Saving the planet is not only up to climate activists

Last Updated: January 11, 2023

Saving the planet is not only up to climate activists

Whenever we hear a climate speech from Leonardo DiCaprio or a documentary on planet from David Attenborough or some protest from Greta Thunberg, we feel like we are responsible for climate action and that we should be part of these initiatives. The conversation ends and we get back to our normal lives. But now it is the time to realize that it is not only up to the climate activists to save this planet and all the creatures living inside it.

From individuals to leadership level it has become very imminent that the impact of the climate actions and measures are to be taken to ameliorate the damages done by climate change.

How climate change is changing the face of this planet

When we walk across the mountain while trekking, we will see how mountains are going naked without snow because of the climate change.

It's not only the Himalayan mountains; the situation is the same for the African grasslands, the Amazonian rainforest and even the oceans. Climate change is taking its toll throughout the globe.

From the depleting Coral reefs to melting Antarctica and Arctic, there's nowhere on the planet where google warming and climate change has not impacted.

So just being an ordinary person without being part of a group of climate activists, how can we contribute? And how we can help with the environment initiative that is something we are going to find out here.

Eat Consciously

We need nutrition to survive. Eating food is almost the most important aspect of our survival. That’s why animals rely on plants and animals for food and nutrition. But human Desires have crossed their limits. In the name of cuisines and delicacies we are eating almost every living creature in the world. As a result, in a matter of a few decades we have consumed a major portion of marine and terrestrial lives.

Our current food consumption pattern is creating 1/3 of the global greenhouse gas, which is definitely making us responsible for the emissions that are triggering climate change. 57% of agricultural greenhouse gas emission is from animal-based food. Excessive meat consumption, refrigeration, the industrial process of fast foods, these all are major players of the emission. We prioritize our food consumption to plant-based foods, avoid fast foods, avoid storing and refrigerating unnecessary foods and most importantly develop the habit of eating only that body requires, that will definitely reduce load on the environment.

Food has been the major element to drive the human race to the current stage of evolution, it is now up to us how we control our eating pattern and decide the future of this planet.


Sometimes a little act can make a big difference. Now we all have realized that plants are essential to keep this planet alive, however with a rising population the increasing demand for habitation can also not be avoided. So, what can be the solution to these two contradictory necessities?

Green habitats would be the answer. We should try making our homes and gardens as green as possible. Practicing gardening can be a way to make our surroundings green. Gardening not only populates the plants in our surrounding, it also helps us utilize the degradable waste to and keep our surroundings clean. Plan keeps the air and ground clean by maintaining the ecosystem between atmosphere and soil. With gardening we keep the plants alive and, in a sense, we keep this planet alive.

Less Drive Less Fly

According to United States Environment Protection Agency, a typical passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of CO2 every year. And as per nytimes, air travel accounts for about 3 to 4 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. It is clear that our vehicles and flights are causing a significant amount of emissions to trigger climate change.

In response to this situation, we can control our driving habits and avoid getting our vehicles out unless it is too necessary. As a replacement of cars for short commutes, we can use alternative means of transportation like bicycles which is of course the most environmentally friendly of all. As for air travel, we know that flying has been an essential part of our travel plans. But we can take the alternative means of travel for short distances, we can avoid different transits of flight and choose only direct flights, there are some airlines with environment friendly track records, you can encourage such airlines.

Avoid Plastic

Greenhouse gases are emitted throughout the plastic life cycle. The incineration of plastic is a cause of air pollution. The plastics deposited in the ocean are creating major environmental problems.

It is an unfortunate truth that plastic has become an integral part of our lives. We use plastic in our different daily life activities, whether we want it or not. Abrupt cutting the use of plastics may not sound practical for now, however we can certainly discourage the use of plastics and practice recycling and reusing methods to reduce production of plastics. Encouraging plastic-alternative and paper-based products can also be a way to avoid plastics.

Walk More

Walking can be a very climate friendly mode of transportation. Walking does not involve any kind of carbon emission (if we do not count our breath of course) at least not to the extent of car, buses, trains etc.  Besides, walking is good for our health as well.

In many cities of developed countries people are practicing walking as a mode of commuting short distances, so why don't we start practicing as well.

Don’t Rely too Much on Technology

Whether we admit it or not, but we are being too reliant on our modern advancements that we ignore the potential of our own body and mind. We rely on heater and air conditioner though our body is capable of heating itself, we rely too much on refrigerators though we are capable of digesting and cooking fresh foods, we rely on gadgets for minor calculations. All these consumptions and industrial productions are heating up the planet and causing climate change.

If we realize our physical potential then we can walk hundreds of kilometers in a few hours, if we realize our instinct, we may not need some device to make minor analysis and calculation, our quest for advancement should not send us away from nature, it should incorporate the natural process in between.

Make Your Room Green

Before making our planet green we should make our room and home green. Avoiding unnecessary artificial lights, heaters, coolers, air conditioners, using sustainable furniture and placing indoor plants in the room can make your room friendly.

What a person reflects to the world starts from their room, so to make this planet green first make your room green.

Educate Your Children

With the rise of technologies, gadgets and AIs, it is more likely that future generations can be disconnected with nature. Development of virtual reality, metaverse and NFT can accelerate this process. In this situation it is essential for us to educate our children to stay connected with nature. They need to know the importance of environment. Our children need to know what caused climate change, how our activities triggered the global warming, depleted significant part of natural heritages and put the entire generation into the risk.

Before our children start seeing elephants and tigers only the photos and videos, before they could feel the breeze of waterfall only the virtual reality, we need to keep them connected with real nature and educated them about this planet and environment conservation in every way possible. The future of us and our children are linked to the climate.

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