Psychology Jobs in USA After College that Pay Well in 2024

Last Updated: January 5, 2024

Psychology Jobs in USA After College that Pay Well in 2024

Every year about 40 millions people in USA suffer with mental health issues. Thus professionals dealing with mental health patients have wide range of career options and most of them have a common area i.e. a psychology degree from the university.

Psychology that deals with the study of human behaviors is one of the desirable undergraduate major among different courses to choose from in the university. Following are some of the best jobs after a degree in psychology that one can pursue.

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist basically deals with assessment, diagnosis and cure of any kind of mental issues. Clinical psychologist occupies a major job market within Psychology.

Clinical Psychology mostly assists medical psychiatric treatment of a patient. It is also a highly paid job in the United states. The average salary ranges from $70000 to $130000 based on experience. Highly experienced professionals earn even more.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Industrial- Organizational Psychologist basically deals with the management and well-being of the employees mentally within a industry or an organization. Psychologist in this job use their expertise to manage workplace issues.

The average salary for the entry level job in the U.S is around $60000.

In current time, jobs related to industrial-organizational psychology is increasing. The best working place for this job is California.

School Psychologist

A school Psychologist may be obliged with varieties of duties based on where they choose to work. Generally, a school psychologist work for schools to support the students of varying ages who require assistance for educational or other support.

The pay-scale of school psychologist varies depending on the university as major universities definitely give high pay than community schools. Their average salary tends to be $75000 and they have very low unemployment rate.

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Psychologist basically focus on the psychological cases based on law. The basically assist on investigation, criminal psychology, dealing with issues related to child custody and child abuse, providing training for the law enforcement etc..

The average salary of the Forensic Psychologist is $59,440. This can also be a good career for college graduates that pay them well in terms of growth.


Neuro-Psychologist is a demanding job in the United Stated that pay well for the expertise. In this job, Psychologist basically deals with brain and cognitive behavior. They provide cognitive therapy, brain test, assess how drugs are reacting to the nervous system etc..

It was one of the best jobs for college graduates in 2021. The average salary for neuro-psychologist is around $90,460.

Counseling Psychologist

Counseling Psychologist deals with most of the cases related to clinical psychology but for the patients of less severe case. They provide counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and also conduct research on different cases of mental health.

The average salary of counseling Psychologist is around $72,540 per year. This can also be regarded as a job after college that pay well. Graduate with less experience can opt for this job.

Engineering Psychologist:

Engineering Psychologist basically deals with the psychology of design of a system its operation and the equipment that are used in the engineering spectrum. It assists with more productivity and occupational health safety inside the engineering ambience.

Engineering psychologist working in private company earn comparatively more that in other fields. The average salary of engineering psychologist is $79,818 per year.

Psychology Teacher:

Psychology teachers help the students to be familiar with the principles of psychology, understand human mind. With an undergraduate degree in psychology, students can work in academic institutions and teach the students in this field of social science.

There are also psychology professors that dedicate themselves in various psychological research and also teach university students. Psychology professor have an average salary of $85,000 annually.

Conclusion: Psychology Jobs in USA After College that Pay Well

While the field of psychology is very unique and diverse, they majorly help in the mental well-being of people and motivate them towards a fulfilling life. In the process, there are large number of career paths one can follow and earn accordingly.

From lucrative salary to excellent career, psychology jobs offers specialty in diverse areas like research, education, business, forensics and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is psychology in demand in USA?

Yes, psychology is in demand as possibilities of this degree is expected to grow steadily in the U.S. due to factors like mental health awareness, aging population, and organizational needs. Highly demanded fields are clinical, school, forensic, and industrial-organizational psychology.

Is psychology a good career in the US?

The exact answer can be a bit subjective and depends on how interested and skillful an individual is. However, psychology can provide a fulfilling career path in the US, with opportunities for growth across various areas from clinics to courtrooms to classrooms.

Does psychology pay well in USA?

Psychology jobs can be lucrative in the US, with median pay over $80,000. Variability in salary depends on experience, education, specialty, and location. Top-paying fields: psychiatry ($200k+), industrial-organizational psychology ($100k+), neuropsychology ($90k+), engineering psychology ($85k+), and professorships ($85k).

Can I work in USA with psychology degree?

Yes, you can work in USA with a psychology degree for this a degree from an accredited university and state licensure are required.

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