How to find peace in the world surrounded by war and conflict

Last Updated: February 19, 2024

How to find peace in the world surrounded by war and conflict

Every morning I wake up, I have the habit of checking some of the news, whether it's in The New York Times or in BBC. Often, the headlines that I see revolve around war and conflicts, whether it's about a strike from Russia to Ukraine or about Israel attacking Gaza.

Some images that I see are very disheartening, and I wonder, what kind of world am I growing into? Both countries have their own reasons to justify their actions. When it comes to the Russia and Ukraine war, Zelensky is supported by one part of the world, and Putin, on the other hand, makes his stand on self-righteous ground, or indirectly, maybe supported by some other countries, some other part of the world. No matter who is right or who is wrong, it's the ordinary people who pay the price for every war and conflict.

Russia Ukraine War Impact

In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, I can see how women and children from Ukraine have been suffering from this ordeal, which seems like it's never-ending. On the other hand, the people of Russia, I have heard a few who do not like what is happening right now and who are not in support of the war, and they feel guilty about what their country is doing to the people of Ukraine. Whatever happens, it has become clear that the situation between Russia and Ukraine is now out of the hands of the civilians. It has been taken over by world leaders or someone who we call world leaders.

Israel Gaza War Conflict

On the other hand, what's happening in Gaza is even more terrible. Hospitals being destroyed, half a million houses being destroyed or damaged, thousands of people being killed, a million people being displaced and living a life that we cannot virtually fathom. When I see the footage of Israel Gaza war, it feels like some parts of that place are what we could imagine hell to be like. Maybe I am not the only one who is surrounded by the information and the news about war and conflict everywhere. Maybe I am not the only one who is expecting some peaceful moment amid this chaotic turbulence happening around. And there might be many others like me who are in search of peace and solace amidst all these conflicts that are happening around.

Finding Peace Amid War and Conflict

So, how can we find peace while we are surrounded by such chaos and the information about stories of war and conflict everywhere? Is the solution in avoiding this news? Is the solution in accepting this? Is the solution in running away? Or is the solution in surrendering? There are a lot of questions because it's a complicated issue. It cannot be answered in one sentence or just in one answer, and the answer is very complicated. Okay, so how can we find peace amid war and conflict? How? Today we will discuss here. Over the past few years, we have been providing information about peaceful journeys, meditation, yoga, and all these spiritual practices that we can follow to attain peace.

Are they all applicable in the case of a crisis? Many of us might be pondering that. Whatever suggestion I'm implying here may not be applicable to those who are actually the victims of this war, the people in Ukraine or people in Gaza. It's not applicable for them. It may not be applicable for them. I have to be empathetic and compassionate about the moment they are facing right now. And any theoretical principle that stands alone on theories might not be applicable for them. I'm being honest here.

This piece of information is about those who are not actually directly affected by the war, but indirectly, though living away from that place, hear a lot about it and watch a lot about it. And they can feel it. They can feel the pain and they feel like not being at peace at the moment. It's for them. So how can we find peace amid this crisis? While we witness this crisis, whether the witnessing is on some social media or on television or in the newspaper or whatever, how can we find peace? Here we will discuss some suggestions that can be applicable.


Does meditation have the power to keep you away from the negative thoughts that you get from every conflict and news war with you up? Can we be recovering from the impact this kind of news made on ourselves? I would say yes. Practicing regular meditation and being within yourself, feeling about yourself, being within your inner self will somehow help to avoid the distraction caused by the external world. It's a truth that part of our life is affected by our internal world and part of it is by the external world.

So, if you cannot find peace in the external world, it's better you try to seek it in your internal world. And spiritual journeys like meditation can be one of such ways.

Helping Others

Can that be the solution for this kind of situation? I would say yes. If you start helping others, you will feel better. You don't have control over whatever is happening in the world, but

 you have control over what you are going to do and what you are doing. So if you are doing well, and if you are contributing to this world, if you are volunteering, if you are helping people, then maybe you might feel better about it and you might attain that peace that you have been looking for despite whatever is happening outside the world. Helping others can be a way to find that peace.

Going for a Spiritual Journey

How about changing the place and going for a spiritual, peaceful journey? Will that be a solution to finding peace amid the war and crisis? To some extent, yes. If we change our place and we get ourselves away from those daily news and the media we watch, it might help us to find that peace that we have been looking for. So, embark on a journey of spirituality in which you will be in an entirely new place, experiencing an entirely new kind of culture, and you'll see the people, their lives, and you'll find that peace that you have been looking for.

Consider the Planet as a Home

If we think about this planet, we will realize that it is just a tiny dot in the universe and we are as minuscule as a particle. When you think about the crisis and war situation in the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Gaza conflict, you might get some negative feelings. But when you broaden your perspective, you will realize this world is more than Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, this planet is more than Russia vs Ukraine, and this world is more than Israel vs Palestine.

If you widen your vision and think of yourself as part of this universe, you will feel more at peace. Physics says that the most relaxed moment for eyes is looking at the sky, similarly, a relaxed moment for our mind would be to think about the universe and realize we are just a part of this universe and this planet is our home.

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