Top Celebrities that Help the Poor with Humanitarian, Volunteer and Charity Works

Last Updated: March 27, 2024

Top Celebrities that Help the Poor with Humanitarian, Volunteer and Charity Works

The world is a common home for different species and different people surviving in different corners. With the evolution of mankind, humans have ruled the planet over the past few thousand years. There are more than 7 billion different faces of humankind. Out of them few fortunates have gained success and recognition across the world and they established themselves as celebrities. With great power comes great responsibility. Abiding to that fact, some of these popular faces have dedicated some moment of their lives for the welfare of mankind and other species.

The engagement of celebrities in charity works foster the sentiment of compassion in people. Celebrities intend to encourage their admirers to involve in awareness programmes and foment to fill up the gap among the affluent and needy. Celebrities can amplify the cause with their fame and inspire the mass to follow the footsteps of their favorite celebrity's humanitarian volunteer work.

Today we will discover who are the top celebrities that help the poor with humanitarian, volunteer and charity works, and how their act of humanity matters to the world.

Taylor Swift

Recent gesture of Taylor Swift donating $100,000 to family of woman killed at   Super Bowl victory parade of the Kanas City Chiefs was really commendable. This ‘Anti-Hero’ fame has been doing charities to the shooting victims since 2018.

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American singer, songwriter, actress, director Taylor Alison Swift is a youth icon and inspiration for many. With her heart-touching lyrics and soothing voice, Taylor succeeds millions of hearts from her first album"Tim Mcgraw". Due to her remarkable contribution in the music field she has won prestigious awards like Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Country Music Association Awards, etc.

No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Taylor Swift

Swift has made an immense impact in philanthropy. To help the victim she has donated a huge amount as much as she can in every field. The famous singer of the time has performed at different charity relief events to raise funds. Swift has also launched a campaign to protect children from an online buzzard. Taylor is often seen engaged with World Health Organization, Feeding America, Make A Wish Foundation, etc to reach people in need. Her tremendous efforts in philanthropy have been recognized by the Do Something Award and The Big Help Award. She used her fame to influence young people to volunteer in their local communities and play an individual part in the change of the world.

David Beckham

David Beckham is the one sports star, who not only is a phenomenal player but is probably the most famous sports icon outside just football. He is a football superstar, a stylish model, and a humble human being. Coming from a humble background, this man-made is big in the world of football Dedication, discipline, and passion for football are the main factors responsible for David’s meteoric rise. Despite achieving so much in his life, David still remains humble and grounded. His managers praise this quality.

Among his many philanthropic interests, soccer superstar David Beckham is a founding member of the Malaria No More UK Leadership Council, and a supporter of Help for Heroes, a charity aimed at helping injured service personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. His own charity, the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust, provides wheelchairs to children in need, and his focus on helping children has led to his appointment as a Unicef Ambassador. David Beckham has supported African Wildlife Foundation, CHOC Children's Comic Relief Elton, John AIDS Foundation, FC Harlem Help for Heroes Malaria, and many more.

Leonardo DiCaprio

American actor, film producer, environmentalist Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio is a well-known face all over the world.   The versatile actor is critically acclaimed for his diversified roles in movies like Inception, Catch Me If You Can, Gangs Of New York. He achieved international recognition from his romantic film Titanic in 1997. Dicaprio nabbed his first prestigious Oscar award in 2016 for his performance in the movie " The Revenant".

The Global star Leonardo Dicaprio is identified as an active celebrity in environment conservation. The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation which later merged with Re:wild was established by Dicaprio to provide relief for environmental problems and wildlife conservation. Leonardo Dicaprio is also seen dedicated to fundraising activities for conservation efforts, disaster relief, and poverty alleviation.  He used his global stardom to inspire the public to perform an action in emerging problems in the world. From being a heartthrob of Hollywood to being an active advocate for environment protection, Leonardo's role as climate activist has been inspiring the world.

Lionel Messi 

Lionel Andres Messi is an Argentine world-known footballer in recent times. A professional footballer who plays as a forward and striker and is considered as one of the greatest players of all time. Lionel Messi made his competitive debut at the age of 17 in October 2004 from the Barcelona club.  Lionel Messi serves as a captain in Argentina's national team and Spanish club Barcelona. Messi has won many prestigious awards and holds numerous records in the field of football.

The World famous football player suffered from medical difficulties called the "Growth Hormone Deficiency" in his childhood.  He is engaged in numerous welfare activities affiliated with children's health through his "The Leo Messi Foundation". One of the most famous athletes, Messi participated in the different campaigns regarding HIV prevention, education, and social inclusion of disabled children organized by UNICEF as its goodwill ambassador. Messi is quite introverted in nature but in the case of helping and charity, he wildly opens his heart and lends his helping hand to the needy. There are a multitude of Messi charity and donations that have been helping people in different part of world.

Keanu Reeves

World-Wide known movie star Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor. 'The Matrix' fame actor Keanu has succeeded millions of hearts with his fabulous performance. The science-fiction comedy 'Bill & Ted's Excellent' gave him massive popularity all around the world due to his amazing role in it. Keanu is well-known and praised for his versatile character and breathtaking performances in any role. Reeves was able to grab four MTV Movie Awards and was nominated twice for Best Actor in Saturn Award and People's Choice Award for Favourite Male Movie Star and Favourite Action Star for his iconic role in 'John Wick'.

Keanu Reeves is known for his generous behavior and established himself as a most-loved celebrity. His charitable and humanitarian works are massively praised by his admirers across the world. His private cancer foundation provides great relief for cancer patients and grants aids for children's hospitals and cancer research. He also contributed to Camp Rainbow Gold, and Idaho Children's Cancer Charity. He always stands in the frontline to support needy ones. From homeless people to unprivileged children, he never loses a chance to support them which makes him the most humble and people's favorite celebrity. His book"Ode To Happiness and Shadow’ collaborated with grants for the benefit of people. His simple life and helping nature lighten the path for people towards making the world a better place for living.

Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III known as Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world is co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. American Business Magnate served as Chairperson, CEO, President, and Chief Software architect in his tenure period at Microsoft. Gates is recognized as the most successful entrepreneur of micro-computer of the 1970s and 1980s. Business magnate Bill Gates is considered as one of the 100 people who most influenced the 20th-century and one of the 100 most influential people by Times Magazine. Bill Gates was also ranked as the fourth most powerful person in the world in 2012.

Is the rich world aware of how 4 billion of the 6 billion live? If we were aware, we would want to help out, we’d want to get involved. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is not only known for his wealth but also for his generosity. His charity Gates foundation along with his ex-wife Melinda Gates working to benefit people in need across the world. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation work contributed to global health, emergency relief, education, fighting poverty and inequality around the world. For their commendable contribution to philanthropic works, Bill and Melinda were known as 2nd most generous philanthropists in America in 2007. Bill and Melinda also grant their support for libraries and scholarships in universities for the upliftment of education. They also organized numerous sanitation services in backward countries. Bill Gates along with his foundation via UNICEF distributed a huge amount for relief of flood victims in India. Gates has contributed most of his wealth for charity and to eradicate problems that arise in the world.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Miley is known for her unique voice and distinctive style of songwriting. Her song " See You Again" gave her wide media coverage and worldwide fame. Miley has established herself as a teen idol, potential singer, and actress. She has been able to grab several awards for her phenomenal performance.

Miley Cyrus is seen involved in many humanitarian activities. Cyrus notably performed at benefit concerts and charity programs. She has also supported charities like Elton John Aids Foundation, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Music For Relief, etc. Cyrus is a founder of " Happy Hippie Foundation" which was established to create awareness regarding gender equality, LGBTQ rights, mental health through a different campaign. She also donated several items and teamed up with her brother for charity which supports education for underprivileged children. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, better known as Cristiano Ronaldo, or by his nickname 'CR7', is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward. Ronaldo was born in the small island of Madeira, Portugal and was diagnosed with a racing heart which he overcame bravely. He has firsthand experience with poverty from growing up in Madeira, Portugal. Ronaldo pursued a career with Sporting Lisbon after dropping out of school. He plays for Serie A club Juventus and is the captain of the Portuguese national team. CR7 is considered to be one of the greatest footballers of all time, and, by some, as the greatest ever.

Due to his experiences with poverty, it is no wonder that Cristiano Ronaldo’s charity work has existed for years. Cristiano has also donated nearly one million Euros to hospitals in Portugal to supply beds, ventilators, fans, and infusion pumps in support of efforts to help with the virus. Ronaldo auctioned his golden boot and raised funds to build multiple schools in Gaza. Overall, Cristiano Ronaldo’s charity work continues to be impactful during the pandemic and can serve as inspiration for countless other public figures. His background in poverty seems to have motivated the player to put in all this effort and will undoubtedly inspire further philanthropic efforts.

Ben Affleck

Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt known as Ben Affleck all over the world is an American actor, film director, screenwriter, and philanthropist. He was born in Berkeley, California. His acting in the movie " Good Will Hunting" made him a considerable actor in the film industry. His phenomenal acting skill was praised by two Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. Affleck established himself as a promising director as he won Golden Globe and BAFTA Award for Best Director.

The Accountant actor Ben Affleck has won the favorite humanitarian at People Choice Award. Affleck partnered with Whiley Williams formed the non-profit organization Eastern Congo Initiative which offers training and resources to Congolese and helps to uplift their living. He has also been seen supporting A-T children's projects. Affleck engaged with Feeding America's Entertainment Council as a member. During Covid-19 he organized an online charity tournament and made a personal donation to support needy people. He also urged others to comfort the people in need and make a difference.

Angelina Jolie

When she is not working as the UN goodwill Ambassador. She'll be acting or directing another film, or looking after her six wonderful kids. One of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses Angelina Jolie was born in Los Angeles. The beautiful actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian was recognized all over the world for her magnificent performance. She succeeds in winning the Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards for her mindblowing performance. Her performances in Gia, Salt, Mr and Mrs Smith, Wanted etc are well praised by Critics and audiences.

Angelina's involvement in humanitarian work is even more impactful than her filmography. Her active involvement in UNHCR hasn't remained unnoticed through which she not only donated huge amounts but also visited refugees all over the world. Angelina also bought land in Cambodia for wildlife preservation. She engaged in a different rural development project to solve issues such as poverty and disease. Angelina contributes to the children's education and health issues in numerous developing countries. Her volunteer work establishes her as a beauty with a good heart.

George Clooney

Widely known George Timothy Clooney is an American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist. Exceptional actor Clooney is the heartthrob of millions of ladies across the world. His role as Dr.Doug Ross on the medical drama ER gave him wild recognition and fame over a night. He hasn't only established himself as a talented actor but also as a potential director. He is the recipient of three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards for his exceptional performance.

George Clooney is well known for his humanitarian activities. He always lends his hand to resolve the poverty problem in different African countries. George is using his fame and reputation to reach needy people to satisfy their needs. Through his active involvement with the " Not On Our Watch" project, he grabs global attention to prevent mass atrocities. He also organized the program " Hope For Haiti" to benefit Haiti earthquake victims. Clooney was appointed as a UN messenger by the UN to amplify the voice for the peacemaking campaign. George always inspires and encourages his admirers and followers to play a part in improvising the lives of people through his exceptional work.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, by the name of William Bradley Pitt, is an American actor and producer known for his portrayal of unconventional characters and for his good looks. Pitt grew up in Springfield, Missouri, and attended the University of Missouri before dropping out just short of graduation to move to California and pursue an acting career. Pitt won an Academy Award for his performance in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt is showing the world that he has much more to offer than just cinematic entertainment value. Pitt has been involved in several projects and activist campaigns to help those in need around the world. He founded Make it Right Foundation. Pitt joined the One Campaign as a spokesman alongside Bono to help advocate for an additional 1 percent of the U.S. budget to go towards supplying Africa with basic needs such as clean water, education, medicine, and food. Pitta has also assisted the charity by aiding projects focused on bettering health, community development, environment, and education in Haiti through media, sports, and music. Pitt and Angelina Jolie have adopted six children, three of whom were adopted from different countries. They have shown the world that adoption is a powerful way to make a big difference in a child’s life.

Oprah Winfrey

A talk show host, media executive, actress, and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi. "The Oprah Winfrey Show" broadcast from Chicago gave her tremendous fame and reputation. She established herself as the richest African American of the 20th century and the first black multi-billionaire in North America with her hard work. Oprah Winfrey is considered a hero because she uses her past experiences to inform, support, and help others, uses her money, fame, and time to help people, and shows incredible emotional and spiritual strength.

Oprah has spent a miserable childhood full of poverty and suffering which directs her on the path of philanthropy. Oprah has a frightening rape experience when she was just a small girl. To spread awareness regarding child education and women empowerment she formed three non-profit organizations named "The Angel Network, The Oprah Winfrey Foundation, and The Oprah Winfrey Operating Foundation". Her commitment towards humanitarian activities is visibly seen by her work. She is recognized as the most influential personality all over the world as a helping hand to make the world a better place to live.


Born in Barranquilla, Shakira is a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, businesswoman, and philanthropist. After the demise of her brother, Shakira wrote her first song, titled "Tus gafas oscuras/your dark glasses", which was inspired by her father, who for years wore dark glasses to hide his grief. Shakira's first studio album was Magia. Shakira has received numerous awards and recognition for her work. 

It doesn't matter if you are a musician, a business leader, a president or a student. We all have a responsibility to give back. Shakira

In spite of her known face she didn’t forget to support needy individuals. She founded the Pies Descalzos Foundation, a Colombian Charity with exceptional schools for poor youngsters all around Colombia. ‘Hips don't lie’ singer is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and is one of their global representatives. Shakira Foundation achieved an Agreement for kids' training through games. The ‘whenever wherever’ singer proclaimed that everyone should go to their residence to represent the Fundamental Rights of individuals and sentence all that appears to us indictable. Her motive to start her foundation was with the aim of helping poor and impoverished children.

Our applause to all the humanitarian celebrities that help the poor with charity works

We might have missed many other names of the people who are doing good for the world, but their contribution will always leave impact for generations.These famous people across the globe have manifested their generosity by maintaining their celeb life and philanthropic life in such an inspiring way. It is always inspiring to the world how these celebrities are dedicated in humanitarian, volunteer and charity works.

While mentioning all these popular names, we felt really grateful that these people have maintained their souls connected with the people around the world and they have made efforts to help every possible way they could. We hope this story will be helpful and will inspire every generation to think about others and lend their helping hands for philanthropy and humanitarian works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is famous for helping the poor?

From the entrepreneur like Bill Gates to actor like Keanu Reeves, many inspiring people are helping the poor.

Who are some celebrities that donate to charity?

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Cristiano Ronaldo are some celebrities that donate to charity.

What celebrity is a humanitarian?

Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Shakira and Lionel Messi are in the list of our humanitarian celebrities.

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