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Top 10 Environmental Celebrity Activists Inspiring the World to Volunteer With Climate Action to Stop Climate Change

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Top 10 Environmental Celebrity Activists Inspiring the World to Volunteer With Climate Action to Stop Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the most alarming issues threatening the quality of life of the human civilization. From the renowned actor like Leonardo DiCaprio to the young influential activist like Greta Thunberg, celebrities from all around the world are inspiring people globally to intensify their awareness level and act upon the climate actions to combat the ill consequences of Climate Change. Celebrity activism is one of the most powerful way to engage the public in the environment conservation effort and  promote sustainability. From funding environmental organizations, to drawing the attention of the political leaders to effectively act towards the urgency of the climate actions, celebrity activists are taking part in the conservation efforts.

Nowadays, numerous celebrities come forward to fight against the climate change. These environmental celebrity activists are looked upon as the ‘role-models’ by the public and their attempt to promote eco-friendly choices in daily lives of people takes positive pace. With the huge fan following and leadership, celebrities advocate the environmental issues our planet is facing and initiate the efforts to take climate actions. Celebrities are establishing o=different foundations, hosting charity events, raising awareness related to recycling, switching to clean energy in an attempt to reduce carbon footprint on earth and make the world better place to reside for the upcoming generations and these are the good deeds often looked by their followers.

Who are the most active celebrities in the climate change charity works?

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda, Greta Thunberg, Mark Ruffalo,  Prince Harry are some of the most outspoken advocates of climate change who are constantly using their status and reach to support climate actions, combat the issues of climate change and improve the planet’s status for future use. Their involvement in the climate actions, charity works is looked upon by their numerous followers that amplifies the public attention from all over the world. Celebrity activism is one of the influential ways to reach midst the people’s mind. From establishing an organization to documenting the environmental issues, from debating on climate change issues to raising the funds to combat them, these celebrities are doing their best to save our planet Earth.

Sir David Attenborough

sir david attenborough working on climate change

Source: Wikimedia

British environmentalist Sir David Attenborough is a legendary filmmaker and broadcaster advocates how human activities impede the conservation of nature. His inquisitiveness towards nature comes from his great learning, knowledge and advocacy. Attenborough was the recipient of prestigious “Green Star Award” for his extraordinary dedication of 60 years to environment.

From producing extensive wildlife documentaries to documentaries relating to Climate change, it explains his tireless effort to save our planet and tackle climate change crisis. He was founder of World Wildlife Fund in 1960s and patron of several charitable organization like World Land Trust, vice-president of Flora and Fauna International. He serves as a very influential role model of environmental conservation.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Renowned actor and producer, Leonardo DiCaprio has relentlessly proven to be one of the most outspoken environmentalist in the Hollywood. He has established Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998 that focuses on the alarming environmental issues, restoring the vital ecosystems and protection of endangered species. Being an actor, he has used film as a medium to raise awareness among the people.

“The 11th Hour” co-written and produced by him was a documentary related to global-warming, that raised $40 Million and became the all time highest grossing environment charity event. Likewise, his foundation donated $1 Million to protect the Nepal’s Wild tiger population in 2010. The foundation has awarded about $80 million in grants and has funded several projects in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Greta Thunberg

A 18 years old internationally recognized climate activist, Greta Thunberg emerged as the voice of the youths who will be facing the climate crisis as the consequences of the failure of political parties to mitigate climate change. Her voice outside the Swedish parliament resonated with numerous youths around the world in August 2018.

For her inspiring demand to initiate the urgent climate action from political leaders, she has been youth icon and nominated for Nobel peace Prize in 2019 and also listed as Times Person of the year the same year. Apart from her protests and awareness campaigns, she has also donated all of her prize money worth $1 Million Euro to climate charities for betterment of human civilization and protect the environment.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley working on  environment and climate change

Source: Wikimedia

Reputed actress Shailene Woodley is one of the inspiring environmental activist who constantly advocates for protection of environment. She is one of widely recognized celebrity for her social and environmental contribution. Woodley has partnered with the largest environment NGO and served as Green Peace Ocean Ambassador to combat plastic pollution in 2019.

From being arrested for her environment efforts to essaying the importance of environmental activism, from taking an initiation to combat climate change by foraging her own food to being vocal about plastic pollution and environmental injustice to marginalized people, Woodley leaves her fans astonished with her genuine efforts to protect environment.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is an outspoken feminist, actress, political and climate change activist. Being a famous personality, she has always used her platform to connect and encourage her huge fan base to Climate movement. Her constant efforts tended to engage a group of mature audience to speak about the urgency of efforts for Climate crisis.

Fonda supports Cal-Earth, Environment working group and different foundations working for environmental issues. She launched the weekly protest named “Fire Drill Fridays” intended to demand quick and appropriate response from government to combat Climate Change. Fonda uses her popularity by collaborating to raise charities and donate to her organization to fight Climate crisis.

Meryl Streep

Oscar winner actress Meryl Streep is a famous green activist and one of the famous eco-friendly celebrity.  She began her advocacy for environment from 1980s with Natural Resources Defense Council. She is co-founder of ‘Mothers and Others’ that supports organic agriculture and raises environmental food awareness. Streep has been known to take the plethora of green initiatives.

She helps the world with her regular charity works and green consumer movements. She supports multitude of organization for environmental advocacy and promotes pesticide free food and sustainable farmings. Streep has worked to raise awareness about toxins in food and water that adversely impact human health.

Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex is one of the great environment campaigner like his father and grand father. The royal family has always served their great commitment to advocate for environmental causes and its preservation. He has always shown his passion for nature and urged to initiate climate actions to save the planet.

Both Duke and Duchess of Sussex have continuously used their platform to encourage the public to make environmentally friendly choices and tackle the issues of Climate Change by reducing the carbon footprint. He has funded many budding organizations dedicated in environment and has done some great charities through Wilderness Foundation UK and Surfers Against Sewage.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is an actor, philanthropist and a life long environmental activist who fights for the critical environmental issues and raise awareness to combat Climate Change. He was the recipient of Environment Media Award in 2013. He has always been very vocal about climate change impacts and pollution in the nature.

He is an ardent lover of sustainability and promotes eco-friendly life style like recycling.  He uses his social networking sites like Twitter to encourage his followers to take climate actions, promote environmentalism and eventually commit to sustainable living by making environmentally conscious choices.

Mark Ruffalo

Popular for his character as ‘The Hulk’ in Avengers Movie, the actor has dedicated his life to more than just movies. His fascination towards the environment and his fights against fracking led him to be an activist. He is an adamant renewable energy advocate.

He has co-founded “The Solutions Project” which promotes to switch to clean energy, fights against fracking and Climate Change issues.. He uses his platform to boost the people to transition towards solar energy from fossil fuels. He is actively involved in  and green deal campaigns like he raised donations more than $182,000 for Water Defense.

Joaquin Phoenix

Admired for his unconventional choice of characters in movies, Joaquin phoenix is an Oscar- winning actor, environmentalist and animal rights activist. Along with his  successful acting career, he is one of the active promoter of veganism as one of the way to reduce the environmental stress caused by humans.

He has produced number of documentaries relating to the consumption of animal meat and its immense impact on the environment. Phoenix supports PETA organization and has helped to raise the consciousness about the correlation between environment, climate change and health issues. He has done various vegan charity works and donated in animal equality initiations.

Conclusion: Environmental Celebrities Inspiring Conservation Volunteers for Climate Action to Stop Climate Change

With the rise in environmental concerns and the dire need of planet for its conservation, more celebrities have dedicated their time, money and efforts to protect the earth. Majority of the celebrity are involved in one or another charity works. Environmental conservation efforts by different NGOs and INGOs are hugely benefited by the campaigns led by celebrities having huge fan following and their involvement can draw attention of the public. From Sir David Attenborough to the Royal family of UK, everyone has played the significant role in contributing towards environmental issues, conducting charities, making donations and support the funding of different organization that essays the role of combating Climate Change.

Apart from the above listed celebrities, plenty of other people like leader Barack Obama, famous presenter Paul Rose, Marine Biologist like Dr. Ayana Johnson, Singer Billie Eillish, Activist Vanessa Nakate etc. from all around have dedicated themselves in an effort to protect the environment. Billionaire like Jeff  Bezos donate billions of money to climate causes and promote sustainability in the world. Many of the charitable organization are willing to fund conservation efforts to combat the issues of Climate Change and take effective climate actions. Thus, the glorious effort of people from all over the world helps to initiate the climate action and combat Climate Change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is famous for climate change?

From the activists like Greta Thunberg to the actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, people are appreciating the efforts made on climate action.

Who are some famous climate change activists?

Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough, and Leonardo DiCaprio are some famous names working actively against the climate change.

What is Leonardo DiCaprio doing climate change?

He has started Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, he works with different climate change initiatives through this organization.

What does Greta Thunberg want?

Greta Thunberg demands to initiate the urgent climate action from world political leaders.

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