Volunteer Opportunities in Psychology Clinic in Nepal for Year 2023

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

 Volunteer Opportunities in Psychology Clinic in Nepal for Year 2023

Nepal is a beautiful nation of Asia. This himalayan country is well known for its culture and welcoming nature of the people. The birth place of lord Buddha, this country is the ultimate destination for the people who are looking for meditation and peace.

Despite being blessed with natural and cultural diversity, this developing country of Asia has critical economic and social problems. The income level of the majority of the population is very low. At least one member of every nepalese family is working abroad to earn. Due to which personal attachment and sentimental bonding among the family members are compromised, due to social constraint and ever turbulent political instability, people are always in stress due to a certain future.

Psychology issues are increasing among nepalese people at an exponential speed. The unpredictable situation of COVID-19 and subsequent lock downs have added fuel to this situation. 

Beginning of Psychology Health Initiatives in Nepal

Despite the persistent existence of psychological issues in Nepal, this major health and social issue was not addressed properly in Nepal. In recent years, many health institutions and organizations are making few initiatives to mitigate the psychological issues in nepalese societies. 

These organizations are in need of volunteers and  support from licensed psychologists and other mental health professionals. The help of volunteers from developing countries will encourage the scholars in Nepal trying to explore the world of psychology and also empower the professionals by sharing the advanced skills and knowledge.

Clinical Services in Psychology Program

Health psychology is a recently emerging field of developing countries like Nepal, with an impact on many aspects of medical training, practice and research. Psychology is the science of human behavior and  psychologists attempt to understand, predict, and control human behavior. 

Clinical psychology is the specialty area of psychology that deals with emotional disturbance and mental health. Clinical psychology is a relatively new field. While its origin can be traced back to at least the late nineteenth century, its evolution as a distinct academic discipline and profession dates till World War II.

Psychology Volunteer Jobs 

Participating in effective and rewarding psychotherapy and psychiatric services while making some contributions with  individual and group therapy as well as assessment/testing services, will make your effective participation in psychology volunteer jobs.

Scientific development  in our understanding of the brain and the role of psychosocial factors in physical health and illness have led to the origin of two other rapidly growing subspecialties of clinical psychology: neuropsychology and health psychology. 

The majority of clinical psychologists find employment providing mental health care. This involves diagnostic assessment, psychotherapy. And psychology has been a crucial job of the many developed societies of the world.

Mental Health Issues in Nepal and What is Being Done?

Mental illness is sometimes described in terms of one's inability to function effectively and cope in interpersonal relations with the surrounding.  In Nepal people are still blamed to themselves for any kind of mental issues they face. Mental issues are still considered embarrassing and people hesitate about their issues. It is very essential to raise awareness against this situation.

Clinical Psychology Position in Nepal

Psychotherapy is also known  as the art of persuasion. Biomedical models of abnormality examine the roles of medical, neurological, and biochemical factors in developing psychological disturbances. Countries like Nepal are still far away from understanding the clinical aspect of psychology. Only in some major cities like Kathmandu psychology is treated clinically through limited hospitals and clinics.

Remote and rural areas of Nepal are still far away from addressing psychological health issues and clinical issues. Psychologists have come to understand that many disturbances have a significant biomedical component or are, in some situations, primarily organic. This has led to the development of more effective biomedical therapies, such as drug therapies, for these disorders. Psychological stress of having a serious illness and psychiatric conditions

Conclusion: Psychology Clinic Volunteer

As a volunteer from abroad, someone can share their educational and professional experience in the field of psychology and clinical psychotherapy, which can help bolster the psychology cure process in the health institutions of countries like Nepal.

Your participation as a psychology clinic volunteer can make a difference to the communities you help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I volunteer for mental health?

You can join a mental health volunteer program by helping in a psychiatric clinic, by joining psychology awareness campaigns or taking part in psychology research initiatives.

How can I get involved in psychology?

To get involved in psychology, you can start by understanding the psychology field academically, then being part of it either professionally or voluntarily.

How can I help in psychology?

Intercultural exchange can also be a major help. How psychology is perceived and understood in developed countries is entirely different from the developing or underdeveloped countries. Sharing your experience and understanding can also be a big help.

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