career in UK. They help to diagnose, treat and help the people with some serious brain and nervous system injuries .

They can work on different settings like government or private settings, hospitals etc. On average, a neuro psychologist earn about £52,000 annually.

Research Psychologist

With an interest to learn and understand about human behavior, psychology, cognition and attitude, research psychologist conduct research, hypothesis, testing in order to conclude the outcomes that help the human kind.

They also can work as a educator and consultant in addition to contributing towards research. The average salary of research psychologist ranges in between £45,000 to £80,000.

Child Psychologist

As the growing concerns of child’s mental, behavioral and emotional condition is put forward, a child psychologist has a huge demand and play a major role in understanding, counselling and conducting therapies regarding child’s behavior, attitude and disorders.

While major job opportunities as a child psychologist is found in London, Birmingham and other cities of UK, a child psychologist have an average annual salary about £35,000 to £40,000.

Psychologist salary in UK

As per National Careers Service UK, the average annual salary of psychologists in UK ranges from £44,000 for the starter to £57,000 for the experienced. According to indeed the average salary per year for the professionals of psychology field also appears to be of the similar range.

Salary is definitely a defining element of any job, however, being psychologist is also an opportunity to help people to navigate them towards a happy and balanced life. As a psychologist, rewards come in different ways, your social reputation will increase, you will fill more fulfilled with story of every client you heal. Psychological wellbeing is emerging concern for the people in UK, if you gain the experience today, your experience will definitely return as reward in the future. Therefore, though you have to be concerned about salary of psychologist in UK, consider the other benefits that you can give to you and the society as psychologist.

Highest paying psychology jobs in UK

As per indeed, the highest paid psychology jobs in UK appears to be Psychiatrist, Clinical psychologist and Therapist, with Psychiatrists making almost £87,770 per year to Therapist making almost £36,273 per year.

The nature of your job might decide the range of your pay in psychology jobs; however, it must be noted that your qualification, experience, and professional reputation also play key role while defining your pay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What jobs can you get in the UK with a psychology degree?

Clinical Psychologist, Sports Psychologist, Neuro Psychologist and many other job are there that you can get with a psychology degree in UK.

Can I work in the UK with a psychology degree?

Yes, a psychology degree opens up various career opportunities in the United Kingdom. There are many jobs available for those holding a psychology degree in the UK.

Are psychology jobs in demand in the UK?

Psychology jobs are sought-after in the UK. Many fields of psychology are experiencing a significant increase in the need for psychologists, so the employment prospects for graduates are good.

Is psychology a high paying job UK?

In the UK, psychology jobs relatively pay less, except clinical, counseling, and industrial-organizational fields. Average pay varies by experience, location, industry. Success tied to skills, experience, qualifications, location, and industry. Research demand, seek advice for rewarding UK psychology career with degree and experience.

Conclusion: Jobs to get in 2024 with a psychology degree in UK

Psychology is one of the most popular degree in UK. The average income is hugely affected by wide number of factors like location of the employment, sector of work, educational background, years of experience.

In UK, jobs in London pay more by an average of 1.8% than other cities. From lucrative salary to excellent career, psychology jobs offers specialty in diverse areas like research, education, business, forensics and so on.

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