Inspiring Examples of Countries in the World Doing for Psychological and Mental Health

Last Updated: October 29, 2023

Inspiring Examples of Countries in the World Doing for Psychological and Mental Health

Mental Health and Psychology are two related concepts but have to be described distinctly. The scientific study of behavior and mental processes that aims to understand human thoughts, feelings, and actions in both individual and group settings is known as Psychology. Similarly, the absence of mental illness or a state of being that comprises one's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are two ways to describe mental health. The term psychology and mental health are often used together and are related in many more ways.

Mental Health and psychological problems have been emerging as a growing health challenge around the world. The mental health status of individuals, if compared to last decade, has grown dramatically. Developed countries have higher rates of mental health issues in comparison to other countries. However, there are several activities and interventions carried out by countries to overcome Mental Health and Psychological problems.

How have some countries in the world inspired us to overcome challenges of Mental health and Psychological issues?

The greatest survey to date on global mental health, carried out by Sapien Labs, indicates that the nations with the highest average mental health ratings are those in Latin America, Spain, and a few French-speaking nations in Europe and Africa. The Core Anglosphere, which covers South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, is home to the nations with the lowest average mental health scores.


Sweden has the most noteworthy positive psychological well-being list, which basically gives the psychological wellness status of a given population. Sweden's emotional wellness strategy has zeroed in on just two things: individuals with serious psychological well-being issues and youth or youngsters.

Sweden has now fostered a few strategies that focus on the emotional wellness of the whole populace and ways of switching a pessimistic pattern.


According to the United Nations, Finland is arguably one of the happiest nations on the planet. Teenagers are more reluctant to discuss their struggles because of the nation's general status. The nation is focusing on mental health to prevent implosion and educate the media on suicide prevention. However, fears of shame over local wealth are growing, leading to the development of a second Implosion Neutralization Plan for 2020-2030.


Germany has always placed a high priority on its citizens' mental health. People with mental illness can access a comprehensive assistance system from the government. The nation has created a number of outreach initiatives to encourage consulting psychologists and getting tested for mental health issues. It has made multiple attempts to lessen the stigma that society attaches to mental health. It also has programs that provide jobs to the mentally ill. Germany ensures that the mentally ill are well cared for.


Italy is doing relatively well in mental health, even after the pandemic. However, to battle the rising pressure among its residents because of the pandemic, the Italian government has made a National Mental Health Service. The National Mental Health Service was created in an effort to combat Italy's rising rate of mental illness. Psychoanalysts and psychologists working in partnership with institutions and local associations offer emergency care at no cost. Low-income families and independent living people, who are more likely to have mental health illnesses, can also benefit from it by receiving the essential mental resources.


One of Europe's top healthcare systems is found in the Netherlands. According to the Dutch government, mental health is included in the nation's medical system. The Netherlands now has the largest expected budget for mental health treatment. There is always access to mental health care. The first three years of treatment costs are covered by the government for patients with severe mental diseases and those who need long-term hospitalization. The majority of "secondary care" costs will be paid by insurance if the condition is serious but does not call for on-site care.



The Australian government extended the Federal medical insurance-sponsored telehealth administration to permit Australians to get to and effectively access healthcare services from home or the spot of care. They provide mental health care through public hospitals, including emergency departments, residential mental health care and community mental health services. Australia has prioritized lowering stigma and discrimination, enhancing the physical health of individuals with mental illness, and putting safety and quality at the core of mental health care. In Australia, public hospitals provide free mental health care.


Mental disorders and psychological issues have been drastically increasing in Nepal. Although Nepal lacks enough resources and budget to allocate on this sector, there are numerous strategies and interventions planned and executed by the Nepalese Government. Hotline numbers have been created for free counseling and consultations to the citizens. Multiple mental health related policies have been formulated lately. Psychological health care has been included in the basic health care services and in Primary Health care centers. There is strong support from various NGOs and several global initiatives taken by Nepal.

In addition to all these efforts, Mental health day, on October 10 is celebrated worldwide where a series of events are organized by countries to show uniformity in dealing with such health challenges. Events such as Yoga, Meditations, Rally, Walkathone, Podcasts, Story telling, and similar events make the mental health day more loud and clear as per the theme of the year.

In a Nutshell: Inspiring Stories of Countries Working for Psychology and Mental Health

Psychological and mental disorders have been increasing every year, but a Nation’s ability to overcome these issues, stigma and beliefs have shown a positive growth. People are now more open to talk about their mental illness which otherwise would have been considered a stigma. People’s perception regarding mental well-being have been valuable influenced both individually and as a society. Increasing the nation's budget for mental health care, raising awareness to make people aware that it is normal, and making healthcare more accessible to its citizens are some of the most important measures that the government has been taking for its citizens. As an outcome, this world will be a better place for people with mental and psychological disorders to live and celebrate life.

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