Psychology Degree Jobs: Where Can You Work as a Psychologist in 2024

Last Updated: January 11, 2024

Psychology Degree Jobs: Where Can You Work as a Psychologist in 2024

According to Fortune, psychology majors can earn $100K+  and as per Forbes Psychology degree boasts a variety of possible job opportunities. With respect to career prospects, Psychology ranks among the top degrees.

Depending on the final career goals, degree requirements for psychology jobs range from a bachelor’s degree to a doctoral degree. However, there are works and opportunities for all levels.

According to the American Psychological Association, Among the  students of the USA who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, about 17% of these grads earned at least $90,000 in 2019.

Not only in the USA, Psychology degree is one of the most growing degrees in Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherland , entire Europe and the rest of the world. Here are the list of some the jobs that you can join with your Psychology degree:

Clinical psychologist

A mental health professional is called a clinical psychologist who has highly specialized skills in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological, mental, behavioral and emotional problems. The average salary for a clinical psychologist is $98,902 per year in the United States.


A therapist is someone who helps the clients with their issues with thoughts, emotions and decision process. Therapist job is projected to grow at a significant level in the next few years. The average therapist yearly income in the USA is $68,272, in the UK the average salary is £30,000 per annum. In Ireland the average salary of a therapist is around €‎45K.

School Counselor

A school counselor is a professional psychologist who deals with psychological issues of students, assess students abilities and interest and address their social and behavioral problems. On average , School Counselors in the USA make around $58K each year and in the UK the average salary is £24K per annum.

Rehabilitation Counselor

Rehab counselors are the professionals who help people affected by addiction of different materials and habits and are unable to live independently. Rehabilitation is the process of restoring someone to their normal lives by providing the training and therapy. In Canada the average salary of a Rehabilitation Counselor is around $45K in a year . In Germany the average salary of a rehab counselor is approx 5K per month.

Conclusion: Psychology Degree Jobs

From being a psychotherapist to a counselor. From implementing psychological skills as a teacher to the educational psychologist, there are multiple options to join with a psychology degree.

From a rehabilitation center to a  corporate house, every kind of organization, companies and firms now need experts with psychology. With the degree of psychology, one can help humanity by solving all the mental health issues and also can grow their career. If you are an aspirant with majors in psychology, keep it up you have great opportunities of psychology degree jobs waiting for you.

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