Teaching Abroad Programs: 2024 International Volunteer Teach Away Opportunities

Last Updated: January 5, 2024

Teaching Abroad Programs: 2024 International Volunteer Teach Away Opportunities

If you are looking for options, teaching opportunities in developing countries are one of the best ways you can volunteer abroad through international programs in 2024. 

You can gain teaching experience away from your home and learn from local people in new places like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ecuador or Peru by teaching them Math or English.

Teach abroad summer 2024

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions and to do it as volunteering can be even more satisfying. There are countless options for anyone who is looking to spend their time teaching this summer of 2024. 

When you volunteer to teach abroad, you will be able to learn from other colleagues like you, professionals as well as the local people. With your skill in English, Math, or Arts you will impart knowledge to a kid.

Summer teaching abroad programs for college and university students

Whether you are taking a break or looking for something to do in your gap year from college or university this summer, teaching abroad programs will give you a refreshing perspective on life.

Teaching abroad for a few months to even a year might just be the experience you need in life to make it more purposeful. Student volunteers can mobilize their knowledge to gain practical experience.

English teaching abroad

College students with English as the first language can easily travel around and teach children in countries who don't speak it as their mother tongue. 

People in many parts of the world eagerly welcome volunteers from English-speaking countries with enthusiasm and willingness to help others learn to be fluent in their language and teach english abroad.

Teach math abroad

If you are a number cruncher who likes dealing with formulas and calculations you might as well enjoy traveling to countries abroad and spending time teaching other people how to get better at it. 

Math teacher volunteers can work with schools or institutions to plan out courses, design tests, assist the teacher and teach students according to their level of qualification.

Teaching abroad organizations

With so many options to decide between countries and programs that you can volunteer to teach for, you need to decide on an organization that can help you make that decision. 

When you make the decision of volunteering, you can reach the people living abroad through the organizations that can help you find out the fees, required documents, eligibility, and qualifications involved in each program. 

International Volunteer HQ

International Volunteer HQ teach abroad

There are many organizations that provide information about volunteer opportunities and send volunteers abroad to provide help in teaching, arts, conservation, and childcare such as International Volunteer HQ.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad Teaching Programs

Project Abroad is an organization that helps students taking a break from college or university who want to spend their time doing something that adds value and helps them gain experience in their gap year. 


Global Vision International (GVI USA) is a social enterprise established with the goal of developing programs of sending volunteers abroad, providing them with learning opportunities focused on the sustainable development of the community.

Volunteer FDIP

Volunteer FDIP is an organization that aids volunteers who want to travel to countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and provides them with life-changing opportunities to learn by serving, instructing, and leading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What qualifications do you need to volunteer to teach abroad?

The most important qualifications you need to teach abroad are fluency in the English language, willingness to help, and optimism. 

Is it worth it to teach abroad?

Teaching abroad will add valuable experience to your professional work and also broaden your perspective in life.

Which foreign country is best for volunteer teachers?

The hospitality and welcoming nature make Nepal and Sri Lanka one of the best countries for volunteer teachers.

Where is the best place to teach internationally?

South American countries such as Ecuador and Peru are popular destinations for volunteer teachers.

What are the benefits of volunteer teaching abroad?

As a volunteer, you will be able to contribute to society while adding new skills and experience.

Teaching Abroad Destinations

From the Himalayan regions of Nepal to the pristine coastal locations of Cosa Rica. From the popular Machu Picchu Mountain of Peru to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka or the communities of Kenya, there are multitude of options of destinations to join teaching abroad programs.

Many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America need the help of the volunteers from the developed corner of the planet. Teaching abroad and sharing your knowledge and skills can be a way to help educate the students of these countries.

Conclusion: Teaching Abroad Programs

The teaching abroad programs can help you add valuable experience in whichever area you are interested in such as medicine, childcare, or conservation to your resume allowing you to get better jobs when you finally graduate from university.

You just need to find and apply to a program that suits your need and qualifications. For your students abroad, having you as a foreign teacher can also be fun and a motivating factor to continue going to school and learning.

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